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Was it worth the hype? I mean kinda. It’s not as amazing as every painted out to be. There are so many ridiculous scene. He is kinda ridiculous!! I would’ve not forgive him. I’m on the same boat with her brother. I think she’s better off without him haha Yes, they’re cute together apple picking and everything but he’s toxic and controlling!!! I did enjoyed the book tho. One of my fav trope after all(:

Twisted Love - Special Edition imageTwisted Love - Special Edition image

Twisted Love - Special Edition

Books | Ana Huang

Just re-watched this. Such a great show…until the last season which piss me off every time!!! How convenient for them to write her off as a mad woman.

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Game of Thrones

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Omg I LOVE this movie. The right amount of suspense and gore.

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Movies | Thriller

Hmmm I liked it. It starts kinda slow and the ending a bit messy for me. But overall, I enjoyed it. Nothing amazing jump out at me honestly. I find myself skimming through a lot of times…

The Hunting Party imageThe Hunting Party image

The Hunting Party

Books | Lucy Foley

Love love this book! Maybe cuz I dislike People We Met on Vacation so much but this book is a big redemption for me!! I love this book from the beginning to the end :)

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Book Lovers

Books | Emily Henry

Omg this book for me hooked from the beginning to the end… love love love this. Could not put this down!!

The Golden Couple imageThe Golden Couple image

The Golden Couple

Books | Greer Hendricks

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