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It’s the battle of wills, as Andie (Kate Hudson) needs to prove she can dump a guy in 10 days, whereas Ben (Matthew McConaughey) needs to prove he can win a girl in 10 days. Now, the clock is ticking - and the wildly entertaining comedy smash is off and running in this irresistible tale of sex, lies

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2003-02-07

Runtime 116 minutes

Budget $50m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.7


Anita Skop's profile image

anita_skop shared a tip "Just gorgeous and fun!"

Sue Anderson Iverson's profile image

sue shared a tip "This is one I can watch over and over ......and it’s still great."

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beadzombie shared a tip "Really funny - #cringeworthy comedy. "Love fern" lol!"

juanita_8785 shared a tip "I love this movie!!!!"

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12raves13birds shared a tip "I loved her character"

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lily_naert shared a tip "favorite rom com 🥺"

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nicole_bleichner shared a tip "Classic!"

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marie_5550 shared a tip "Laugh out loud funny. I loved it!"

carol_mccoun shared a tip "Very entertaining! A fresh theme to the hate-to-love approach."

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katherine_williams_6427 shared a tip "Another great movie. Love the actors in this movie."

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jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "She is great..."

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tabitha_winter shared a tip "One of my favorite rom coms to date."

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anonymous_person_1446 shared a tip ""10 things I hate about you" is probably the closest, and it's amazing."

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lucia_juarez_7909 shared a tip "I thought it was really fun! Good built up romantic tension, and I like both these actors :))"

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alisa_rincon shared a tip "Jim Henson's Labyrinth and My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

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sarah_ann_platt shared a tip "If you like chick flick rom-coms, it's a good one. ☺️"

judith_cayton shared a tip "Light fun"

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p_b_355 shared a tip "Hahaha"

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melanie_talk shared a tip "your probably thinking of 10 things I hate about you... very good movie."

julie_jones_5956 shared a tip "Definitely a movie I can watch again and again. It’s really funny and the chemistry between them is great!"

Tina Sale's profile image

tina_sale shared a tip "Loved everything about it! The music is fantastic 😃"

mendy_7802 shared a tip "It’s good!"

morgan_gilmar shared a tip "It’s hilarious. I usually hate romantic movies but this is a good one."

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terri_ogrady shared a tip "Ok"

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hope_baker_5935 shared a tip "I like the scene with the therapist. But so many others too."

jessica_campillay shared a tip "An affair to remember is probably my favorite"

julie_9809 shared a tip "The whole thing was funny."

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anna_williams_6014 shared a tip "I love this movie. It is one of my favorite movies!"

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cassandra_huston shared a tip "Sweet home Alabama or the labyrinth"

Cassandra Huston's profile image

cassandra_huston shared a tip "Sweet home Alabama"

daniela_alayon shared a tip "Pretty solid!"

Mark Putnam's profile image

mark_putnam_4530 shared a tip "Just the chemistry between the main characters as well as the entire cast."

Natalie Alves's profile image

natalie_alves shared a tip "So many times but still love it"

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alyssa_baker_2523 shared a tip "I thought it was funny."

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madison_fisher_4127 shared a tip "I cannot think of my favorite movie lol theirs so many... what about you?"

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "Love it!"

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kristy_lou_massey shared a tip "It's great!!"

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kristy_lou_massey shared a tip "Fantastic"

Chaymaâ Ijermki's profile image

chayma_ijermki shared a tip "Not necessarily but I like it too!"

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amanda_anderson_5138 shared a tip "Just friends is a good one! It's got Ryan Reynolds in it."

Lindsy Smith's profile image

lindsy_smith shared a tip "The Conjuring or the Greatest Showman"

swaggy_wiss shared a tip "Probably The Notebook"

Elizabeth Antal's profile image

elizabeth_antal shared a tip "V for Vendetta"

Amy Wroble's profile image

amy_wroble shared a tip "It's a cute little rom com! Anything with Matthew Mcconaughey is always worth watching!"

maggi4 shared a tip "It is an easy watch.. and funny."

jessdabest shared a tip "For me it was the bathroom scene :) what about you?"

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anna_altman shared a tip "classic rom com, it’s one of my favorites!! definitely worth the watch"

Gia 's profile image

gia_5378 shared a tip "Great movie! Enjoy!"

Gwynn Horning's profile image

gwynn_horning shared a tip "Following the romcom theme, I love the classic 19 things I hate about you"

rebecca_boehm-edwar shared a tip "It’s funny snd romantic and a great light hearted movie."

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chloe_mason_6832 shared a tip "I have actually watched this movie"

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desiree_gerade shared a tip "This movie is hilarious and engaging. I loved it!"

olivia_1043 shared a tip "Great movie. Love them together."

kathy_8260 shared a tip "It is funny!"

Kyra Ticer's profile image

kyra_ticer shared a tip "I love this movie, truly hilarious!"

indigo ☆'s profile image

kamlyn shared a tip "Clueless lol"

Emmy Bargen's profile image

emmy_bargen shared a tip "Footloose, 10 Things I Hate About You, this movie lol and Sweet Home Alabama!"

christine_peterson_5360 shared a tip "27 Dresses is a movie that comes to mind that is similar to this one!"

shawn_davis_5188 shared a tip "Still one of my faves today!"

Michaela Headrick's profile image

michaela_headrick shared a tip "It's a funny typical Romcom! Fun to watch!"

Katie Daly's profile image

katie_daly_4176 shared a tip "My favorite part is the love fern"

Melissa Williamson Barclay's profile image

melissa_williamson_ shared a tip "Probably when she names his member Princess Sophia. What about you?"

Trista Heil's profile image

trista_heil shared a tip "First"

Patricia Pritchett's profile image

patricia_pritchett shared a tip "It was good. I thought it was funny"

ynya shared a tip "No I haven’t actually. Do you have any recommendations?"

sophia_2690 shared a tip "Don't have one"

cristina_martinen shared a tip "Hmm maybe Sweet Home Alabama?"

C Bos's profile image

c_bos shared a tip "I love when they play a game of BS with his family and of course the love fern! So many quotable lines from this movie."

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ben_rodriguez shared a tip "I know how to lose a guy in 5 seconds... "were done.""

Makisha Chagala's profile image

makisha_chagala shared a tip "Absolutely sweet and funny with romance 😍"

carof shared a tip "Great movie!#romance #comedy"

Alannah Beidari's profile image

alannah_beidari shared a tip "Will always be my favorite move it’s a feel good movie"

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ali_t_4053 shared a tip "@chelseawrightreads probably the captain america trilogy or death wish"

Britney Belskey's profile image

britney_belskey shared a tip "It's a great one!"

chels. shared a tip "Not into chic flicks, but it is really good. The love fern. 💕🌿"

Jessica Moreno's profile image

jessica_moreno shared a tip "Funny with a cute ending."

Deborah Fleischman's profile image

deborah_fleischman shared a tip "Loved this movie"

Janice Caluda's profile image

janice_caluda shared a tip "Frothy light, unbelievable, but always fun to watch these two"

nathan_sanabria shared a tip "Kh"

Kristy Ortman's profile image

kristy_ortman shared a tip "Love Fern lol. What was yours?"

Jenn Langer's profile image

jenn_langer shared a tip "Fool's Gold"

Micah Vaden's profile image

micah_vaden shared a tip "It's a favorite of mine um I guess my favorite part is when they sing you're so vain on stage. It kills me everytime!"

Latoshia Caudle Caudle's profile image

latoshia_caudle_cau shared a tip "Great book and movie"

Drew Harrison's profile image

drew_harrison_5014 shared a tip "It's a good rom com. Althoigh it follows the same dry formula, it was entertaining."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1617236115059 shared a tip "Probably the scene when Matt and the guys are playing poker or when they go visit his family and play BS."

taelyn_hillman shared a tip "I loved the ending of this movie, I honestly think this is one of my favs"

rylee_slemmons shared a tip "i love everything about that movie"

brianna_lyle shared a tip "I love every minute of it!"

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kayla_wilkins_7023 shared a tip "#romance #comedy"

carrie_collins_5217 shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. A fun movie."

candace_aitcheson-b shared a tip "That's to hard cuz I don't really have a favorite I love lots of movies that I can rewatch over and over lol , wbu"

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deleted_user_1618879052240 shared a tip "The Proposal and Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock. She’s one of my faves. 😊"

Leah Linder's profile image

leah_linder shared a tip "Funny romance"

Ashley Kegley's profile image

ashley_kegley shared a tip "My favorite part is when the visit his family."

Seth A Meek's profile image

seth_a_meek shared a tip "I really enjoyed the company party when she started to really fall for him"

Katie Nalley's profile image

katie_nalley shared a tip "When she intrudes on poker night 😂"

tonya_hamilton_5841 shared a tip "50 first dates."

kelsey_ehler shared a tip "It’s a classic 💛"

Julie Rott's profile image

julie_rott shared a tip "It's really cute. Perfect rom com."

gabrielle disbrow's profile image

gabrielle_disbrow shared a tip "It is a great romcom!"

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