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Remember that really cute girl/guy who said they'd call – and didn't? Maybe they lost your number. Maybe they're in the hospital. Maybe they're awed by your looks, brains or success. Or maybe... They're just not that into you.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2009-02-06

Runtime 129 minutes

Budget $40m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.5


Duck-Duck is My Dog's profile image

duck-duck_is_my_dog shared a tip "Cute. Simple. All-star cast. Rom-Com."

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "This Has A Crap Ton Of Stars And It Has One Of Those Storylines Where Yeah Its Cheesy But Its Just Feel Good And Comfortable"

Diandra Repato's profile image

diandra_repato shared a tip "Fun rom com!"

Nicole Anderson's profile image

nicole_anderson_5984 shared a tip "How to be single"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "Cute. Also kind of funny."

Hannah Foster's profile image

hbfoster shared a tip "You are the exception. Always. #lovestory"

Vicky 's profile image

latincherry24 shared a tip "Love this movie"

Sherri Maserang's profile image

sherri_maserang shared a tip "Worth the time #romantic_comedy"

rachel keeler's profile image

rachel.keeler shared a tip "god i can’t i just love this movie!!! so mad they took it off of netflix!"

alisa_trotter shared a tip "I love the main female character in this movie. So cute!"

Danielle Orr's profile image

danielle_orr_1028 shared a tip "The end where he says “you are my exception”"

Christine Petzold's profile image

christine_petzold shared a tip "My favorite rom-com! Always good for a laugh!"

Curtis Williams's profile image

curtis_williams_8942 shared a tip "A Must See Rom/Com"

Delicia Verderber's profile image

delicia_verderber shared a tip "Favorite rom com by far"

cait_hill shared a tip "The main story line is the best one imo"

stephanie_1571 shared a tip "It’s good, kind of like How to Lose a Guy but you are watching 4+ couples instead of just one"

Hannah Witherow's profile image

hannah_witherow shared a tip "I really like Life as We Know it and Killers"

F Cooper's profile image

f_cooper shared a tip "Try Act like a Lady, Think Like a Man"

Doreen Milano's profile image

doreen_milano shared a tip "loved it! loved the characters, loved the message it sends with all the characters and their individual stories."

LENDASHA CARTER's profile image

lendasha_carter shared a tip "Yw"

cady 's profile image

cadyskeychain shared a tip "i LOVE this one"

Abigail Chavez's profile image

abigail_chavez_7195 shared a tip "You won't regret it"

Asha Pollydore's profile image

asha_pollydore shared a tip "Hmm I’ll have to think on that. What did you enjoy about it? The plot? The ensemble cast? The writing?"

Kristy Gallo's profile image

kristy_gallo shared a tip "Love this one - definitely check it out."

Heather Day's profile image

heather_day_4468 shared a tip "RomCom at its finest. Genre defining."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1617603391017 shared a tip "after a girl continues to chase after guys, a bartender explains how to tell when a guy isn't into you"

Chloe Cohen's profile image

chloe_cohen shared a tip "Favorite movie of all time! So many great celebs and great storyline!!"

Ashley Merk's profile image

ashley_merk shared a tip "Fun and cute romance stories."

susan_9046 shared a tip "It’s a fave! Just fun to watch."

Katie Hunt's profile image

katie_hunt_6153 shared a tip "Funny. Relateable."

Hankiepank17 Numnumnum's profile image

hankiepank17_numnum shared a tip "Ensemble cast, funny, heart warming!"

Ada Majewska-Ramirez's profile image

ada_majewska-ramirez shared a tip "Funny and overall great movie"

Gwen Inman's profile image

gwen_inman shared a tip "Great to watch once. I however did a critical analysis of it in undergrad and have seen it over 30 times. It doesn't hold up!"

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