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A plastic surgeon, romancing a much younger schoolteacher, enlists his loyal assistant to pretend to be his soon to be ex-wife, in order to cover up a careless lie. When more lies backfire, the assistant's kids become involved, and everyone heads off for a weekend in Hawaii that will change all thei

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2011-02-10

Runtime 117 minutes

Budget $80m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.6


Monique Contreras's profile image

monique_contreras shared a tip "It was funny, easy to watch & it's a movie you can watch over and over again."

Dorian Adams's profile image

dorian_adams shared a tip "One of Sandler’s best!"

Jeanette Canard 's profile image

jeanette_canard shared a tip "Funny light hearted."

Becca Young's profile image

becca_young_3461 shared a tip "I loved the luau seen where they danced against each other! So funny!!"

uli_s shared a tip "I can’t believe we haven’t seen this. Loved it"

Diandra Repato's profile image

diandra_repato shared a tip "Light hearted comedy."

KILL MEOW's profile image

kill_meow shared a tip "The part where Aniston shows off her bikini bod was pretty awesome. She wowed the **** out of Sandler...lol"

Medou 's profile image

MedouC_04 shared a tip "It’s really nice 👍🏾"

Rebecca ohlandt's profile image

ilove_moviesntv shared a tip "Hilarious"

James Simmons's profile image

james_simmons_6135 shared a tip "That's a HARD question to answer! Depends on the genre really....."

Darrell Pearson's profile image

darrell_pearson shared a tip "There is good chemistry between the actors."

Jimmie Ramage's profile image

jimmie_ramage shared a tip "Lpve Jennifer and Can't go wrong with Adamp"

Karleen Pizzey's profile image

karleen_pizzey shared a tip "My favorite part has to be when Katherine and Palmer meet for the first time! Still makes me laugh"

Jessica Cramer's profile image

jessica_cramer shared a tip "I watch this movie over and over and it still is funny!"

Rhia Nelson's profile image

rhia_nelson shared a tip "It’s a funny Adam Sandler movie but it’s more.. romantic comedy than Adam Sandler comedy if you know what I mean lol"

lisa_gambino shared a tip "It’s very cute and funny!"

Nikella Callan's profile image

nikella_callan shared a tip "I think it’s safe to say most people have seen this at least 5 times.. if you haven’t seen it, GO WATCH IT!!!"

Brittany Wallner's profile image

brittany_wallner shared a tip "Resort to love is similar and cute on Netflix"

Himanshu Patel's profile image

himanshu_patel shared a tip "@serenabaker If you enjoy RomCom you will enjoy this one!"

Kristen Sloat's profile image

kristen_sloat_3502 shared a tip "I loved friends with benefits!"

Isabella Z's profile image

isabella_z shared a tip "Anything with adam sandler"

Brenn B's profile image

brenn_ shared a tip "I forget how much it makes me laugh"

michelle_ruiz_7410 shared a tip "Cute story line, and a typical Adam Sandler movie and actors are in this. I watch it every time I see it on tv."

Gaye Spivey's profile image

gaye_spivey shared a tip "When Jennifer Aniston shows up at the restaurant all decked out and looking gorgeous and Adam Sandler's character jaws drop."

Erinne Clements's profile image

erinne_clements shared a tip "I thought it was great. Jennifer and Adam play off each other brilliantly. Sweet storyline. Has some good funny moments"

Basia Switalski's profile image

basia_switalski shared a tip "It’s really funny. Also check out The Wrong Missy. If you like David Spade"

Junior Sosa's profile image

junior_sosa shared a tip "It’s funny!!"

grace fries's profile image

grace_fries shared a tip "One of my favorites ever"

William Nelsen's profile image

william_nelsen shared a tip "I don't think you can go wrong with anything featuring Adam Sandler"

Ashley Castro's profile image

ashley_castro_8934 shared a tip "no I really love Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston"

Red Hurley-Jackson's profile image

red_hurley-jackson shared a tip "Out of Adam Sandler movies it's probably a tie between this and 50 First Dates"

sara_hoekstra shared a tip "Ha, no!"

Rose Rosales's profile image

rose_rosales_4971 shared a tip "Just go with it is a very funny movie. It is something people should definitely watch."

Jessica Barth's profile image

jessica_barth_3869 shared a tip "It was pretty funny"

Quinae 's profile image

quinae shared a tip "This movie is amazing! It's very funny and just a great movie."

Veronica Bagwell's profile image

veronica_bagwell shared a tip "Probably the hotel scene where Jennifer meets the new girl for the first time. You?"

zayanne_rifai shared a tip "I honestly love every second especially Eddie’s scenes."

Simply Summer's profile image

simply_summer shared a tip "two of the best actors creating a lovely movie. who could ask for more."

holly_eksten_6278 shared a tip "Watch it"

David Meharchand's profile image

david_meharchand shared a tip "Me neither"

lillian_smith_4243 shared a tip "Omg I live this movie it’s so funny"

Kaylah Price's profile image

kaylah_price shared a tip "it’s pretty funny"

Shamale Wilson's profile image

shamale_wilson shared a tip "So many, but one of my faves was when they met for the first time at the restaurant."

Shaderica Bell's profile image

shaderica_bell shared a tip "I enjoyed this whole movie"

carof shared a tip "Hilarious movie!!!#romance #comedy"

Martha Balbuena's profile image

martha_balbuena shared a tip "50 first dates!"

Crystal Cousins's profile image

crystal_cousins shared a tip "Hilarious"

Amy Conway's profile image

ames_conway303 shared a tip "It is the perfect movie for date night!! Ya know.. If your into stuff like that #romcom #adamsandler #justgowithit"

CC 's profile image

bean_n_bacon shared a tip "Great cast. Silly movie with a hear-warming ending"

chels. shared a tip "It’s good."

Life of Maya's profile image

life_of_maya shared a tip "It is sooo cute and I was laughing the whole time!"

carl_sharp shared a tip "@caitlin_praskovich"

Vin 's profile image

vin_2639 shared a tip "It was good. Underrated"

Arianna Allen's profile image

arianna_allen_9280 shared a tip "I would watch this everyday if I could. Really any move with Adam Sandler and Jenifer Aniston"

Kevin Willis's profile image

kevin_willis_9447 shared a tip "ThE young girl steals the movie, governor."

Brandi Hignite's profile image

brandi_hignite shared a tip "Probably this one"

Casey Collier's profile image

casey_collier shared a tip "Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler make the most superior tv duo. You can never go wrong with their movies !"

Charles Teal's profile image

charles_teal shared a tip "It's hard to say. I love comedy. What about you"

Jacie Davison's profile image

jacie_davison shared a tip "It is pretty decent the humor is on point and well worth the watch"

Allen Walters's profile image

allen_walters shared a tip "Brainstorm"

Emily Calvin's profile image

emily_calvin shared a tip "Omg Yesss"

pamela_torres_9340 shared a tip "Apocalypto. What's yours?"

cindy_panchoo shared a tip "I loved the story and it’s soooo funny"

camila_velazquez shared a tip "Another one of my favs. Love this movie so much. It so cute and so funny."

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