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At first I hated the character with the alcoholic addiction but it got a little better in the second season. Kaley does a good performance in that respect. The plot was easy to figure out in the second season and I knew not to trust that CIA director. But the first season did get me on who was supposedly going to attempt to kill her, I honestly thought it was going to be Miranda.

The Flight Attendant imageThe Flight Attendant image

The Flight Attendant


Has some comedic parts in it but mainly drama, has a similar serious feel to Ozark with serial killer thinking of the main character in You. Loved the character Noho Hank and how ridiculous he was. I honestly didn’t expect how season 3 was going to end so it did catch me by surprise although it did make sense what Cousineau and Jim Moss would do. So great acting on Cousineau’s part to convince Barry to go in the home.

Barry imageBarry image


Shows | Comedy

It oddly kind of reminded me of Beauty and the Beast near the end. It was pretty good, very sad for the old man who created Edward especially as he was about to give him normal hands. Definitely gives the perspective of how we think something/someone is amazing and cool at the beginning but with one mistake it can all change how we view that thing/person, all of a sudden it’s bad and we become fearful of it and want it gone instead of try to understand what the situation is and get the whole context.

Edward Scissorhands imageEdward Scissorhands image

Edward Scissorhands

Movies | Fantasy

Loved the humor in this and the cast. It was pretty well done in my opinion and the humor wasn’t over the top but flowed really well. Loved Thaddeus and Courtney together, so hilarious and his pet Steven he forgets throughout the quest 😂

Your Highness imageYour Highness image

Your Highness

Movies | Comedy

I honestly thought Elle was gonna be with Marco, I would have wanted to 😏 But it’s good to see how people can navigate the bumps they might face in their relationship and communicate to work things out in a healthy way.

The Kissing Booth 2 imageThe Kissing Booth 2 image

The Kissing Booth 2

Movies | Romance

It was all right, I definitely don’t think they would have allowed a kissing booth at my high school, this felt more like a college activity. I have never really known two platonic people be best friends the way Lee and Elle have been but it’s cute with all their rules and how they navigate Elle breaking one of them.

The Kissing Booth imageThe Kissing Booth image

The Kissing Booth

Movies | Romance

Kinda surprised me, not how I thought it was going to be when it said comedy but it was more drama and action with some comedy. I didn’t expect the whole community to be a part of the crime. Not bad.

Hot Fuzz imageHot Fuzz image

Hot Fuzz

Movies | Crime

I wouldn’t say it’s the best but it was kind of funny for each dog owner character because there probably are some people like that in real life who show off their dogs. It was giving out The Office vibes with how they filmed it especially with interview moments and how some of the scenes used cameramen to hold it instead of machines to keep the footage steady. Some might think this movie was boring especially if they’re not into dogs. I liked the cast and it’s so funny to see Catherine O’Hara with Eugene Levy again playing a married couple, I didn’t know they had acted together before.

Best in Show imageBest in Show image

Best in Show

Movies | Comedy

Interesting movie, Miss Peregrine is almost like a Mary Poppins, the Hollowghasts almost remind me of demigorgons or another monster I’ve seen that don’t have eyes.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children imageMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children image

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Movies | Drama

It reminds me of 13 Going on 30 but a little less drama and it was kind of sweeter and a little more innocent. I love most of the cast and could name most of the actors playing the newspaper crew.

Never Been Kissed imageNever Been Kissed image

Never Been Kissed

Movies | Romance

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