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Blogger ( Podcaster (The Simply Jamilah Podcast) Lover of escaping into imaginary spaces


A young Mike Epps is a beautiful vision and is honestly all I could focus my attention on.

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Next Friday

Movies | Comedy

Overall, not a bad read. I love the storytelling in the beginning and the tangible advice for how we can be more like Frida. However, I found the book to be repetitive when it came to telling Frida’s story and the biographical elements.

What Would Frida Do? imageWhat Would Frida Do? image

What Would Frida Do?

Books | Arianna Davis

Literally don’t know why it took me forever to watch this, but once I sat down to binge it, I was all over the place. I don’t know if this means anything for the MCU or the next phase, but it’s so good!! Once of the best cartoons I’ve watched this year!

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What If...?

Shows | Animation

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