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Altruistic Jane finds herself facing her worst nightmare as her younger sister announces her engagement to the man Jane secretly adores.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2008-01-10

Runtime 111 minutes

Budget $30m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.4


piaaa♡ 's profile image

piaaa shared a tip "A good romcom"

melly_loveee shared a tip "I didn’t think it was all that romantic, but the story was very interesting and had a good ending."

Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "A bridesmaid 27 times and twice in one night catching the eye of a reporter in more ways than one."

Arleisha Strauder's profile image

arleisha_strauder shared a tip "Great romcom! Benny! 😂"

Kaylakay 's profile image

mami-Kay shared a tip "So underrated"

rreads 's profile image

rreads shared a tip "Soo bad omg"

Casey Crismore's profile image

casey_crismore shared a tip "Absolutely love this movie!! Huge James Maarsden fan"

Heather Michelle Sinclair's profile image

heather_sinclair_7593 shared a tip "I love love love ❤️ this movie 🍿"

Rita Whaley's profile image

rita_whaley_6208 shared a tip "Love this movie! Must have watched it 100 times lol - better alert the authorities Bridezilla is on the loose!!! Lmao"

Heather 's profile image

heather_stevens shared a tip "I found this a little rough around the edges, but very funny at times."

Build a Bear's profile image

build_a_bear shared a tip "Supper cute and it was a really good time Katherine Hegel was very good In this movie"

genevieve_d. shared a tip "The montage where she’s trying on all the dresses. It’s one of my faves too"

Cassie Doran's profile image

cassie_doran shared a tip "It's really cute and funny"

Leslie Abram 's profile image

leslie_abram shared a tip "Yes! For a little while there K.H. was on a rom com roll and I was here for it! Loved this movie almost as much as knocked up."

demon 's profile image

Sarcastic_Soulmate shared a tip "Great acting!"

LosAngalex 's profile image

LosAngalex shared a tip "Stupid movie. Love it."

Katie Schaub's profile image

a42z shared a tip "One of my all time favorite romcoms"

azria_amazon shared a tip "I liked it before I started disliking her. Lol"

Tabatha Peregrine's profile image

tabatha_peregrine shared a tip "So 👍 good"

leothelibra 's profile image

leothelibra shared a tip "@serenabaker of course! When they’re standing on the bar singing Benny and the jets!! What’s yours?"

kylia_mazariegos shared a tip "It's amazing movie"

Raymond Hickey's profile image

raymond_hickey shared a tip "It is a very funny sweet romance movie. Noticed nothing inappropriate"

Ramona Flowers's profile image

ramona_flowers_9935 shared a tip "I just watched Beetlejuice"

Michelle Cano's profile image

michelle_cano_1105 shared a tip "It’s a really good movie"

erica_5733 shared a tip "1: when they're in the bar singing Benny and the jets 2: when she calls her sister out on her lies with the slideshow"

awesome_user_97695 shared a tip "Hi"

mary_k_mellen_murphy shared a tip "I really did like it!"

Beth Slemin's profile image

beth_slemin shared a tip "I always thought it was cute"

miriana_odermatt shared a tip "Because James Marsden"

zahra bestrong's profile image

zahra_bestrong shared a tip "Not bad"

Holly Haberstroh Faries's profile image

holly_haberstroh_fa shared a tip "I would have to think about it bc there are so many! You?"

Elaine Waters's profile image

elaine_waters shared a tip "Fun and happy."

Raphaelle Abega's profile image

raphaelle_abega shared a tip "It is really great actually. I recommend!"

madison_atkinson_4778 shared a tip "It was really good!!"

Deborah Bitter's profile image

deborah_bitter shared a tip "I'm new so I didn't know I was recommending but I'm glad you liked it. I'm mostly a sci fi buff. Battlestar Galactica is my fave."

Alyssa Kinsman's profile image

alyssa_kinsman shared a tip "It's so good!!!"

Catrina Terese's profile image

catrina_terese shared a tip "No I put this accident I think lol"

Daniela Cadena's profile image

daniela_cadena shared a tip "Love it!"

Jessica Zornes's profile image

jessica_zornes shared a tip "I like at the end where all the brides are wearing the bridesmaid dresses they picked out!"

Corima Pagan's profile image

corima_pagan shared a tip "It's really cute"

Alexa Nelson's profile image

LexLuthor42 shared a tip "I like this movie quite a bit! Not a go to, but worth watching like once a decade or so"

Renita 's profile image

neetsreads shared a tip "Oh my gosh, one of my favorite movies. A true rom com and so much fun if you enjoy weddings."

Isabel Lynn's profile image

isabel_lynn shared a tip "Thanks! Right now it’s the wedding planner! You?"

rebecca_devore shared a tip "Yes! I love when Jane is showing off all her dresses and making fun of herself in them with Kevin."

Heather Smith's profile image

heather_smith_8574 shared a tip "I don't know if I do! It's been awhile. ☺️"

Maliyah Tobin's profile image

maliyah_tobin shared a tip "Yes this is a classic 👌 I love a movie that makes you really hate or like characters and is so funny."

Fantasy Otis's profile image

fantasy_otis shared a tip "Perfect girls night movie. Funny, romantic, and easy going."

Eb A's profile image

eb_a shared a tip "I would say the best part of this movie is the scene where she was trying on all the dresses"

Stacy Sizemore's profile image

stacy_sizemore shared a tip "Definitely the bar scene where they are singing 💕😊"

Lisa Nahary's profile image

lisa_nahary shared a tip "It’s been several years since I’ve seen it. I only watched it once."

Kelsie Zollinger Hasleton's profile image

kelsie_zollinger_ha shared a tip "That’s hard! In rom-coms it’s either Crazy Rich Asians or He’s just not that into you 😂"

Emily Belcher Cossey's profile image

emily_belcher_cossey shared a tip "It's so hard to choose a favorite part lol it's all good"

shashawnya_worley shared a tip "It’s really cute if you’re into romcoms!!"

Maria 's profile image

maria_9743 shared a tip "I don’t have a favourite part. Have you watched Age of Adeline? Loved so much this movie. Love the actress as well."

sophia_tegenkamp shared a tip "I enjoyed it a little too much! I definitely recommend it."

Terri O'Grady's profile image

terri_ogrady shared a tip "Ok"

stacie_hanifan shared a tip "Wait, there’s also Jaws, Dirty Dancing and Saturday Night Fever lol"

christy_1649 shared a tip "It is light hearted, a feel good movie.😊"

Kayla Wood's profile image

kayla_wood_4384 shared a tip "It's a classic!"

Ashley Schefers's profile image

ashley_schefers shared a tip "I liked it"

jenn_berryman shared a tip "The bar when they sing Elton John."

Aprille Bernard's profile image

aprille_bernard shared a tip "Yas!! So fun!"

Amelia Bordean's profile image

amelia_bordean shared a tip "The end when she has all her bridesmaid dresses in her wedding!!"

Robin Gochenour's profile image

robin_gochenour shared a tip "It is fun."

camila_velazquez shared a tip "Just watch it"

Alyssa Davidson's profile image

alyssa_davidson_8018 shared a tip "ahh that’s a hard one!! probably the bar scene though"

Abigail Vale's profile image

abigail_vale shared a tip "When they’re in the bar and she thinks the line is “electric boobs!” Hahah my fav!"

Esther Hudson's profile image

esther_hudson shared a tip "One of my favorite! #romcom"

Meg MacEwen's profile image

meg_macewen shared a tip "It’s pretty good, very decent for a rom com!"

Hillary Gamez's profile image

hillary_gamez shared a tip "It’s great if you like Rom Coms!"

Ellie Alcantara's profile image

ellie_alcantara shared a tip "I enjoy a lot of Katherine Heigl’s movies. Some other rom cons of hers I really like are the ugly truth and the killers"

Amber Murphy's profile image

amber_murphy_6870 shared a tip "Dirty dancing"

kimberly_minardi shared a tip "Somewhat predictable but not boring."

Kimberly Steele's profile image

kimberly_steele shared a tip "Super funny & like the actors"

Amy Harren's profile image

amy_harren shared a tip "All of it but the dress changes in the taxi…favorite"

Gayle Diana's profile image

gayle_diana shared a tip "There are a lot of great movies, I love Made of Honor."

shay ♡ they/them's profile image

shayhope_08 shared a tip "it's a fun rom Com and something I do tend to go back to often followed by legally blonde haha"

Macy 's profile image

macy_7292 shared a tip "It’s a great movie!!! Let me know what you think!"

seiana_lynn shared a tip "Something borrowed is another great one!"

Kelly Aldecoa's profile image

kelly_aldecoa shared a tip "It’s a fun movie. It is one of those movies that I tend to rewatch."

c_q_5199 shared a tip "love love love"

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