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When Will decides to tell his daughter the story of how he met her mother, he discovers that a second look at the past might also give him a second chance at the future.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2008-02-08

Runtime 112 minutes

Revenue $55m


TMDB 6.9


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Likewise shared a tip "Streaming 7/1"

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Kristy.Stanton shared a tip "Perfect Father’s Day movie!"

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amzette_auld shared a tip "Very cute movie"

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leslie_abram shared a tip "Great movie!"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "One of my favorite romantic comedies!"

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ryan_fisher_6518 shared a tip "Wonderfully layered romantic comedy. Tells a really good story that hits the spot."

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tiffany_sewell_3216 shared a tip "Too many to name! The Godfather II is pretty high on my list tho."

kim_hasty shared a tip "So sweet!"

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tammy_clark_lavigne shared a tip "Its a feel good thinking movie"

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stacey_cook_1094 shared a tip "One fine day kind of has the same feel"

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clara- shared a tip "so underated"

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aj_rodgers shared a tip "#fluffy"

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courtney_nunnally shared a tip "THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME. UNDERRATED"

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chelsea_freitas shared a tip "No not really a favorite part? What about you do you have a fav?"

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mya_camden shared a tip "We need more movies like this"

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corinne_hector shared a tip "my favorite romance movie has to be The Best of Me! what’s yours?"

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iwilll_yeet shared a tip "Mines was the part they have fun if you know what I mean"

chris_carland shared a tip "If you like Rom-Com’s you won’t be disappointed!"

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hope_acosta shared a tip "A little bit 2000's, but I'm such a sucker for it! Ryan Reynolds is a delight @chrisflores28 @Likewise"

jen_wells shared a tip "It’s adorable!"

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carrie_hoffman_90 shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

cassye_harrelson shared a tip "Something gotta give"

cassye_harrelson shared a tip "Something’s gotta give"

sheryl_mclaren shared a tip "I agree with you. I liked the movie because it was fun and original. Happy movie watching Chelsea!😊"

sophia_webber shared a tip "it’s so good"

hail_hailey shared a tip "A little bit silly but super sweet!!!"

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suzanne_stearns shared a tip "you won't regret it,😊"

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olivia_abbott_2896 shared a tip "The sweetest movie!"

tyler_banks_6934 shared a tip "It's the perfect movie to relax with"

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rachel_field_3318 shared a tip "This movie is just adorable all around, and funny!"

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dyanna_crosson shared a tip "The little girl is cute and funny"

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malak_hmd shared a tip "It was a cute movie and i find the story telling original"

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chelsea_livingston_2922 shared a tip "Fun ans sweet story!"

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beka_lynn shared a tip "This has always been one of my fave rom-coms."

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amanda_martin_7599 shared a tip "I love this movie. It's cute, it's funny and come on it's Ryan Reynolds"

mary_rodriguez_7244 shared a tip "A beauty"

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cait_hutchinson shared a tip "LOVE."

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kailey_h shared a tip "Cute"

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teresa_hills shared a tip "Loved it"

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cambria_noel shared a tip "SUUUUCH A CUTE MOVIE! watch it!"

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