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When a millionaire wheeler-dealer enters a business contract with a Hollywood hooker Vivian Ward, he loses his heart in the bargain.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1990-03-23

Runtime 119 minutes

Budget $14m

Revenue $0.5b


TMDB 7.4


Sue Anderson Iverson's profile image

sue shared a tip "So easy to watch this one ovee and over ans I have."

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "Great movie"

Tyrion Lannister's profile image

Tyrion shared a tip "Brought me to tears. Oh, sweet Vivian! She finally found her white knight."

Katherine Williams 's profile image

katherine_williams_6427 shared a tip "I could watch this movie over and over so good."

Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "A classic, plain and simple"

Jason Morrison's profile image

jason_morrison_7743 shared a tip "I loved it... Not the fairy tale I want my daughters to embrace though."

Maelalaine Dean's profile image

maelalaine_dean shared a tip "When she goes shopping on Rodeo and goes back to the store that treated her like ****."

Honeycone 's profile image

honeycone shared a tip "i like pretty woman too !!🥰😍"

Yuvonne H's profile image

yuvonne_h shared a tip "My all time favorite movie 😍"

Ashley Vance's profile image

ashley_vance shared a tip "I honestly don’t have a favourite scene I love it all!"

tyli kyneard's profile image

tyli_kyneard shared a tip "All I can say is🥺#romance"

Ronnie Jones's profile image

ronnie_jones shared a tip "At the end when he got the girl"

Bernald Danny's profile image

bernald_danny shared a tip "Really interesting"

Melissa Fredette's profile image

melissa_fredette shared a tip "The the actors"

andrea_bedard shared a tip "The ending"

Melissa McNally's profile image

melissa_mcnally shared a tip "Oh gosh it's been so long. I'm not sure. What is yours?"

Taylor Shawver's profile image

taylor_shawver shared a tip "I have it on DVD so a bunch. It’s a classic"

Jessica Mills's profile image

jessica_mills_1798 shared a tip "The dynamic between Gere & Roberts. To me they just fit and complimented each other perfectly."

dainna_lifrieri shared a tip "Always a pleasure watching this over and over"

Nicole Boyle's profile image

nicole_boyle shared a tip "Where she goes shopping!"

Brenda Marion's profile image

brenda_marion shared a tip "Classic!"

Jen Crouchill's profile image

jen_crouchill shared a tip "I love that movie"

Sue McDougall's profile image

sue_mcdougall shared a tip "Love this movie.....true love story"

Nina Blue's profile image

nina_blue shared a tip "An oldie but definitely a goodie"

Nancy Alfred's profile image

nancy_alfred shared a tip "Great cuddle movie!"

linda_kunkel_3845 shared a tip "A modern day Cinderella story."

Linda Sudyko's profile image

linda_sudyko shared a tip "The opera! I loved her reaction and how he had to cover what she said when she blurted 'I almost peed my pants' 😂"

Soni Mar's profile image

soni_mar shared a tip "Loved it when I was 20, I'm not too sure anymore..."

CariBimbi Art's profile image

caribimbi_art shared a tip "Bathtub and prince song :)"

Shannon Parisi's profile image

shannon_parisi shared a tip "That's tough, but The King of Wishful Thinking is on my workout playlist."

Karren Madere's profile image

karren_madere shared a tip "Loved the ending!"

nicole_berg shared a tip "I love the part when she walks back into the store and tells the woman they made a big mistake!"

Jade Maindron's profile image

jade_maindron shared a tip "When she sings in the bathtub!"

Shanda Morris's profile image

shanda_morris shared a tip "One of the best movies ever"

Brigitte Lambert's profile image

brigitte_lambert shared a tip "When she sings in the tub to Prince."

Gigi Bell's profile image

ladygigimeg shared a tip "The ending was fantastic happy ending"

shellie_lawson_4516 shared a tip "Gold standard RomCom"

Tatum G's profile image

tatum_g shared a tip "Probably when they first meet"

max_was shared a tip "When they refuse to help her in the store then she goes back the next day and tell them "Big Mistake" what's your favorite part?"

Madison Pulkrabek's profile image

madison_pulkrabek shared a tip "The iconic shopping scene."

tim_lucas shared a tip "Wow... this is getting crazy how this app is saying that I am recommending these movies and shows that I am not."

kathi_parker shared a tip "Pretty Woman-absolute favorite modern day “fairytale” movie!!"

Tanya Trujillo's profile image

tanya_trujillo shared a tip "The end."

tiffany_nash shared a tip "all time favorite movie"

Corinne Mannion-Williamson's profile image

corinne_mannion-williamson shared a tip "I just love the whole movie."

maritza_6297 shared a tip "When she goes back to the store and tell the lady: " Big mistake, huge""

Kim Steen's profile image

kim_steen shared a tip "The ad lib Richard did when he shut the jewelry box on Julia's fingers, and her reaction. What's yours?"

David Jones's profile image

david_jones_7530 shared a tip "I loved it"

Sandi Fairfield's profile image

sandi_fairfield shared a tip "I never recommended any of these shows...."

sky_7266 shared a tip "Well really only for us who watched it years ago when itcwas a huge swoon-fest but still fun."

Carmella Milicia-Russell's profile image

carmella_milicia-ru shared a tip "The shopping scene"

Carlita Valeria Fernandez's profile image

carlita_valeria_fer shared a tip "Un clásico"

Mily Borgos's profile image

mily_borgos shared a tip "Is good"

Tre Sha Tap Tap's profile image

tre_sha_tap_tap shared a tip "Best movie ever 😅😂"

Lis Andra's profile image

lis_andra shared a tip "When she walks into the boutique able to afford her puchase. The employee felt stupid for profiling her."

tania esmolin's profile image

tania_esmolin shared a tip "Best"

Kayla Edinger's profile image

kayla_edinger shared a tip "My favourite part is that my parents would not let me watch it and my Grandmother did. It was our secret!!"

abigail_brunell shared a tip "It's my favorite movie!"

Denise Braun's profile image

denise_braun_3670 shared a tip "Very cinderella like"

Lindsay Watt's profile image

lindsay_watt shared a tip "So many to choose from!! Dumb & Dumber and A Night at the Roxbury are classics!!"

Lorraine Shaffer's profile image

lorraine_shaffer shared a tip "Excellent movie! You woy"

Lorraine Shaffer's profile image

lorraine_shaffer shared a tip "Would like trying say!"

Nish Patel's profile image

nish_patel_5007 shared a tip "I’m actually torn on liking this movie. It’s a classic but very problematic."

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