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Desperate to find his dad Sam a date, a young boy calls into a radio show and catches the attention of Annie, a journalist who wants to meet Sam atop the Empire State Building.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1993-06-24

Runtime 105 minutes

Budget $21m

Revenue $0.2b


TMDB 6.7


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CupcakeTron shared a tip "A classic and feel good movie."

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claire_robertson_483 shared a tip "It's a great chick flick!"

michelle_5481 shared a tip "Top 5 rom com for me.... seen it 100 times and always love this one"

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amy_miller_5780 shared a tip "I just really love the message that you shouldn't settle for good enough, you should go for great."

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jennie_dahl shared a tip "Love @Megryan and @tomhanks together! This is such a funny and romantic movie!"

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rebecca_dunn_5885 shared a tip "Hanks and Ryan. Need I say more?"

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alicea_porterfield shared a tip "Is this when we all fell in love with Tom Hanks?"

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sara_stevens shared a tip "Cute date movie!"

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graff_fuller shared a tip "A wonderful RomCom."

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sarah_hudson_842 shared a tip "It’s really good!!! Definitely make time for it, you won’t regret it."

missy_shumate shared a tip "It's old school warm and fuzzy! A classic"

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nooria_nooks shared a tip "I have to watch it again. It's pretty old. Oldie but goodie. Hehe"

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sandra_gray_5166 shared a tip "Tom Hanks is my fav part lol"

jessica_4959 shared a tip "Love the scene where the men are talking about an action movie the same way the ladies talk about An Affair to Remember."

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rebeca_m shared a tip "it’s been so long since i’ve seen it but i’m a huge sucker for romcoms 😫"

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colleen_moore_8325 shared a tip "It’s a tough choice, but I would have to go with Ever After."

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kelsey_rice shared a tip "Nice piano music in the movie. Other in the music goes well with the plot"

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wallace_craig shared a tip "This is a great movie if you need to cry."

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jersey_maine shared a tip "Magic!"

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danielle_lowery_3763 shared a tip "It's a really good one!!"

jess_beltran shared a tip "Great character development and storyline."

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cindy_trent shared a tip "I saw it years ago can't remember particulars, but loved it."

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haley_castaneda_3590 shared a tip "It’s a very good movie"

marylin_guevara shared a tip "You’ve Got Mail. Same actors. I think you’ll like as well"

princess_6280 shared a tip "It's a cute movie for its time! I wouldn't say it's one of my favorites but it's a good watch."

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sharon_pope shared a tip "How old are you?"

miranda_burns shared a tip "Shakespeare In Love is my fav romance movie! I’ve watched it over the years about 20+ times and I’d still recommend it!"

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jessica_dawson_1990 shared a tip "Oooh. That's difficult. One of favorites is Far and Away. What is yours?"

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reparrella shared a tip "it was great! highly recommend"

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tovette_t shared a tip "I loved it! I love Tom Hanks :)"

fran_gilmore shared a tip "Classic Rom Com with the queen of 80s romcoms in the driver’s seat"

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erin_riley_5256 shared a tip "I liked it... Maybe some would say that it was predictable. I liked it."

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erin_riley_5256 shared a tip "What did you think?"

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willie_mason shared a tip "What's yours?"

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arthur_ray_ shared a tip "One of the all time great movies."

anne_lacy shared a tip "Love the ending"

anne_lacy shared a tip "Just as good as the last time I watched it"

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logan_logan_9389 shared a tip "I was sappy back then"

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littlerock_box shared a tip "A classic movie. Hope you enjoy it"

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melissa_s. shared a tip "The whole movie I find it so cheesy but love the **** out of it. It is the movie inlay whenever I want to feel better:)"

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cait_hutchinson shared a tip "Love!"

yasmin_mekel shared a tip "Read chapter 33 with highlights"

ms_7837 shared a tip "Meant to be? It’ll find you"

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neilia_sherman shared a tip "Funny romantic, with good actors. Liked the references to classic film."

katresa_debault shared a tip "Love this movie! It never gets old"

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victor_tellez shared a tip "Xxxpornos"

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laurel_posey shared a tip "Pure romantic fluff. Dated, but still enjoyable."

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meredith_clayton shared a tip "One of my top five movies of all time!"

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chris_andress shared a tip "One of the best romance movies ever. Any movie that quotes "the dirty dozen" is good in my book"

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patricia_webber shared a tip "One of my favorite movie"

maddie_smith_3136 shared a tip "My ultimate comfort movie! I put this on during autumn and Christmas time!"

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