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Book superstore magnate, Joe Fox and independent book shop owner, Kathleen Kelly fall in love in the anonymity of the Internet—both blissfully unaware that he's trying to put her out of business.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1998-02-26

Runtime 119 minutes

Budget $65m

Revenue $0.3b


TMDB 6.7


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Meredith shared a tip "Favorite rom com 💌"

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CupcakeTron shared a tip "A Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks classic. Remember the AOL days? That dial-up sound is classic!"

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Cassie shared a tip "Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan are the iconic duo of romcoms. You’ve Got Mail is one part fantasy one part whimsy. Anyone else miss AIM?"

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️1/2 rewatch"

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emily_munro_2508 shared a tip "I personally adore Tom Hanks. And ohh the good ol days of AOL. Pure nostalgia."

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nick_karlsons shared a tip "Great video"

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love_olateju shared a tip "Loved this. Quirky. Beautiful. Cliché and just all round sweet"

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alannah_rodriquez shared a tip "Very simple film but cute"

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Hope_Belle shared a tip "Love this!! Always have to watch it in the fall time"

robiamoha shared a tip "Love this movie itself, but also love it for helping me find the amazing movie it was inspired by 😍"

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april_smallwood shared a tip "It's cute"

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james_dunphy shared a tip "Good rom com"

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nicole_howard_7840 shared a tip "Classic, wholesome"

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katie_beth_mccarthy shared a tip "Classical romcom…they just don’t make them like this anymore!!"

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paige_jackson_145 shared a tip "I thought it was witty, funny, and romantic."

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jessica_molina_0912 shared a tip "Classic!! 🙌🏼👏🏼 Total feel good movie"

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angela_foss shared a tip "A classic"

lorisa_griffith shared a tip "A classic I still love. #romance"

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jim_hancock shared a tip "Book-lovers, this is your movie!"

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jim_hancock shared a tip "A little dated now, but a fun rom com that will bring back many 90s memories. GREAT CAST!!!!"

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robin_m_613 shared a tip "It’s a good movie.. Sleepless in Seattle is too"

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julie_dearmon shared a tip "Perfect show"

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ryan_mann_2193 shared a tip "This a classic for me. Meg Ryan doing what she did best"

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flyhigh shared a tip "Romantic movie with our favourites"

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natasha_howard shared a tip "Depends on genre. My favorite rom-com would have to be How to Lose a Guy in 10 days or Sweet Home Alabama."

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katie_alvarez_machiran shared a tip "The ultimate feel good movie of the 90s"

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diandra_repato shared a tip "Fun 90s romcom"

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teampurdue shared a tip "This is a movie with heart. Movies the make you really feel something. #romance #favorite_movies"

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tomato.sauce0 shared a tip "Didn’t like that they got together in the end"

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monica_white_537 shared a tip "Such a sweet, precious movie! It's timeless! 👌"

jennifer_coursey shared a tip "It’s cute, funny, love story 😊"

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freemon_jackson shared a tip "The mailbox was empty.."

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jeff_teuton shared a tip "Not When Harry Met Sally, but still a good rom-com"

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rebekah_allison shared a tip "One the absolute best movies of all time! It exudes autumnal warmth!"

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kimberly_simmons shared a tip "Just the type of romance i like."

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chamomilebee shared a tip "Enemies-to-lovers, mistaken identity… this movie has all the tropes I love"

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nicole_flothe shared a tip "Sweet romance"

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daniel_montoya shared a tip "Because " F O X " 😂"

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amber_brandon_3106 shared a tip "I love this movie so much. It’s so sweet."

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cat_smith_7900 shared a tip "I love the part at the toy store when they still don’t know each other!"

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mackenzie_davis_2780 shared a tip "one of my moms favorites turned one of my favorites."

carolyn_arteaga shared a tip "It’s cute. If you enjoy a good rom com."

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gareth_burrowes shared a tip "This is my guilty pleasure, don't know why put if just makes you feel good"

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sarah_christensen shared a tip "Tom & Meg ❤"

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harry_nguyen_9394 shared a tip "I’ve been meaning to watch Sleepless in Seattle"

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loretta_m shared a tip "This is a good love story"

andrea_lambert_3366 shared a tip "I’ve watched this so many times, I love the way they depict NY, and Meg Ryan is a favorite."

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kendra_puetz shared a tip "Always my choice for a throw back watch"

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m._craft shared a tip "Rarely do i like romcoms but this one is a classic. A little dated with AOL references though."

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stephanie_punko shared a tip "It's such a classic romcom! I love this movie!"

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virginia_evans_8319 shared a tip "Perfect romantic comedy!!"

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frances_kendall shared a tip "I love this movie!!!"

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jennifer_emery shared a tip "Love this movie. My favorite."

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maurice_franklin_ii shared a tip "Classic"

krista_vowels shared a tip "One of my all time favorite movies. Definitely a deserted island pick."

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SlipperyPanda shared a tip "An old favorite"

linda_bastone shared a tip "It’s a nice light movie."

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abbygail_sebacher shared a tip "Probably when he sees her in the cafe. I think it's so cute that hes afraid of her in a way."

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caroline_davenport shared a tip "Love this one sm 💕💕"

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brandy_ochoa shared a tip "Classic"

bk55 shared a tip "Shawano redemption"

jessica_carter_6228 shared a tip "It’s one of my favorites! Definitely nostalgic for the 90s!"

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anna_waits shared a tip "Its just so perfect.The plot, the setting, the script, Plus Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. "F.O.X" ."

nathan_sanabria shared a tip "E"

joan_m_gariepy shared a tip "Everything!!"

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christine_dodds shared a tip "One of my all time faves!"

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mark_krug shared a tip "Very cute"

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caroline_nganga shared a tip "Yurrr this movie is really good"

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cyndy_rose shared a tip "Fun to watch"

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laurel_posey shared a tip "Dated as all get-out, of course (and a little problematically so in spots. But still so charming."

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rosa_mill shared a tip "The scene about the shoe books; it makes my inner librarian smile."

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janice_seiberling shared a tip "Love Meg Ryan with Tom Hanks"

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andrea_goulet shared a tip "I love love love this movie!"

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susan_niemi shared a tip "It’s a favorite for sure!!"

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kim_thornberry shared a tip "My favorite part is when Meg Ryan is in the bookstore after all has been emptied and she is remembering dancing with her mom."

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rebecca_brown_1603 shared a tip "I love Almost Famous. What's your favorite?"

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angela_leino_2081 shared a tip "August Rush and Leap Year!!"

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book_lover_7894 shared a tip "It’s one of my favourite movie 😊"

kay_j_5572 shared a tip "I love it. It’s a romance but kitschy enough to have laughable moments. ❤️"

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lee_ann_m shared a tip "“Don’t cry, Shopgirl.”"

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sheryl_snyder shared a tip "There are so many, but Long Kiss Goodnight always pops into mind. Yours?"

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angela_magro shared a tip "Yes you definitely have to!!! 🤍👍🏼"

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michaela_headrick shared a tip "It's a classic! One of my favorites!"

awesome_user_727126 shared a tip "Romantic Comedy"

debi_prince_7720 shared a tip "Just saw Stillwater. Wow. A drama"

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jonathan_grover shared a tip ""I bet you're all a flutter over what's his name... Mr Darcy.""

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carmen_owen shared a tip "I associate this movie to fall and can watch it everyday! I just love the story"

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alexandra_lehene shared a tip "I loved it. Romance with a small twist."

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sammy_heartland shared a tip "Its really good one of my FAVS, and Sleepless In Seattle"

diana_taylor_7747 shared a tip "It’s really good I love it!!"

jill_harrington shared a tip "It’s a classic. I watch it every time I’m sad 😂"

jessica_conti shared a tip "I just love all of it! I love their chemistry, I love New York in the fall, I love them their banter."

kathleen_mankins shared a tip "But I hate that she has to close the amazing bookstore"