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Loves: fantasy (esp. mixed with romance, adventure, thriller, action, etc.) & h/c Dislikes: incomplete series, pointless horror/gore, unhappy endings


A #kid_friendly #family film! It's #fantasy with a #sweet story of a girl creating her own identity and future despite a "flaw" of sorts. #family_friendly #coming_of_age #fun

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Ella Enchanted

Movies | Family

#basedonatruestory This movie does a great job of bringing a truly fantastic story to life. #thriller #true #action I liked the main actor and the individuals backing him up, and even though this movie is not my usual cup of tea, I did hold my breath towards the end, even though obviously everything turns out well enough! Definitely a great #mission Impossible-esque story. Incredible!

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Movies | Drama

#twist_ending You won't expect this ending, and it'll both fascinate and hurt when you get there, but amazing acting by all parties! #crime #courtroom #courtroom_drama I almost want to hate it, but the twist and intrigue have me giving this movie all of the stars I can.

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Primal Fear

Movies | Crime

#bittersweet_ending, but also a #happy_ending . I think the actors portraying the main character did a fantastic job--Ryan Reynolds, of course, being great in his own right, but the set-up for his entrance by Ben Kingsley is impressive. It loses traction slightly in the middle, but really, the acting and that one #twist made it the perfect watch. #drama #body_swapping #science_fiction #thriller #family_moments #child_actress #that_did_not_annoy_me

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Movies | Science Fiction

Good example of 5 stars for a romance, although it wasn't my favorite. 5 star #romance , with enough #chemistry present to make me buy into the plot. I like the background and references to Italian culture, although I by no means know if any of it is true. #italy #rome #when_in_Rome #and _they_took_that_literally

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Christmas in Rome

Movies | TV Movie

This movie has to be my new favorite. I loved the #time_travel bent on it. Reminded me of when I watched The Lake House--the plot is kind of similar, except #dreams are where the 2 characters communicate. #romance #drama The romance works, I love the #chemistry , the scenery is beautiful. I immediately got into it, and even nearly cried near the end. #bittersweet but also #happyish_ending

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Movies | Drama

Jupiter Ascending is only really limited by the time it was created. (Although, in my opinion, the #cgi was actually quite good for the time.) I loved the #romance in the background, and the #science_fiction #action feel throughout. I'm all for good #fantasy , and I found this movie delivered decent acting and relatively stable series of events (although it does drag on from time to time). #pg_13 for fighting and murderous moments, but actually light on serious themes and offensive language.

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Jupiter Ascending

Movies | Science Fiction

This movie completely surprised me. I loved the #role_reversal feel! #prejudice #overcoming_prejudice #stay_true_to_yourself I was so impressed with this movie. It felt silly at points, but the character's #perseverance and #dedication at proving herself to both others AND herself was almost inspiring. #funny #comedy #but #more_than_comedy

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Legally Blonde

Movies | Comedy

I watched this movie when I was a teenager, which really felt like more the target audience anyhow. #teen_movie However, I really enjoyed this take on "The Taming of the Shrew" Shakespeare plot. It's not a popular story as feminism rises and women have received more power. Basically, though, this is more of a meet-ugly, and both characters make an independent decision not related to any kind of force. I appreciate that majorly. #female_empowerment #romance #drinking #high_school #basedonastory

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10 Things I Hate About You

Movies | Comedy

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