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Nightmares and Dreamscapes

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Stephen King
A 'bumper collection of short stories' (Sunday Telegraph} from the No. 1 bestselling master of the form, now with a stunning new cover look.The Stephen King Amusement Park - an unnerving experience, with rides every which way to hell . . . and a few to glory.A solitary finger pokes out of a drain. Novelty teeth turn predatory. The Nevada desert swallows a Cadillac. Meanwhile, the legend of Castle Rock returns . . . and grows on you. What does it all mean? What else could it mean? Stephen King is here with a powerful collection of stories - a vast, many-chambered cave of a volume.The long reach of Stephen King's imagination will take you on a roller coaster to places you've never been before. You will lose sleep. But Stephen King, writing to beat the devil, will do your dreaming for you.Stories include:-Dolan's Cadillac-The End of the Whole Mess-Suffer the Little Children-The Night Flier-Popsy-It Grows on You-Chattery Teeth-Dedication-The Moving Finger-Sneakers-You Know They Got a Hell of a Band-Home Delivery-Rainy Season-My Pretty Pony-Sorry, Right Number-The Ten O'Clock People-Crouch End-The House on Maple Street-The Fifth Quarter-The Doctor's Case-Umney's Last Case-Head Down-Brooklyn August
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Stephen King
Hodder & Stoughton
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1848940742 9781848940741
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