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From the bestselling author of The Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska, soon to be a major TV seriesQuentin Jacobsen has always loved Margo Roth Spiegelman, for Margo (and her adventures) are the stuff of legend at their high school. So when she one day climbs through his window and summons hi

Author John Green

Pages 305

Publisher A&C Black

Published Date 2013

ISBN 140884818X 9781408848180


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Sara Schirer's profile image

sara_schirer shared a tip "i like the movie better"

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bookish_daniella shared a tip "Completely and utterly! I finished this book in one sitting, I genuinely couldn't put it down."

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acarrus shared a tip "Idk if it’s just my love for John Green but this book will always be a favorite"

Emily Straka's profile image

emily_straka shared a tip "It's not a particularly long read, and I'm a fast reader, so about a day or two"

mia_6659 shared a tip "*sigh* definitely a new favourite"

euphoric_dan shared a tip "My favorite is The Book Thief. It's the first, and only, book that made me cry. What's yours?"

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tommaira_norwood shared a tip "Yes great read , I loved every minute of it."

Veronica Pietsch's profile image

veronica_pietsch shared a tip "Water for elephants and Slaughterhouse V are my favorite of all time!"

Bre Bradley's profile image

bre_bradley shared a tip "thank you! do you have any recommendations like it?"

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ellerie_mcgough shared a tip "It was really good. The messages in this book were really inspired !"

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lulu_s_2541 shared a tip "Yes but I like the author john green I've read the fault in our stars I loved the book"

Cambri Baker's profile image

cambri_baker shared a tip "I have not! I’m not an audiobook person, I really wish I was though!"

Makeda Templier's profile image

makeda_templier shared a tip "good book, i enjoyed it! i would rate it an 8.5/10"

Lillian Jamar's profile image

artzygal shared a tip "Definitely"

Sara Hudson's profile image

saradippity8 shared a tip "Yes!"

Diane Shew's profile image

diane_shew shared a tip "Paper Towns"

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brooke_21 shared a tip "“The town was paper but the memories were not.”"

Tammy Garcia's profile image

tammy_garcia_9381 shared a tip "Just finished Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone. Highly recommend!"

Karine Deschênes's profile image

karine_deschnes shared a tip "Breathless by Jennifer Niven I’m halfway and loving it so far"

Mica Marsala's profile image

mica_marsala_549 shared a tip "I think so! But it is a little bit juvenile!"

avery_2414 shared a tip "it’s honestly been so long since i’ve read it i couldn’t give you a specific part!"

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mel_koo shared a tip "i really liked we were liars, and i need another book to sob too, any suggestions?"

Cassie Coco's profile image

cassie_coco shared a tip "Definitely Looking for Alaska by John Green!"

seeley_bell shared a tip "No, but I’m planning to sometime in quarantine"

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megan_robertson_6086 shared a tip "Fault in our stars is one of my favourites"

william_hicks shared a tip "I didn't actually recommend this...I have not read any John Green. Sorry!"

Morgan Chaney's profile image

morgan_chaney shared a tip "It’s honestly been a while since I read it, but I felt that it was really interesting!"

Ally Green's profile image

ally_green_2024 shared a tip "@stephen_totemeier John Green was one of my favorite authors in high school!"

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gaby_batte shared a tip "I really love mosquito land! How about you?"

linsey kielbasa's profile image

linsey_kielbasa shared a tip "one of my favorite John green books!"

Ava Elisabeth's profile image

ava_elisabeth_4380 shared a tip "Great book if you want a twisted yet classic love story!"

betsy_vigil shared a tip "Yes! I liked it :)"

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ella_waltman shared a tip "i think so"

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lauren_bock shared a tip "I have not! I’m afriad it’s not gonna love up to the book"

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deleted_user_1610894875442 shared a tip "A good book with just enough suspense to reel you in."

Isabel Rondo's profile image

isabel_rondo shared a tip "Another heart strings puller"

Alexis Dandridge's profile image

alexis_dandridge shared a tip "Yess."

rosy_rodden shared a tip "Yes"

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shealse_ortiz shared a tip "No I've been looking for the movie everywhere but I can't find it"

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deleted_user_1605633187956 shared a tip "Nice"

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jessalyn_6674 shared a tip "Wonderful thought-provoking book!"

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erica_mcbee shared a tip "I have! I loved The Fault In Our Stars too"

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michelle_cole_9348 shared a tip "I liked the book better, the movie was ok"

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vanessa_enriquez_1417 shared a tip "I just started reading the books :/"

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fangirl_love shared a tip "100% I love this book"

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mia_strazny shared a tip "Yes!!!"

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x0thamarr shared a tip "Not particularly, just thought it was a great book overall! 😊"

Alizae Vargas's profile image

alizae_vargas shared a tip "the end when he realizes she’s just another girl ughhh love it"

gracie_kimbler shared a tip "@harperbrownca no problem queen"

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laurence_girard shared a tip "Noughts and crosses has been my favourite book for a long time but now I’d say it’s in tie with the pivot point series"

tori_lewis shared a tip "I definitely think so!"

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desi_vonpaige shared a tip "Its been forever since I've read it. I mat actually read it again."

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