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Tarah DeWitt
You really can't go home again. Tait Logan is proud of the life she's built for herself. Despite her world-shattering divorce, the absence of a pet, not having any genuine connections with other humans (apart from her sister Ava), and the fact that the remainder of her family is estranged from her life, she's happy...Happy-adjacent, at least. She's rebuilt herself through her photography; her dream career, the one thing she does still have. So, when that career contracts her to do an assignment on her estranged family's home, Logan Range - a now famous ranch functioning as the setting for a popular show - she's left with no choice but to agree. Thus, Tait is bound, on a reluctant course back to her roots, and to the family she feels betrayed by. Henry Marcum has dedicated his life to the Logan family and their ranch. He owes them for raising him, rescuing him, and for his life's purpose and opportunities.... He also owes them for every hardship he's inadvertently brought their way. So, when Tait Logan shows up after 20 years of near total silence, he takes it upon himself to protect the people he knows and loves. It's a rocky start when Tait and Henry first collide; he is naturally wary of her intentions, and she is more than perturbed by their literal collision - which results in her broken camera, during her first night on location, no less. There's no shortage of shaky ground here in the mountains and valleys of Idaho. They're thrown off balance time and time again by their growing feelings for one another, and by the story of the Logan family as it becomes increasingly less clear from their perspectives. As they confront the past, theirs naturally get brought to the foray. They'll have to weigh their feelings against their experiences of heartbreak, and decide if the potential for disaster is worth the risk that accompanies love.
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Tarah DeWitt
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