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A New York Times Bestseller“A smart, edge-of-your-seat story with plot twists you’ll never see coming. Stacy Willingham’s debut will keep you turning pages long past your bedtime.” —Karin SlaughterWhen Chloe Davis was twelve, six teenage girls went missing in her small Louisiana town. By the end of

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Author Stacy Willingham

Pages 368

Publisher St. Martin's Publishing Group

Published Date 2022-01-11

ISBN 1250803829 9781250803825


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Emily Munro 's profile image

emily_munro_2508 shared a tip "3 out of 5. Not bad, did seem a bit redundant at times and quickly guessed the "bad guy"."

Haven Poush's profile image

haven_poush shared a tip "Suspenseful and surprising!"

brandi_carson shared a tip "Read in 1 day. Good page turner"

Megan Pate's profile image

megan_pate shared a tip "Kind of slow to start, but really picked up about halfway through. Ending was a total shock 🤯"

Melissa Trecek's profile image

melissa_trecek shared a tip "Great thriller! A twist I didnt see coming"

Melanie Schmitz's profile image

melanie_schmitz shared a tip "Dark and twisty…..just like I like them! I enjoyed this one from the very beginning!"

christina_silva_4950 shared a tip "Good, not great. Easy read."

Megan Carls's profile image

megan_carls shared a tip "I am really good at guessing books... And figured I had this one all worked out. The twists threw me!"

mackenzie_4592 shared a tip "Truly captivating! Just when I thought I had this book figured out, I was in for a total 180"

Jenn 's profile image

jenn_aldieri shared a tip "A great debut thriller. It kept me guessing and was a quick read."

tanya_3053 shared a tip "I was hooked from beginning to end. A psychological thriller resolving around a serial killer in Louisiana."

Kaylen 's profile image

kay_sweeet shared a tip "I agree with the others as it starts slow, but give it time and you won’t regret it. The ending is so worth it! 🤯🤯"

kathyann_saleem shared a tip "A solid thriller, easy read."

Lauren Onstott's profile image

lauren_onstott shared a tip "You can’t put this book down it’s so addicting! The ending will baffle you!"

deborah_kokomoor shared a tip "Excellent twist!"

Maureen Webb Motte's profile image

maureen_webb_motte shared a tip "Agreed definitely a slow burn but still good"

cheryl_dworak shared a tip "Great read. Twist and turns and well@written. Couldn’t put it down"

Raya Leleaux's profile image

raya_leleaux shared a tip "Awesome book"

breanna_moser_7509 shared a tip "slow start but worth it!"

Emily Gaetano's profile image

emily_gaetano shared a tip "Loved this one! Couldn’t put it down kept me engaged the entire time! 10/10"

Finneas 's profile image

finnthesquip shared a tip "So many twists, I couldn’t put it down. Also +10 for some spicy scenes too"

sarah_coscia shared a tip "Absolutely loved this book. So many twists and turns in the plot and you never know who you can really trust until the very end."

Ashley Achelois's profile image

ashley_achelois shared a tip "Guesses early on, but was constantly second guessing myself , had twists I truly didn’t expect. A really good suspenseful book."

Felicia Zohar's profile image

felicia_zohar shared a tip "Excellent page turner! Got hooked and really emotionally attached. Didn't expect the twist at the end!"

Liz DeBoer's profile image

SpeedyGonzaLiz shared a tip "Great mystery. Ominous. Kept me guessing, even with being a murder-book-regular-reader!"

Mari Bagatelia's profile image

mari_bagatelia shared a tip "Absolutely recommended from me! It is 5/5 in its own genre 🤍 Also I’d recommend listening to the audiobook ✊🏻"

emma reed's profile image

emmareed shared a tip "okay wtf plot twist central"

Gillian Swire's profile image

gillian_swire shared a tip "I just finished this book and oh my gosh…I loved it so much. 11/10. Now I’m looking for recommendations based on it."

Delilah Gonzalez's profile image

delilah_gonzalez_9898 shared a tip "I thought I knew where this book was going, boy was I wrong. Great twist. Okay book"

Abby McKinnon's profile image

abby_mckinnon_4546 shared a tip "It’s such a good book, a must read for sure!"

rachel_hazel shared a tip "This book was fantastic! I couldn’t put it down!"

Cara Fitzgerald Kazaks's profile image

cara_fitzgerald_kaz shared a tip "Page turner book from the beginning. Excited to see where the is new writer continues to go with her excellent story telling."

Michelle Wilcox's profile image

michelle_wilcox_2359 shared a tip "Always kept you guessing - very suspenseful"

jaime salter's profile image

jaime_salter shared a tip "It was really good. Enjoy!!"

bunny_hansen shared a tip "Edge of your seat drama with so many plot twists you never see coming. Beautiful, descriptive writing."

Vee 's profile image

HoneyVee shared a tip "Possibly my favorite book now! The writing may seem predictable at first, but learn to expect the unexpected."

Kortney Morral's profile image

kortney_morral shared a tip "Did not see ending coming! Great book with in depth characters"

Kortney Morral's profile image

kortney_morral shared a tip "Currently reading the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo! And yes would definitely recommend this book!"

Stephanie Collins's profile image

stephanie_collins_6925 shared a tip "Amazing book thats hard to put down!"

Goldie Morris's profile image

goldie_morris shared a tip "A little slow to start, but a worthwhile read! Loved the twist, total page turner once you get about halfway through."

Sonya Lobrigo's profile image

sonya_lobrigo_5547 shared a tip "SUCH a great read!! Literally left me on edge till the last page"

Arianna 's profile image

arianna_1302 shared a tip "So good, amazing twist I really loved it"

Bekah 's profile image

bekah444 shared a tip "i really enjoyed this book i read it all in one sitting omg it just totally messed with me"

Kiara 's profile image

kiara-Ziyao-Ge shared a tip "I read this book in every single night. It feels mystery and horrible."

Whitney Lawhorn's profile image

whitney_lawhorn shared a tip "loved this book"

Ashley Newton's profile image

ash.newt17 shared a tip "Great read. Finished in 3 days. Couldn’t put it down. Kept me engaged the whole time."

Sarah Sansom's profile image

sarah_sansom_2990 shared a tip "Everytime I thought I had this figured out Stacy threw me in another direction! Absolutely loved this book! What a great debut!!!"

Anna Olderbak's profile image

anna_olderbak shared a tip "I love a good slow burn. Such a good book!!"

Victoriya Gunenko's profile image

victoriya_gunenko shared a tip "Great triller! Will keep you wondering and surprised till the last page."

colleen_wold shared a tip "Good thriller, with suspense and great characters."

amy_kiser shared a tip "Frequent plot twists."

Sharon Engle's profile image

sharon_engle shared a tip "Suspenseful!"

abby_parlee shared a tip "Loved this book, especially all of the twists and turns!"

Chaqira Feliciano's profile image

chaqira_feliciano shared a tip "Enjoyed this book. Every time I thought I had it figured out BOOM! Plot twist."

Sydney Lehr's profile image

sydney_lehr shared a tip "Great twists never saw it coming !"

Tamil muthukumar's profile image

tamil_muthukumar shared a tip "Full of interesting twists"

Bree B's profile image

bree_b32 shared a tip "Book with lots of twists!"

Ashley Rogillio's profile image

ashley_rogillio shared a tip "Psychological thriller, suspense, kept me guessing"

Alicia H's profile image

alicia_h_2315 shared a tip "Excellent book! Suspenseful!"

Linda Mclennan's profile image

linda_mclennan shared a tip "Reading this was like watching a movie! Loved it!"

shaylin_herdman shared a tip "Loved this"

linda_perez_5391 shared a tip "Amazing. Kept me guessing at every turn, captivating and interesting"

Bailey LaBelle's profile image

bailey_labelle_9715 shared a tip "It was suspenseful, a mystery. I couldn’t put the book down"

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