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A summer in Italy turns into a road trip across Tuscany in this sweeping New York Times bestseller filled with romance, mystery, and adventure.Lina is spending the summer in Tuscany, but she isn’t in the mood for Italy’s famous sunshine and fairy-tale landscape. She’s only there because it was her m

Author Jenna Evans Welch

Pages 400

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2016-05-03

ISBN 1481432567 9781481432566

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Ella Eckerley's profile image

ella_eckerley shared a tip "Fell in love with everything about this book"

layton_french shared a tip "This is a really good book"

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vivlovesbooks shared a tip "This book is awesome! It has love,travel,mystery and family."

Cassie Pignataro's profile image

cassie_pignataro shared a tip "Good summer read! :)"

Ana Muldez's profile image

anamonae shared a tip "such a cute plot and easy to connect with the characters. also i loved the inclusion of italian language and culture."

paige 's profile image

readingpaigelol shared a tip "I ******* LOVE THIS BOOK"

awesome_user_425007 shared a tip "great book. it was hard in the beginning but towards to middle i couldn’t put it down. love it"

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a.m shared a tip "#summer_reading"

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natalie_learning shared a tip "so cute i looove it"

_alissa_ shared a tip "this book was so enticing!! loved it #bookworm"

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channel_whorange shared a tip "This book was so good! It has a great storyline (and even better romance) it’s the type to give me butterflies!!!"

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amy_lopez_6384 shared a tip "Fav book💜💜"

Amy Lopez's profile image

amy_lopez_6384 shared a tip "Fav book💜💜"

𝙱𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊 's profile image

bookwormbella shared a tip "Booking my flight to Italy right now, brb 😜"

Rachel Smith's profile image

rachel_smith_3138 shared a tip "This was a great, cute book! I picked it up and basically couldn't stop reading it, and stayed up to finish it."

Samantha Ricksecker's profile image

samantha_ricksecker shared a tip "Such a good book!"

sydney_niemerow shared a tip "Such a good book! It has wanderlust, mystery, adventure, and romance!"

Anna Louder's profile image

anna_louder shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. It has MammaMia vibes, so if.y9u like that movie, you could definitely like it!"

emily_b_4897 shared a tip "AMAAAZING story"

P'nina Haas's profile image

pnina_haas shared a tip "I loved Italy and depending on description could be a good read"

katrina_rose_8931 shared a tip "An amazing love story! I really recommend this one for teens"

vicki_weachter shared a tip "I thought the whole book was very good. I really liked that she found happiness where her mother knew she would!"

Brynnalli Whitaker's profile image

brynnalli_whitaker shared a tip "Favorite book of all time 🥰"

angelina_9627 shared a tip "I'm not sure, haven't read it yet. Prob liked it on accident 😁"

Lorelei Marsh's profile image

lorelei_marsh shared a tip "Saint anything by Sara dessen"

Erica Penate's profile image

erica_penate shared a tip "A good quick read, I finished it it one day. So cute and heartwarming, I loved Lina and Ren’s story"

Elle Guimbellot's profile image

elle_guimbellot shared a tip "Such a cute romance book"

Jenna Ageeb's profile image

jenna_ageeb shared a tip "My favorite book ever"

Kate B's profile image

kate_b_8019 shared a tip "The perfect beach or rainy day read. Finished it in a day, just a fun, feel good book."

Ashley Lopez's profile image

ashley_lopez_5236 shared a tip "This book was so sweet. It just made me feel so happy as if I didn’t have a care in the world."

Rhyanna Johnson's profile image

rhyanna_johnson shared a tip "It was so good I just couldn’t put down"

Ada R's profile image

ada_r shared a tip "I really enjoyed this book! I think it’s a great summer read. I read it all in one day!"

Hannah Harhausen's profile image

hannah_harhausen shared a tip "LOVED THIS BOOK! It makes me want to travel the world and fall in love! So amazing!"

Emily Hartson's profile image

emily_hartson shared a tip "Read it in a day, such a fun story."

Emily Hartson's profile image

emily_hartson shared a tip "Read it in a day, such a fun story!"

Maggie 's profile image

katherine_brubaker shared a tip "Loved this book from beginning to end"

Miranda Epp's profile image

miranda_epp shared a tip "Cliche, but really cute. It’s a story that has a special place in my heart."

Jesse Hernandez's profile image

jesse_hernandez_4337 shared a tip "I never read anything from them I think this was part of my favorites to start me off"

Olivia Lee's profile image

olivia19 shared a tip "One of the best books I’ve ever read!"

Nicole Gutierrez's profile image

nicole_gutierrez_7235 shared a tip "MY FAVORITE BOOK"

Sydney A's profile image

sydney_a_1001 shared a tip "Truly one of the best books and I couldn’t put it down. By the time I finished I literally couldn’t stop smiling."

Mirena Zheleva's profile image

mirena_zheleva shared a tip "I want more Ren and Lina sooooo bad"

Saesha Marsh's profile image

saesha_marsh shared a tip "Good happy travel book"

Liv Bechard's profile image

liv_bechard shared a tip "I love traveling and this book had me reminiscing my trip to Italy, except love was included. I loved this book so much!"

Lina alshebli's profile image

lina_alshebli shared a tip "The main character has my name lmfao, good enough reason to read it for me."

shoshi_greene shared a tip "I cannot recommend this book enough! It is amazing."

Nicole Valencia's profile image

nicole_valencia_8970 shared a tip "Such a cute book! 10/10 Recommend!"

belize_combs shared a tip "cute, def meant for people like 6 years younger than me but a fun read. 4/5"

brittani_barefoot shared a tip "It was a good read summer adventure and falling in love"

secilia_rangel shared a tip "super cute & quick moving book ! super entertaining"

Aryanna Watkins's profile image

aryanna_watkins shared a tip "Ughh I loved it sm, great summer read!!"

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