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Now a streaming series in Summer 2022! Belly finds out what comes after falling in love in this follow-up to The Summer I Turned Pretty from the New York Times bestselling author of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (now a major motion picture!), Jenny Han.It used to be that Belly counted the days

Author Jenny Han

Pages 275

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2011-04-05

ISBN 1416995560 9781416995562


Google 4.0


Anna Wieland's profile image

anna_wieland shared a tip "This book had such a captivating story. I loved it more than the first. It made me cry and gave me all the feels."

Kendall Warwick's profile image

kendall_warwick shared a tip "4/5 ⭐️"

jamie_m_6236 shared a tip "Twenty-one."

love_book shared a tip "Listened to this. It was so good. I love this series 9/10"

Samantha McDaniel's profile image shared a tip "1000/10. again, reread it because i love this book series and the characters. i reread it in less than a day. so good <3"

Maria Hood's profile image

marialhood shared a tip "This book actually made me team Jeremiah, don’t know what happened I’m definitely a Conrad girl but…."

Elizabeth Castillo's profile image

lizzy_1229 shared a tip "This book made me team Jer… loving the pov in this series. Made me feel all the emotions of each character. 10/10 recommend"

Sabrina Perez's profile image

sabrina_perez_3759 shared a tip "4.5/5 Did Jenny go go writing boot camp after the first? THIS IS SUCH AN UPGRADE"

Natalee Grover's profile image

nataleegrover shared a tip "it was okay"

Count 's profile image

larpula shared a tip "SOOO GOOOD literally so good and set it up well for the next book"

Mia Eshelman's profile image

mia_eshelman shared a tip "Why am I so torn between these guys!!? Jenny Han does it again"

Amina Lasheen's profile image

amina_lasheen shared a tip "It’s an awesome awesome book I love it all I love how we had POV of jere"

Alianah Lands's profile image

alianah_lands shared a tip "3/10 again rushed and i feel thereby a lot of details"

awesome_user_78161 shared a tip "literally such a good book that had me entertained the whole time, there was never a dull moment"

emily wilkins's profile image

emily_wilkins_4424 shared a tip "don't like as much as the first or third one but still cute"

grier_531 shared a tip "not what i was expecting but so good"

Quinn Abdella's profile image

quinn_abdella shared a tip "I am currently reading The Summer Of Lost Letters."

24Melanie Szymczak's profile image

24melanie_szymczak shared a tip "Finished it in 4 days on a busy schedule! Stayed up late reading it I just couldn’t put it down #pageturner"

Melanie McMahon's profile image

melanie_mcmahon_7205 shared a tip "Yes definitely"

caraline_caldwell shared a tip "It just gave so much detail and understanding on the first season! I absolutely loved it!"

𝙰𝚗𝚍𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚎 𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚔𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚍's profile image

andalee_ shared a tip "might have liked it better than the first one/ broke me in two and then healed me"

emilee_murphy_1387 shared a tip "i’m also reading The Cheat Sheet by Sarah Adams it’s really good so far!"

mia_ahern shared a tip "Of course the whole series is so good read all 3 books in 3 days!!"

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hana_hayes shared a tip "Finished 6/17"

Francesca Christelle's profile image

fran_christelle shared a tip "Seriously started and finished the entire series in one month, heartbroken I'm done 😅"

Manjunadh Sivagiri's profile image

manjunadh_sivagiri shared a tip "I’m planning to start that book"

Heidi Rolfe's profile image

heidi_rolfe shared a tip "I didn't like it as much as her Lara Jean series, but still a fun read :)"

addison_1589 shared a tip "@turnergray1 This book is perfect for a summer read!"

flyerfly_star 's profile image

flyerfly_star shared a tip "how do i read it?*"

lily_6702 shared a tip "losing hope by colleen hoover!"

Donna Lupo's profile image

donna_lupo shared a tip "I'm a teacher so nothing right now. I'm waiting for summer! 😉"

hadia zahr's profile image

hadia_zahr shared a tip "honestly i cried a lot at the end"

Lillian 's profile image

lilliep22 shared a tip "I really enjoyed reading, I honestly can’t think of anything else to say haha 100% recommend"

Alexis Saar's profile image

alexis_saar shared a tip "I would say yes it’s been awhile since I read it but I think it started a little slow but it was good in the end"

Alexis Saar's profile image

alexis_saar shared a tip "There is 3 books"

raega shared a tip "pretty good i think. recommend. first one is better thi"

sophia_4525 shared a tip "Oh that makes me excited to read the series because I haven’t started it yet"

Mckenna Bradley's profile image

mckenna_bradley_1139 shared a tip "Team Jeremiah for life!!!!!"

Mrs.Holland 's profile image

brinlee_conger shared a tip "LOVE CANT WAIT TO READ THE LAST ONE!"

Ali Manwaring's profile image

ali_manwaring shared a tip "Sooooo good best book out of the 3!"

Audrey Herford's profile image

audrey_herford shared a tip "Yes"

Chiamaka Patrick's profile image

chiamaka_patrick shared a tip "Definitely! Any Jenny Han book is amazing."

caitlin_beckman shared a tip "the flashbacks😩😩"

Seoyoon Lee's profile image

seoyoon_lee shared a tip "Yes! For sure. I could not put the book down and I enjoyed it all the way through all three books."

Jordan Waffird's profile image

jordan_waffird shared a tip "I loved this series! I cried so hard throughout this one but it was a great book!"

Kristy Ferraro's profile image

kristy_ferraro shared a tip "Yes! A fun wonderful book to help you get ready for summer"

Hailey Helt's profile image

hailey_helt shared a tip "Yes, the whole series is very good. Jenny Han is an amazing author!"

Elizabeth Wong's profile image

elizabeth_wong_5102 shared a tip "Definitely, and if you enjoy it you can read the other 2 books. I believe it is a 3 part series."

Natalie Jackson's profile image

natalie_jackson_8597 shared a tip "Such a great sequel!! Heart breaking at times"

sarah_watwood shared a tip "When she goes to find him"

alexandra_nuccio shared a tip "It’s good for a cute summer read! I read it almost every winter when I need an escape from the snow."

awesome_user_173179 shared a tip "literally was sobbing"

zoe avant's profile image

zoe_avant shared a tip "it was amazing! the plot was so good and i loved the romance"

cindy !!'s profile image

cindy_guadalupe_mij shared a tip "this trilogy is actually so interesting. definitely recommend if you enjoy teen romance and drama. be prepared for plot twisters!"

emma!! 's profile image

emma_conway_1022 shared a tip "this book was so good i could never put it down"

Emma O'Connor's profile image

emma_oconnor_9569 shared a tip "perfect follow up to the first book"

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