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What if your roommate is your soul mate? A joyful, quirky romantic comedy, Beth O'Leary's The Flatshare is a feel-good novel about finding love in the most unexpected of ways.Tiffy and Leon share an apartment. Tiffy and Leon have never met.After a bad breakup, Tiffy Moore needs a place to live. Fast

Author Beth O'Leary

Pages 336

Publisher Flatiron Books

Published Date 2019-05-28

ISBN 1250295645 9781250295644

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Tera B.'s profile image

teralby shared a tip "So much fun and endearing too. Cheered me right up :)"

Sarah Isabel's profile image

sarah-bel shared a tip "Every chapter left me wanting more. Great read!"

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sam_4844 shared a tip "I LOVE this book cover. I think the first half of the book was a little slow but it’s so worth it"

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sam_4844 shared a tip "I love love love this cover SO MUCH! It’s so cute, and the story is just as good 😩 such a feel good romance"

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kellen_gondo shared a tip "Adorable, captivating, loving. Still crying ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

kristen_clark_6764 shared a tip "This started a bit slow, but I’m so glad I stuck with the it! Lots of great character development and endearing moments."

jennifer_lusk_2123 shared a tip "Loved this book. Everyone will want friends like Mo and Gertie."

Tess Thai's profile image

tess_thai shared a tip "The first book that makes me read all in one take! Love it ❤️"

cyndi_elliott shared a tip "Loved this story and the characters"

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grey.clouds shared a tip "Delightful, endearing, with just enough trauma bonding! 10000/10"

shannon_langlois shared a tip "Pure awesome !"

Samantha McConachie's profile image

samantha_mcconachie shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Elizabeth Andrews's profile image

elizabeth_andrews_1344 shared a tip "Sweet and quirky"

Mindy Lindquist's profile image

mindy_lindquist shared a tip "Listen to the audio and it was fabulous! Lovely characters. Fun story."

kate_pittman shared a tip "Yes"

Noelle Candler's profile image

noelle_candler shared a tip "sooo good! such a breeze"

mindy_parkin shared a tip "It is such a fun way for 2 people to find love by finding themselves and sticky notes. Great read!"

belize_combs shared a tip "really loved this one. the end was a whirlwind and I couldnt put it down. first 5/5 of the month"

Cory Gonzalez 's profile image

cory_gonzalez shared a tip "It's a fast read, well written, with plenty of comic relief, cute love, and a bit of emotional trauma."

sydney_niemerow shared a tip "I loved this fun take on a romance novel. Had lots of interesting side plots to keep me going!"

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stacey_king_1291 shared a tip "It took me a while to get into this book, but I ended up liking it."

lauren_bowen_7063 shared a tip "Love this book! Easy read and so fun!"

Sally Gallagher's profile image

sally_gallagher shared a tip "It is has the perfect combination of romance, humor, and overcoming past traumas. Loved it!"

gina_orlic shared a tip "It was slow build and charming"

Kelli Luna's profile image

kelli_luna shared a tip "Fun easy read"

Johanna Chu's profile image

grantie shared a tip "Fun and sweet. Great read."

TopazLight 's profile image

topazlight shared a tip "It has just enough angst and conflict. Kinda cliche but I like cliches."

megan_mclelland shared a tip "Loved it ! Such a cute read with some underlying heavy topics"

Hannah Phillips's profile image

hannah_phillips_565 shared a tip "So sweet and comforting, I wish I could keep reading"

Ariana Oj's profile image

ariana_oj shared a tip "It took a minute for me to get into it but it was a good read! I would read it again"

alexis_gallion shared a tip "read this in a night! so glad i saw the recommendation at my local library!"

Scarlett Estes's profile image

scarlett_estes shared a tip "Very cute book, would read again!"

Kelly  's profile image

audiobookie shared a tip "A very cute, romantic slow burn with lovably quirky characters and a satisfying end!"

McKenna Cash's profile image

mckenna_cash shared a tip "Such a sweet and unexpected story. I started reading it thinking it was going to have a stereotypical plot but nope!"

alexa_laza shared a tip "Lovely ,cute , romantic"

Earth (she/her)'s profile image

earthpenguin shared a tip "loved it :)"

julia_h_2945 shared a tip "If you hate someone recommend them this book or if you have trouble sleeping at night."

Nidrizzles !!'s profile image

nidrizzles_ shared a tip "Soooo cute. Good slow burn with no boring moments"

emma_tang shared a tip "4.5/5 ⭐️ the notes are too adorable"

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