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just here to do lil reviews for myself so I remember how I felt about the books I read - thanks for following along with my journey!


this one was cute! it has the brothers best friend and forced proximity tropes. there’s a lot of cute banter and obviously the texting aspect of it was cute! I like that the main character’s klutziness was sort of unraveled - it always irks me when she’s just klutzy as part of her personality with no reason. All in all - it was a cute and fairly spicy read! I enjoyed it!!

Mr. Wrong Number imageMr. Wrong Number image

Mr. Wrong Number

Books | Lynn Painter

OOOH christina lauren hits everytime!! this one is so different too! I love an adventure and this gave me everything! there was thrill! sweet romance! passion! ah there’s so much depth and it was so thrilling but also so sweet and AH - I love CL goodness

Something Wilder imageSomething Wilder image

Something Wilder

Books | Christina Lauren

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