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First of all, my review will not do this book justice. I was glued from the very first page, “Ask me not if God exists, but why he’s such a *****?” This entire tale told from Gabriel de Leon’s POV, at what is presumed to be the end of his journey. Blood paid with blood two fold, friends who become enemies and enemies who were friends all along. I think what I identified with the most is the initial perception of Gabriel’s loss of faith. Being a Silversaint was the closest thing to a purpose the Little Lion had and even then that was ripped from under him. After the amount of tragedy and loss he experiences it isn’t surprising that the greatest of the One Faith Order loses just that. But it’s an awesome journey to find that faith is really nothing more than what you believe in, regardless of what that is. The world building in here is PHENOMENAL, the characters are amazing and so deep! The aegis, ingenious! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time because I thought I would know and then I didn’t. I think my favorite plot twists for sure are Aaron, and Little Hellion, IYKYK! Nothing makes me feel happier than when a book makes my brain mush from 🤯 reading. This is by far from over, but I will most definitely be continuing this series, there are so many questions unanswered. Will this really be the end of a hero or the beginning of a rebel once more?? Where the hell does Gabriel really come from?? Where is Dior?? And best of all, Fabién who??? Happy reading!!

Empire of the Vampire imageEmpire of the Vampire image

Empire of the Vampire

Books | Jay Kristoff

WHAT???? What???? First of all.. que??? Wow I LOVE GIDEON, she is the embodiment of every millennial that is tired of living through historic events in one lifetime. She’s just a body in the masses that constitute the Ninth House, the Locked Tomb which makes up one of the Emperor’s 9 houses in his kingdom. They all have different skills to offer and therefore different purposes within the kingdom. But Gideon doesn’t care, she wants out of the Locked nursing home and in her attempt to escape for the umpteenth time her plan goes to hell in a bone basket weaved by Harrow. the Reverend Daughter with secrets deeper than the Locked Tomb itself, the it girl with necromantic powers unmatched. Once again, ruining Gideon’s attempt to freedom offers a sweet deal that isn’t really a deal at all. Help her answer the Emperor’s summon, become her second hand, her other half, and see her through the challenges she will grant Gideon freedom. So starts a battle reminiscent of Hunger Games as the houses all answer the Emperor’s summons. But through challenges Harrow and Gideon go from opposing camps to one team and we learn so much about them, why Harrow is who she is, and the mystery surrounding Gideon’s existence in the Ninth. My brain is fried because Tamsyn Muir really did me dirty in the best way. I cannot do this book justice in reviewing without spoiling, but I just want you to know that I cried, I laughed and thoroughly enjoyed myself reading this. I have never cheered harder for a redhead who with a skull painted on her face and aviator shades took on an entire empire with one flesh and one end.

Gideon the Ninth imageGideon the Ninth image

Gideon the Ninth


Whoa my heart.. I don’t know if I’m having chest pain or I’m so moved by what I just experienced I’m feeling feelings. This book, my goodness this story turned out nothing like I had imagined it would. Redarys all along felt like she needed the Wilderwood to help save her sister, not from the Wilderwood and the legends, but from herself. Eammon has been alone for so long he can’t even fathom the idea that he could use the legends he’s been fighting all along to help him with his heavy burden. Neverah, stood for nothing for so long being The First Daughter that in the end she got swept away by anything that would offer her a semblance of control, that she never had. I don’t think Solmir is the bad person we all think he is, Arick was just a tool for what I feel was a plan complicated by Kiri but, in the end I think he has “noble” intentions. The cliffhanger in this book is deeper and wider than the great canyon, and the plot twist with Neve, I LOVED IT. The writing is magnificent, the angst between Eammon and Red is so palpable that even my heart was racing. The theme so incredibly strong; love makes you sacrifice over and over no matter the consequence, and keeps you strong when you have nothing left.

For the Wolf imageFor the Wolf image

For the Wolf

Books | Hannah Whitten

It took me a bit to finish because life does what it does and gets in the way. But once again, TJ Klune broke me, in the best way possible. I’m sure after this, I’ll still be crying because that’s just how moving this book is. What can I say that hasn’t already probably been said about this amazing story. Wallace and Hugo, are the most beautiful depiction of love, loss, grief, sacrifice, hope and empathy. Together with Nelson, Mei, and Apollo, TJ Klune gives you a found family trope that will most definitely have you crying in a warm fuzzy pit of despair. It is very much the story of a man who learns to live after death, and a man who learns to want more of life because of death. A mother who gets closure, a girl who comes into her own power. A grandfather who stays through thick and thin. Oh Cameron, sweet sweet Cameron. Once again TJ Klune finds a way to put into words what humans are willing to do for love; not just romantic, but overall. Everything we do at the end of the day is powered by some sort of love. The beauty and power that love has to push us to change entire personalities and ways of life. To be there for one another, to helping each other regardless of the outcome because at the end of the day, isn’t life about the legacy we may have a possibility of leaving behind?

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Under the Whispering Door

Books | TJ Klune

WHAT??? A.. STORY! You ever experience something that gives you the urge, desire, and make believe that you can wrestle a bear? Because this is how I feel right now. First of all the pacific rim/handmaids tale reference, 💯 true and I loved it because I love Pacific Rim. Giant machinery being controlled by humanity for protection, sign me up, sans the whole life source depletion for some boy toy compensation. The feminine womanly rage, I 👏🏻 AM 👏🏻 HERE 👏🏻 FOR 👏🏻 IT XIRAN! I loved everything about Zetian and her will and determination to go out with a bang and take a crappy societal system down with her. The IMMENSE sacrifices that she has to make over and over feel so outrageous that I couldn’t believe things could get worse and then they would. Yet the Iron Triangle is strong, IYKYK, so I remain hopeful. I absolutely loved this, this is my first Xiran Jay Zhao but it certainly won’t be my last, I am eagerly waiting for the sequel to this epic tale. The plot twist in the end, WORTH EVERYTHING. I came for the cover, and stayed for the utter most gut wrenching badass tale of an empress in the making. I am giddy for the second one folks, I can’t recommend this story enough. Happy reading, especially if you’re a misogynistic man who can’t see the absolute value in a woman and her freedom, pick up this book and read something of actual value.

Iron Widow imageIron Widow image

Iron Widow

Books | Xiran Jay Zhao

How do I even begin to review this coherently even though my brain is absolutely scrambled right now? Red and Blue are adversaries who become so good at their respective roles within opposite warring fronts that they end up alone. Within that loneliness they find each other, and thus this amazing journey through time (literally) takes place. The writing is that purple prose that I definitely found confusing but eventually was able to understand the basics. The Agency, the Garden, their individual goals within the millions of time strands to further their own agendas, and their best warriors, Red and Blue, working against each other to accomplish them. Their rivalry leads to love that has the most ingenious way of showing itself. This is definitely a book I recommend going into blind, yes it’s a love story of sorts, but the way it is written, the way you get to understand and know these characters is like no other reading experience. It’s beautiful and magical and the first and third person POVs add so much to this story you’ll want to start immediately rereading it once you finish it.

This Is How You Lose the Time War imageThis Is How You Lose the Time War image

This Is How You Lose the Time War

Books | Amal El-Mohtar

I don’t know how Becky Chambers does what she does, or authors for that matter, who create worlds I’d never think of. But that’s why they write and I read lol. As always, we’ve learned by now, I’m a sucker for a good found family trope, and this story is no exception. Rosemary, in her attempt to escape her family’s ruin, just like Carol Channing in ‘2 broke girls’, finds herself aboard the Wayfarer, with an interspecies crew she’d never come across in her old life. Forging forward with nothing but her willingness to earn forgiveness she never needed in the first place, she finds herself exactly where she was meant to be. We meet the crew, Sissix, Ashby, Kizzy, Jenks, Dr. Chef, Corbin, and Ohan; and man we learn so much! This is a multiple POV book but not at all confusing, each POV just adds to the continuation of the story without repeating what you’ve already learned. The world building felt heavy at first, and I’d probably have to do re-read with notes to understand all the different species but honestly I still enjoyed the book, so much so I ordered the remaining 3 mid book. I once again love how ingenious BC is with inclusivity, and representation in her stories. She creates scifi worlds and lives and characters that exist beyond the social boxes we conform to now and I find it always refreshing. This story I would describe as mid-stakes, is that a thing? It’s a nice mix of plot and character development I highly enjoyed. Many times I laughed uncontrollably, and I also felt the hurt and despair for some of the characters, even Corbin, IYKYK. Can’t wait to see what comes next for the crew, will Jenks recover? Whatever happened to Toum?? Happy reading!

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet imageThe Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet image

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Books | Becky Chambers

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