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"A great book...a landmark in American literature."--Chicago Sun-Times Welcome to Derry, Maine... It's a small city, a place as hauntingly familiar as your own hometown. Only in Derry the haunting is real.... They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they are grown-u

Author Stephen King

Pages 1093

Publisher Signet

Published Date 1987

ISBN 0451169514 9780451169518


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jmeec316 shared a tip "How did It end up on this list, and how do I remove it?!? 🤣🤣🤣"

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bonnie_gabel shared a tip "My first King book. Scared the dickens out of me! Much scarier then both movie versions."

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zach_gallegos shared a tip "An absolute brick of a book, the book is significantly better than the films"

amanda_dalton_1993 shared a tip "I don’t read horror books but my husband does and this is one of his favourites"

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lyndon_bray shared a tip "Fantastic read! Horrifically descriptive and captivating! Especially love the time sequences when they are children."

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ghostie_gal shared a tip "Starting reading it but never finished…the writing was a bit of a drag! ⭐️⭐️⭐️/⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

bea_2061 shared a tip "Loved the book so much it scared the bajezzus out me and the movie the original and remake didn't miss the mark"

aliyah_gibson_6882 shared a tip "lol i'm reading the love hypothesis rn!!"

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cheryl_wooten shared a tip "Like most, the book is better than the movie."

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jayde_milligan-rodriguez shared a tip "Could not put the book down."

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julie_b_5706 shared a tip "Yep, made me NOT like clowns. Very much. A lot. Still."

sahara_wright shared a tip "The zodiac killer collection"

sahara_wright shared a tip "What about you?"

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alexis_smith_2854 shared a tip "All three of them"

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patrick_cuauro shared a tip "I watched the movie long time ago and the new one also, but I haven't read the book"

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samantha_knuver shared a tip "Ughhhhh!!! Stephen King is the best! So much detail and suspence!"

madeline_7014 shared a tip "I have seen the movie but haven’t read the book, my sister recommends it, she loves Stephen King!"

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mauricio_moreno shared a tip "Yeah but I saw the old movie before the book. I like the book more though. I wish they woulda added more stuff from the book."

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jolie_hoyle shared a tip "Yeah it was pretty great (I'm not too much of a stickler on book to movie differences)"

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amanda_novakovic shared a tip "I really liked the part where they were walking through the sewers to it's lair"

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daniel_bartholomew-poyser shared a tip "I did! Loved it!!"

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troy_pennock shared a tip "can you trust a clown"

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bee_morgan shared a tip "A hard read but a awesome book"

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cynthia_olecki shared a tip "Im a Stephen King Fan so I think Its worth it...good in both book and movie form lol"

chloe_herd shared a tip "I literally didn’t read this but it’s saying I did"

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oshen_apreciado shared a tip "This book has so many twist, and turns SO MUCH that I LOVE IT!"

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jamie_bledsaw shared a tip "It's a very long read but it's worth it. I suggest the hardcover copy so it doesn't end up tearing"

joe_goodman shared a tip "I personally don’t have one, except that I like the first half of the book better."

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josie_geary shared a tip "Very, very long lol"

lindsey_oliver shared a tip "The movies and the books are quite different. Books are a lot darker. Haha"

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sarah_bryant_1451 shared a tip "Probably the weirdest coming of age story ever written! For fans of King's Dark Tower series, a must read."

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reyna_rios shared a tip "Yes the first part"

crystal_eplin shared a tip "I personally think the book is better."

mackenna_kanzig shared a tip "YES! i love the original but the new ones are so sinister! 🤩 i love my scary movies!"

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krystina_hartigan shared a tip "Yes!"

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dumb_idiot420 shared a tip "Amazing! Its kinda long but if u have the time, differently check it out"

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larry_jones_8384 shared a tip "Pennywise permeates the pages, it's an amazing and horrific ride."

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Unweildyllama shared a tip "My favorite S. King book is the Green Mile"

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jasmin_munoz_5666 shared a tip "I love King's style of writing."

raymond_meoni shared a tip "Love him. Probably in my top 3"

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bella_armbruster shared a tip "Honestly just one of the best story lines of anything I’ve ever read. Both movie adaptations are wonderful as well."

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klowncorpse shared a tip "One of my favorites"

claudio_d._cabrera shared a tip "The best horror story"

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serenity_l shared a tip "Not really I liked the whole thing. I guess I haven't really thought about my favorite part.😁"

eileen_lestrange shared a tip "Amazing work from the horror genius."

brandy_wintemute shared a tip "Books are amazing!"

josh_man shared a tip "Yes. The ending of this book is very intriguing, and is worth a read. Only if you like horror though"

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gifted_scopes shared a tip "Better than the movies as it usually is, excluding the out of this world ending"

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nusrath_sultana shared a tip "I have! 😊 i prefer the classic one over the new ones that came out"

janna_raven shared a tip "Long. Lol. It's good though."

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margarita_agadzanjane shared a tip "Its close, I like movie because of actor who plays Pennywise. Book has more deeper details and description"

carmen_cantu shared a tip "Yes, it was good."

karina_garcia_6853 shared a tip "Richie :)"

jessica_venegas shared a tip "Absolutely terrifying 😳"

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martha_pinon shared a tip "Yes, but I haven't finished the book. Don't blame me. Some day thus year I will finish it. 😂👍"

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melissa_freeman_4595 shared a tip "..."

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m_a_1584 shared a tip "An incredible story you must read before you die."

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harlie_tha_graves shared a tip "A truly terrifyingly good story!"

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max_almaguer shared a tip "@sarahlong21 Brother by Ania Ahlborn is pretty good!!"

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kate_pearce shared a tip "It is fantastically disturbing in every way!"

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sophia_pappas shared a tip "I’ll admit I’ve only seen the movies but I have the book just haven’t read it yet"

april_diane_jones shared a tip "Very scary"

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merissa_clark shared a tip "I didnt have a favorite part i loved the entire book"

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nicole_rotundo shared a tip "It's really an amazing read!"

kim_noakes shared a tip "Still love it years after having first read it"

ann_saloum shared a tip "Pretty much the whole thing! I am glad you enjoyed it 😊"

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roseann_geib shared a tip "Johnathan Livingsto Seagull. Its older but its fantastic"

stephanie_connor shared a tip "Didn’t have a favorite part but I loved how it went back and forth between the past and the present"

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karen_larsen_7318 shared a tip "Yes, definitely 😉"

miranda_3466 shared a tip "Just finished Later, it was a great read"

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medicwife7714 shared a tip "I thought it was. It was long though. Needful things was my favorite King"

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crystal_johnson_5000 shared a tip "Anything really. Basically if it catches my eye I will read it. But Stephen King is my all time favorite author."

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mary_clarke_7988 shared a tip "It’s a classic it my book.... I just recently listened to the book and really enjoyed it as well."

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hannah_blood_3716 shared a tip "I'm actually just barely finishing IT right now! What about you?"

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megan_glover_9961 shared a tip "I'm enjoying The Stand a lot so far! Another one of Kings larger novels!"

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kalyn_davis_8499 shared a tip "I'm currently reading two series about the afterlife and wars"

victoria_pelton shared a tip "Part coming of age story, part science fiction horror lol I enjoyed it."

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raquel_martinez_2209 shared a tip "The Godfather"

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genia_graves shared a tip "One of my all time favorites by Stephen King is Under the Dome!"

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desi_carlucci shared a tip "I just finished imaginary friend which was crazy. I loved it."

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akapeaches66_daniel shared a tip "👍🏽Stephen King is brilliant. One of my favorite authors. I read IT when I was 14 yrs old 🤭"

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kalea_mcfadden shared a tip "I'm reading 11/22/63"

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tolga shared a tip "Well, I haven't really read a lot of horrors, but the Lorien Legacies (sci-fi) has to be my favorite book series of all time."

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michi_doane shared a tip "No favorite. There's just too many that I like."

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natalie_chiribao shared a tip "Np!"

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unprotectedlex shared a tip "it’s a slow read, but it’s a classic."

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tye_roberts shared a tip "Definitely"

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lily_3103 shared a tip "I loved the book An Ember in the ashes"

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michealia_vanscoy shared a tip "I am thinking about reading Stephen King's books again. I know I have forgotten so much!!!"

kim_7337 shared a tip "The silent patient"

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duck_lives_matter shared a tip "Buttyful"

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abbyyyy shared a tip "Yes! If you like gore this is for you! It may be long but it is worth it 😊"

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karen_hammerling shared a tip "It’s very good."