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Darth Skywalker



I've seen only 4 episodes and I never played the game, but jeez, it's a masterpiece. I recommend to watch

The Last of Us imageThe Last of Us image

The Last of Us

Shows | Drama

I am not a fan of this franchise, I prefer more mystical movies. But this is still good for any horror fan.

Halloween imageHalloween image


Movies | Horror

Nothing Wes Craven made can be bad. And this was made by him. 10/10 even despite it's obvious mistakes

A Nightmare on Elm Street imageA Nightmare on Elm Street image

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Movies | Horror

I watched this only because I had to play mean girls plot in my Episode appšŸ˜Standard teenage movie of the early 21th century. 6/10

Mean Girls imageMean Girls image

Mean Girls

Movies | Comedy

I am disappointed in the final part, but the first half was pretty good. 8/10

The Boy imageThe Boy image

The Boy

Movies | Horror

The best work of Nicole Kidman for me. Glorious. And good detective. And good horror. Perfect movie for the cold rainy evening!

The Others imageThe Others image

The Others

Movies | Horror

In my personal top list. A very good detective side. A very good drama. 10/10

Shutter Island imageShutter Island image

Shutter Island

Movies | Drama

I watch dramas rarely, and I may say, this one is a brilliant among them all. Worth to watch. 10/10

Green Book imageGreen Book image

Green Book

Movies | Drama

Love it with all my heart. Worth to watch 10/10

Catch Me If You Can imageCatch Me If You Can image

Catch Me If You Can

Movies | Drama

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