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Michael Myers escaped from the Illinois State Mental Hospital after 15 years of treatment for the brutal murder of his sister and has returned to Haddonfield to relieve his crime. What follows is a reign of terror. He came home for Halloween and may return.

MPAA Rating R

Status Released

Release Date 1978-10-24

Runtime 91 minutes

Budget $0.3m

Revenue $70m


TMDB 7.6


MovieWise 's profile image

MovieWise shared a tip "Celebrating it's 40th birthday this year! Catch the newest installment in theaters tomorrow!"

Abbey 's profile image

abs shared a tip "Cult classic spooky movie everyone loves 🍿 #horrorhouse"

Krista🎱 's profile image

radicalkrista shared a tip "my favorite of all time."

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "I was scared to death after seeing Halloween"

Zach Gallegos's profile image

zach_gallegos shared a tip "John Carpenters soundtrack paired with an instantly recognizable killer will always be a classic"

Patrick Murdock's profile image

patrick_murdock shared a tip "The first 2 are the only ones worth watching but the others they made are trash in my opinion haha"

James 's profile image

james_9089 shared a tip "An awesome movie!"

Benny Torres's profile image

benny_torres shared a tip "First movie that had me checking the closets and under the bed. Original is the best."

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Joker2E shared a tip "Michael Myers is my favorite amongst the definitive 70s/80s horror villains."

WhiteyVanDam 's profile image

whiteyvandam shared a tip "My favorite horror Franchise"

Kristin 's profile image

kristinl shared a tip "I don’t think I’ve actually seen this original one? It moves slow."

Sara Clements's profile image

saraclements shared a tip "I watched this for the first time tonight 😱 The hype is real!"

Tom Clews's profile image

tom_clews shared a tip "Love this movie 🎦 wasn't crazy about the 2nd one tho 🤔"

i love harry styles's profile image

clara- shared a tip "wasnt scary whatsoever the music was the only part that made it remotely scary"

i love harry styles's profile image

clara- shared a tip "still liked it though"

Dawn Currie's profile image

dawn_currie shared a tip "🤩🥰"

Jim Hancock's profile image

jim_hancock shared a tip "The gold standard for horror movies!"

Greg Elder's profile image

greg_elder shared a tip "Classic, always puts me in the mood for the month of October.!"

Cari DeLaCruz's profile image

cari_delacruz shared a tip "Halloween movies will always be one of my all-time favorites!"

N. Mortensen's profile image

n._mortensen shared a tip "I finally got to watch this classic"

Zachary Skiff's profile image

zachary_skiff shared a tip "The 4th"

Katy Clauer's profile image

katy_clauer shared a tip "Definitely the original!!! Classic horror from the late seventies."

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kate_dulny shared a tip "CLASSIC"

Jordan Marshall's profile image

jordan_marshall_5352 shared a tip "Total classic"

Justine Porter's profile image

justine_porter_8531 shared a tip "So much creepier than any monster movie could ever be"

chris_2482 shared a tip "The Scream franchise is a great slasher and whodunnit series 👍🏻"

chris_2482 shared a tip "A classic from beginning to end!"

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "I loved it"

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bee_spirit shared a tip "Probably the greatest horror film."

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Nelski14 shared a tip "it's a fun slasher film"

Nick Arquette's profile image

nick_arquette shared a tip "Very atmospheric. A slow burn slasher."

Callie Watford's profile image

callie_watford shared a tip "It’s a classic and I watch it every October to start off my spooky season 🥰"

Naydja Wren's profile image

naydja_wren_3695 shared a tip "One of my favorites"

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richard_5034 shared a tip "The first one was always the best"

amanda_hysinger shared a tip "Ive watched this movie so many times. And I tryin watch it on Halloween night too."

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caroline_corbett shared a tip "Very classic"

Zachary Craig's profile image

zachary_craig shared a tip "The original Halloween, or part 4"

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jasmine_y_5399 shared a tip "The first one is the best one, they are all good though."

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jeremiah_stanfield shared a tip "Instant classic favorite series seen them all millions of times"

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rikki_tlr shared a tip "80s horror"

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Jordan_Peele shared a tip ""Michael Myers. He's not even evil, he's just curious.""

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joanne_angulo shared a tip "Michael myers..my favorite"

sydney_meadows shared a tip "Classic. Aged well. Still scary."

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tony_carboni shared a tip "The original is still the best"

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denisha_reyezz shared a tip "I love it"

brisa_robles shared a tip "ONE OF THE BEST HORROR FILMS EVER‼️😫"

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hally_wiseman shared a tip "This is a CLASSIC. It’s super cheesy but the ending will have you on the edge of your seat. A must watch for scary movie fans."

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