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An American nanny is shocked that her new English family's boy is actually a life-sized doll. After she violates a list of strict rules, disturbing events make her believe that the doll is really alive.

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2016-01-22

Runtime 97 minutes

Budget $10m

Revenue $64m


TMDB 5.9


Annemarie Dupnick's profile image

annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

madeline_rodgers shared a tip "THE PLOT TWIST!!!"

chrissy_5700 shared a tip "It wasn’t the best horror movie, but it was pretty okay. I didn’t mind it."

elizabeth_stewart shared a tip "Did not see *that* coming!"

Robert 's profile image

another_yegian shared a tip "Great #twist . Somewhat predictable but enjoyable nonetheless. #greatacting but direction could have been better"

Caitlyn Evans's profile image

caitlyn_evans_9533 shared a tip "Really liked it!! Kinda gave me “Friday the 13th” vibes at the end"

danell_3826 shared a tip "Baby dolls, and apparently kid dolls, really creep me out. This movie was made for people like me. #dollphobia #horror"

Alecia Cunningham's profile image

alecia_cunningham shared a tip "A little predictable but still good"

Joshua Chit Tun's profile image

joshua_chit_tun shared a tip "Interesting, nothing is certain, after watching the follow up, you can't help but feel empathy for the characters."

mariah 's profile image

mariah_taylor_ shared a tip "love this one"

elissa_5827 shared a tip "If horror has a special place in your heart don’t watch this"

Jessica Daniels's profile image

jessicadaniels shared a tip "Creepy but good"

Regina 's profile image

regina1026 shared a tip "This was alright. The ending was both awesome and terrible at the same time. Worth a watch if your bored."

Aaron Urie's profile image

livialaurens shared a tip "One of my favorites! Didn't like the second one though. Wasn't very scary and not much happened. This one, though, is the bomb!"

Lisa Twigg's profile image

twiggyluvsyou shared a tip "Really keeps you guessing with solid scares and a good story. I will never look at a doll the same way."

Michena Jean gilles's profile image

michena_jean_gilles shared a tip "Really I need to see it"

chelsea_stanfield shared a tip "We just watched Case 39 last night ! It was super scary 👻 you should try it !"

Billy 's profile image

fuckingggbilly shared a tip "Showed this to all my friends they loved it. I watched this movie soo many times it's rlly underrated."

Fdubs 's profile image

smoothcookies shared a tip "Even though it was dumb it was creepy as hell and a good jump scare movie which I'm down with. Worth a watch."

Lina 's profile image

lina_belikova shared a tip "A great story with some unexpected twists"

charli b's profile image

charlibeth shared a tip "SPOILERS!!! yes the dude behind the wall was fine af really enjoyed this movie"

Merc. 's profile image

m__c shared a tip "All i know is that Brahms heelshire is fine as hell ,don’t care what y’all say keep hating.💯"

Leah 's profile image

leah_george28 shared a tip "Really good horror the boy 2 is good as well it’s on Netflix"

John Hammar's profile image

john_hammar shared a tip "Wonderfully awful movie with a twist - even as a seasoned horror fan, I was surprised."

jaz_1104 shared a tip "awful movie"

Emily Trujillo's profile image

emily_trujillo_7590 shared a tip "It was extremely good 2 is a little bit better in my taste"

smera_hajra shared a tip "Wasn’t even that scary but it was good at the same time. Gets you the chills"

Precious Atchak's profile image

precious_atchak shared a tip "I honestly don’t know"

squiddie 's profile image

squidward shared a tip "Not the general “scary/creepy” until the last 20 minutes of the movie. Nice to watch when you’re bored- having a lazy night."

lizzy king's profile image

kinglizzy shared a tip "Eeh"

Andie 's profile image

andie_7805 shared a tip "Apparently I have a thing for psycho men in masks"

Max 's profile image

xdevilsnight shared a tip "brahms heelshire my beloved"

Abby 's profile image

alexabbzzz shared a tip "Me and my friends loved watching this movie. Was “horror” but we found it funny!!"

Lexi Swere's profile image

lexi_2522 shared a tip "it was good but not very scary. it moved a little slow and the sun end was quite confusing."

Aracely Arzabala Cerda's profile image

aracely_arzabala_cerda shared a tip "Scary but not that scary I thought it was good"

valeria_murcia shared a tip "How can u see it"

Laura Cooper's profile image

Caterski shared a tip "Wonderful movie….had us on the edge of our seats!! #horror"

Esmeralda Cruz's profile image

esmeralda_cruz_8831 shared a tip "It’s good. I can honestly say that I did not see the ending coming 😅"

Stacy Anderson's profile image

stacy_anderson_8771 shared a tip "Woah the twist at the end!"

Alivia White's profile image

alivia_white shared a tip "Yes"

Harper Tyndall's profile image

harper_tyndall shared a tip "If you like dolls and scary movies It’s the movie for you"

M 's profile image

m_2441 shared a tip "A-m-a-z-i-n-g! Its not those cliche movies very unexpected, great plot overall a wonderful scary movie."

Sn ow's profile image

sn_ow shared a tip "It's fun bit creepy"

Jordin Davis's profile image

jordin_davis shared a tip "Its a interesting thiller there is jump scares!!"

¡DKY0U 's profile image

Idkyoufriend shared a tip "This movie id reslly good ive watched it more than once!"

MICROWAVE Thibodeaux's profile image

microwave_thibodeaux shared a tip "One of my favriot movies@#horror"

Allie Robinson's profile image

allie_robinson_9642 shared a tip "Totally unexpected!!!"

Red Panda Lover's profile image

red_panda_lover shared a tip "My favorite horror is Sinister. I think it’s got a cool storyline!"

chas_8955 shared a tip "So creepy and a little predictable. Laura Cohn does a good job of getting the story across."

Marsha Campbell's profile image

marsha_campbell shared a tip "Uuummm! 😬 + OMG. Finally watched "The Boy" lastnight and was NOT disappointed"

Lindsea Barlow's profile image

lindsea_barlow shared a tip "supper good movie horror"

Ryan Mann's profile image

ryan_mann_2193 shared a tip "Quite creepy"

Andrea Yanke's profile image

andrea_yanke shared a tip "Surprise ending"

Karyn Sullivan-Frost's profile image

karyn_sullivan-frost shared a tip "Weird"

sofie_bruno shared a tip "I loved this movie and I loved it more when I played it for my friends and they got scared#Iguesstheydotnlikehorror #loved it"

Chris Morgan's profile image

BlackTee85 shared a tip "Liked this one"

ikey_babe shared a tip "Creepy AF"

Lori G's profile image

lori_g_3086 shared a tip "It's really bad, but in a way that I enjoy so much Ive seen it at least three times"

Angelique Tomlin's profile image

angelique_tomlin shared a tip "Date night movie"

jennifer_hartinger shared a tip "shocking movie. Didnt love it until the end"

mackenzie_oconnell_8537 shared a tip "A tad predictable but definitely a fun horror film. Wouldn’t recommend the sequel though!"

Arieanna Junco's profile image

arieanna_junco shared a tip "so interesting I rewatch it all the time! i love this movie great plot and everything!"

Meggon Cartright's profile image

meggon_cartright shared a tip "This was the first horror movie to legitimately scare me in a long time #twistending"

Holly B:)'s profile image

hollyann_bishop shared a tip "perfect family night movie, really enjoyed!! :)"

Kenneth Montfort's profile image

kenneth_montfort shared a tip "It was good and had quite an expected ending."

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