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The critically acclaimed, bestselling novel from Gayle Forman, author of Where She Went, Just One Day, and Just One Year. Soon to be a major motion picture, starring Chloe Moretz! In the blink of an eye everything changes. Seventeen ­year-old Mia has no memory of the accident; she can only recall wh

Author Gayle Forman

Pages 320

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2009-04-02

ISBN 1101046341 9781101046340

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Google 3.5


Diane Rodriguez's profile image

diane_rodriguez_3862 shared a tip "Yes and the movie is not bad either"

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teampurdue shared a tip "Such an incredible book!"

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taylor_reed_4824 shared a tip "I’m currently reading The Invisible Life of Addie Larue and love it so far!"

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landree_gifford shared a tip "Mine would have to be After for right now!"

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addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "Love this"

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tnde_kulina shared a tip "Loved the storyline."

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carli_wheeler shared a tip "It’s very relatable and the main characters strength is captivating!"

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lilzmarz shared a tip "i loved this book so much. i read it one day and couldn’t put it down. cried a few times but i still love it"

Dilan Clingmon's profile image

dilan_clingmon shared a tip "I think it has a good ending. I’ve read this book like 3 time. There is a second book to the series called where she went"

lissette_5634 shared a tip "not yet"

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evie_fortner shared a tip "Amazing for music lovers."

sabrina_6861 shared a tip "Yes definitely!"

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deleted_user_1619189240051 shared a tip "Yes! So worth it!"

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rebecca_williams_8577 shared a tip "My favorite has to be big girl by Danielle steel:)"

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camila_muoz shared a tip "It was an okay book."

lydia_sanchez_962 shared a tip "We are ok by Nina LaCour is a really good book, kind of the same vibe"

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andres_miguel_2239 shared a tip "I loved the whole book i couldn't find a fav part 😅"

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katie_foster_7490 shared a tip "Yes"

raja_hollis shared a tip "Um probably red white,and royal blue"

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ndeyesow shared a tip "I love her grandpa’s speech"

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leah_kate_norris shared a tip "Delirium trilogy!"

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mariam_a_9359 shared a tip "i had read the second book by accident before the first one so i already knew the ending before it even happened 😭"

autumn_3854 shared a tip "This has been my favorite book ever since I first read it in middle school."

dianna_barfield shared a tip "movie is amazing"

Cheyenne Zoldyck's profile image

cheyenne_zoldyck shared a tip "You're welcome! It's such a good book!! Definitely worth the read!"

jaycee_5489 shared a tip "Yes I do! She’s amazing"

samantha_schreckengost shared a tip "These books are heart wrenching and sweet! Absolutely loved them!"

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camille_landry shared a tip "I didn't saw the movie no, but it's in my project to do so!"

Jennifer Southall's profile image

jennifer_southall shared a tip "Not really. I enjoyed them all"

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "Amazing"

jaelynn_carson shared a tip "I’m actually reading Flowers for Algernon right now and I love it"

maria_gomez_5222 shared a tip "Definitely when her grandfather talks to her in the hospital"

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mary_rose_philipoom shared a tip "I just finished The Final Empire, the first book in the mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, it was amazing!! What about you?"

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ashlee_hitt shared a tip "Yes! There is another book where i went that follows up with this one!"

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jennifer_harper_6740 shared a tip "I haven't read it yet ."

tray_3660 shared a tip "Great book. Tear jerker."

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ja_nay_zee shared a tip "How about you! @turnergray1"

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melissa_barker_1269 shared a tip "Rated and Deep Fake"

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ria_brianne shared a tip "It took me maybe 4 days in between work and school. I recommend entirely"

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michelle_munoz_1695 shared a tip "Yes! The secret path - by Karen swan."

grace_jones_1141 shared a tip "I personally think it’s totally worth it!"

h_bell shared a tip "I haven't read much anime but I did enjoy Niel Gaiman's Snow, Glass, Apples and the series Fruits Basket"

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kassandra_cook shared a tip "I'm currently reading Dead Woman Crossing, it's a mystery book but I'm really sucked into it!"

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audrey_4553 shared a tip "😭😭😭 I love this book soo much but the tears that come with it are unnecessary 😭😭"

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alecia_jansen shared a tip "I would say it's worth it"

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vanja_pastor shared a tip "Totally! Similar to the movie :)"

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rachel_click_467 shared a tip "I enjoyed it"

makayla bennett's profile image

makayla_bennett shared a tip "I'm currently reading the twilight series. Im on Eclipse right now."

Carmen Lasala's profile image

carmen_lasala shared a tip "Just finished this one in a day ! It was pretty good!"

melina_martinez shared a tip "This was such a good book definitely reccomend"

Kayarrah Beaman's profile image

kayarrah_beaman shared a tip "Better! Duh in the movie she isn't playing and as a violinist I appreciate the little details in the book"

Mellymelness W's profile image

mellymelness shared a tip "Where She Went was fantastic follow up to If I Stay. Just One series was excellent as well"

kalaya_lou shared a tip "If I stay is probably my favorite"

Alexa HasLostIt's profile image

alexa_haslostit shared a tip "Yes, the movie is pretty good but I do think the book was a bit better"

Madalynn Morse's profile image

madalynn_morse shared a tip "I read it a long time ago but it has stuck with me. Amazing read."

emily_kephart shared a tip "Yes I have! I was crying like a baby!"

Ashlee Backus's profile image

ashlee_backus shared a tip "Its one of mine too!!"

kaylin_long shared a tip "Heartbreaking and beautifully written"

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danielle_mulligan shared a tip "It's too hard for me to pick a favorite!"

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alicia_hill_566 shared a tip "Very well written"

Esther Fu's profile image

esther_fu shared a tip "I really liked the sequel "Where She Went" a lot more though:)"

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joshua_franco_1085 shared a tip "It’s soo good"

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sierra_sherman_3165 shared a tip "Definitely the ending"

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samantha_miller_4959 shared a tip "Definitely the second book “where she went” that’s about all I’ve read from her"

zoe_galindo shared a tip "I liked how the author showed the relationship of not only the couple but between both the parents and her brother."

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rubi_n shared a tip "Starts off with a tragedy but then goes to become more then that. Definitely a great read!"

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deleted_user_1610694730783 shared a tip "Yes I do"

jillian_pittman shared a tip "Yes I would !!"

cameron_millett shared a tip "yes!! she has another series called “just one day” that is absolutely captivating"

Stephanie Pierick-Lewis's profile image

stephanie_pld shared a tip "One of the few books that made me BAWL at the ending. 12 year old me was obsessed with this"

lacey_sisson shared a tip "Such a great book, one of my favourites! It’s such a sad and beautiful story."

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rachel_robley shared a tip "Loved this book"

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rachel_robley shared a tip "I absolutely love this book"

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penelope_masley shared a tip "Not really.Any recommendations?"

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anya_hommel shared a tip "Yes it's worth it"

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anya_hommel shared a tip "Yes"

annastasia_muck shared a tip "Yes! It’s an emotional rollercoaster book"

Marlee Hall's profile image

marlee_hall shared a tip "We were liars, for sure"

Cassidy Kays's profile image

cassidy_kays shared a tip "I liked it, definitely made me cry though. It’s been a couple years since I read it though"

Elizabeth Yorke's profile image

elizabeth_yorke shared a tip "I think it is worth it, it really made me cry."

madelyn_von_ree shared a tip "It took me a day to read this the first time. I couldn’t put it down"

veronica_bolano shared a tip "I read it and it had me in tears at certain points but overall was a pretty good read."

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