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Fall in love with the addictive, suspenseful love story between a teenage girl and a vampire with the book that sparked a "literary phenomenon" and redefined romance for a generation (New York Times).Isabella Swan's move to Forks, a small, perpetually rainy town in Washington, could have been the mo

Author Stephenie Meyer

Pages 544

Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published Date 2007-07-18

ISBN 0316007447 9780316007443

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Zaira Acosta's profile image

zaira_acosta shared a tip "Looooooong slow read, but I liked it better than the movie tbh"

monika_9807 shared a tip "Surprisingly really good! I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did!"

Amber H's profile image

amber_help_1122 shared a tip "The movies were not very good but I enjoyed the books!"

Lily Wilson 's profile image

LilyWilson7 shared a tip "Yes. I love the twilight books there very good!"

lory zere's profile image

ellaluca shared a tip "cute, intriguing, entretaning, exciting"

VALARIE Huseth's profile image

valarie_huseth shared a tip "There’s a lot of secondhand embarrassment and cringe scenes but overall it’s a solid 8/10 since I like vampires."

VALARIE Huseth's profile image

valarie_huseth shared a tip "I also really like the six of crows book more fantasy and something a little different than what I normally read "

vivian_rushing shared a tip "I loved this series. I couldn’t put it down."

Bret Bannerman's profile image

bret_bannerman shared a tip "They were ridiculously friends were all calling me a teenage girl ha!"

Bret Bannerman's profile image

bret_bannerman shared a tip "Did you read "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer Catrina? Really good as well! They made it into a movie too."

Jesse Brooks 's profile image

Brookjesse23 shared a tip "Me to"

Lisa Gonzalez's profile image

lisgonzo shared a tip "One of everyone’s favorites, it is a great read."

Mia Mations's profile image

mia_mations shared a tip "It’s the best book to read if you what some dumb things this book isnt good I like it but no the writing is weak"

Bee Morgan's profile image

bee_morgan shared a tip "I've always felt that twilight is a great series mostly for bella and Edward's strong love"

Jessica Edwards's profile image

jessica_edwards_8114 shared a tip "You are most welcome"

Patricia Lee's profile image

patricia_lee shared a tip "I can't really say I have a favorite part in this book."

Jamie Parchman's profile image

jamie_parchman shared a tip "Loved these. It's easy to get hooked and there's a brand new book in the series. Mid night sun from Edwards point of view."

Sherri Maserang's profile image

sherri_maserang shared a tip "Family favorite #social_themes"

Book Lover's profile image

book_lover_9767 shared a tip "Loved the book! So far i am engoying the series! I'm currently reading eclipse!"

ani_maldonado shared a tip "I do have a few I'm re-reading because they were amazing. I'll make the list public."

April Poisel's profile image

april_poisel shared a tip "One of my favorites is Fire by Kristin Cashore. I can reread that book many times and never get bored with it!"

Harrison Taylor's profile image

harrison_taylor_3452 shared a tip "Intriguing piece! Love it ❤️"

Priya Jalhan's profile image

priya_jalhan shared a tip "isn’t it great??"

ellerie mcgough's profile image

ellerie_mcgough shared a tip "I read this in like two days. Loved it!!!"

kim robinson's profile image

kim_robinson_246 shared a tip "It’s always a guilty pleasure to read & re-read this series"

marla 🧸 's profile image

marlarios shared a tip "first person past tense! c:"

Madison Elrod's profile image

madison_elrod_4570 shared a tip "So good way better than the movie in my opinion!#romance #twilight #edwardcullen #bellaswan"

Mylure Diaz's profile image

mylure_diaz shared a tip "I loved how descriptive this book is, I personally loved the pacing."

Tay Aleigha's profile image

tay_aleigha shared a tip "After series is amazing"

v isprofessional's profile image

v_isprofessional shared a tip "I'm actually rereading one of my favorites called 'Please look after mom' by Kyung-Sook Shin!😌😌"

abby <3's profile image

LESBIANBARBIE shared a tip "this book was the original ofc it's the best"

Anna Brown's profile image

anna_brown_9558 shared a tip "it’s the perfect book for teenagers ages 13-17 if you like romance"

Peter Buck's profile image

bucklikethedollar shared a tip "should i be ashamed? yes. am i ashamed? also yes"

Anastasia Rose's profile image

sylvianarose shared a tip "Not as awful as everyone says it is but still pretty meh. It reads quickly though so I didn’t waste too much time on it."

Maile Duxbury's profile image

maile_duxbury shared a tip "just started this:) what are your thoughts?"

Haeley Deck's profile image

haeley_deck shared a tip "So much better than the movie"

Devon 's profile image

devon_frogtoes shared a tip "edward is hot."

Carol S's profile image

carol_s_178 shared a tip "As with most, the book is better than the movies. 😊"

karen_5190 shared a tip "I thought they were pretty good but the books are better. What about you?"

Sheridan Young's profile image

sher_bear shared a tip "Love this book!"

Kari Campbell's profile image

kari_campbell shared a tip "I love this wholle series books and movies"

Kasey Harding's profile image

kasey_harding shared a tip "Yes"

Kimberly Rolen Nelson's profile image

tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Couldn't put them down!"

Faith Seed's profile image

faith_seed shared a tip "Definitely!"

Faith Seed's profile image

faith_seed shared a tip "Yes definitely worth it."

Diane Acosta's profile image

diane_acosta shared a tip "Pure mindless getaway"

Tiffany Rogers's profile image

tiffany_rogers_2655 shared a tip "I mean as a teenager I loved it. Honestly the movies were terrible but the books are quite good."

Julia Peticca's profile image

julia_peticca shared a tip "Cheesy vampire love. Can’t go wrong."

olivia_1043 shared a tip "This is a great book but i couldnt get thru the rest of the other books"

Maddie Ashburn's profile image

maddie_ashburn shared a tip "This book is so thick, but I finished it (and the rest of the books) in hours. I truly LOVE this book and this series."

kelsey_7979 shared a tip "Loved this series as a teen- And it is perhaps why I had such a skewed view of relationships 😂😅"

Lynleigh Dial's profile image

lynleigh_dial shared a tip "oh so worth it! such a comfort book for me !"

Sharon Ann's profile image

sharon_ann shared a tip "Loved the books"

Amy Sjoquist's profile image

amy_sjoquist shared a tip "Guilty pleasure"

parker_7864 shared a tip "Jacob Black"

Tanishia Patriquin's profile image

tanishia_patriquin shared a tip "I think Eclipse was my fav book in the series"

Mad. Wal.'s profile image

mad.wal15 shared a tip "My favorite book of all time"

n o's profile image

n_o_1467 shared a tip "it wasn’t as corny as i thought it would be & it was a good first “fantasy” book"

Animal Lover's profile image

animal_lover_8544 shared a tip "Ya it is"

amanda_jones_6521 shared a tip "House of Earth and Blood is my recent favorite 😊"

Jasmine Ureno's profile image

jasmine_ureno shared a tip "It was so interesting and I love the dialogue!"

Cheryl Dale-Morrell's profile image

cheryl_dale-morrell shared a tip "It kept me interested and intrigued throughout …. The books were much better than the movies"

baleigh roberts's profile image

baleigh_roberts shared a tip "This book was a lot better than the movie!"

amy_finkhouse shared a tip "Well duh. I of course read this in my younger years. Ha"

Felix 's profile image

personwhoreads shared a tip "9/10 ^^"

briana !!'s profile image

bruizx. shared a tip "bruh how do I read it"

Dolly Garcia's profile image

dolly_garcia shared a tip "Yes love the series and the music on it"

Dawn Melanson's profile image

dawn_melanson shared a tip "Yes"

Tree F.'s profile image

PixelTree shared a tip "I feel like this book gets a lot of undue hatred. It’s honestly not too terrible if you can get past certain minor things"

Kiersten Pearson's profile image

kiersten_pearson shared a tip "Me too! I did watch the movies, they can be cheesy but I love them!"

dani_kerr shared a tip "I have...and this series, both film and book, are a guily pleasure for me."

Ellie Dorn-Hanson's profile image

ellie_dorn-hanson shared a tip "This book is amazing. It includes fantasy, romance, and even comedy!"

Kate Cusimano's profile image

kate_cusimano shared a tip "There's 3 other books (new moon, Eclipse and breaking dawn) and then the alternate viewpoint of this book called midnight sun"

Amanda Radford's profile image

amanda_radford shared a tip "I have only read the Twilight series. Im not familiar with her other work. But I like her style of writing"

Alma Balderas's profile image

alma_balderas shared a tip "I don't like Edward; he is very contradictory. However, the writing, the plot, the description-immaculate."

Jamie DaSilva's profile image

jamie_dasilva shared a tip "I've read all the books and they were pretty good"

Amanda Sanchez's profile image

amanda_sanchez_1064 shared a tip "Romance story and mythical creatures"

Sandra Funk's profile image

sandra_funk shared a tip "Addicted from the start"

Emily Bergeron's profile image

emily_bergeron_1574 shared a tip "I read the entire series plus obviously watched the movies. I enjoyed both!"

Deanna Avra's profile image

deanna_avra shared a tip "Definitely a guilty pleasure. Writing isn't very good but it's imaginative."

Zoe Lowe's profile image

peachyzub shared a tip "love to hate <3" 's profile image shared a tip "Yes! Read the entire series and watched all the movies. Great Series. #twilightsaga"

amelia_767 shared a tip "love the romance and anything with vampires, have read it 25 times lol"

alaina h's profile image

alainamarie_h shared a tip "two words : HELL YES!"

Rylee Zukovsky's profile image

rylee_zukovsky shared a tip "7/10"

luke_mattsom shared a tip "Loved every chapter!"

fiorella_berbergi shared a tip "A book that will make you cry and laughter with its ups and downs"

Jamie Orcutt Miles's profile image

jamie_orcutt_miles shared a tip "The first one"

Susan Dunn's profile image

susan_dunn shared a tip "I liked them all"

aubri_henderson shared a tip "Yes I have :)"

Tori Bentley's profile image

tori_bentley shared a tip "The first will always be my favorite"

Diandra 's profile image

diandra shared a tip "Yeah.. books are always better"

Stephanie Murphy's profile image

stephanie_murphy_279 shared a tip "I enjoyed them, but they do have their flaws."

Adrianne Sisson's profile image

adrianne_sisson shared a tip "I love edwardd"

Martia Brandon's profile image

martia_brandon shared a tip "Classic"

Daniela_ Rowane's profile image

Dancing_in_the_Rain shared a tip "Its good."

Ella Mcdonnell's profile image

ella_mcdonnell shared a tip "Amazinf"

Stephanie Rowe's profile image

stephanie_rowe_5338 shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SERIES SO SO MUCH! ❤️💜🖤"

Kendall Blanton's profile image

kendall_blanton_815 shared a tip "It was an amzing book, one of my favorites"

Summer Lewellen's profile image

summer_lewellen shared a tip "Intresting"

tania_sauceda shared a tip "I would have to say breaking dawn because that's where Reneesme is born"

Emily Niedzwiecki's profile image

emily_niedzwiecki shared a tip "@christian_coleman_8081 idk"

Thúy Phạm's profile image

thy_phm shared a tip "best for winter night ❤️ #twilight"

Mackenzie Reffitt's profile image

mackenzie_reffitt shared a tip "Probably New Moon!"

Breezy Friedman's profile image

breezy_friedman shared a tip "The Twilight Saga books are by far my favorite books I’ve read. I will always love them."

headmistress here's profile image

headmistress_here shared a tip "It was cool to read about the vampires and the love they shared."

Amelia Alger's profile image

amelia_alger shared a tip ""

Sarah Riggin's profile image

sarah_riggin shared a tip "So great!! Had suspense and romance all in one!! I would read it a thousand times🤗"

sharon_berry shared a tip "Loved this series!"

megan stone's profile image

stolace shared a tip "this book really drags you in, it has a hint of mystery, romance, and fantasy"

Cecilia Calice's profile image

cecilia_calice shared a tip "Great series! Kinda overrated though but it will never get old! 100% recommend if you want a good series to read"

Beth Shigematsu's profile image

beth_shigematsu shared a tip "Honestly I liked the all. The books are so much more detailed than the movies. (Though I did like them too)"

Candice Mack-Hillard's profile image

candice_mack-hillard shared a tip "Just the first!"

maddy_howe_8976 shared a tip "Read it my freshman year and loved it"

Dinah Donovon's profile image

dinah_donovon shared a tip "Embarrassingly..... i liked aspects... but im a sucker lol for startcrossed lovers. Hangs head in humiliated shame."

Great Douglas's profile image

great_douglas shared a tip "I liked the setting the most. Forks La Push is Pacific Northwest magic for me."

Jennifer Rowe's profile image

jennifer_rowe_5831 shared a tip "These are some of the worst books ever written."

Taylor K's profile image

taylor_k_140 shared a tip "AAA I CANT EXPLAIN MY LOVE!! <3"

Brooke Benally's profile image

brooklyn44 shared a tip "This is still my favorite world! I love Edward SO much!!!!"

Eve Huffman's profile image

eve_huffman shared a tip "I finished this book in two days. Everyone should read Twilight at least once in their lives."

Olivia Merten's profile image

olivia_merten shared a tip "Really nice romance book"

Katherine 's profile image

katherineg shared a tip "Please please please read it! I promise these books are soooo much better than the movies <3"

Jennifer Gistinger's profile image

jennifer_gistinger shared a tip "I loved this book and I loved how descriptive it was in almost every scene! One of my favorite romances."

DoodleCherry 's profile image

doodlecherry shared a tip "I love the setting, romance, and the fantasy! Awesome book! ❤️"

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