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For almost fifty years, Anne Frank's diary has moved millions with its testament to the human spirit's indestructibility, but readers have never seen the full text of this beloved book--until now. This new translation, performed by Winona Ryder, restores nearly one third of Anne's entries excised by

Author Anne Frank

Pages 283

Publisher Perfection Learning Pre Bind

Published Date 1993-06

ISBN 0812415086 9780812415087

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Shantalle 🥰's profile image

shantalle shared a tip "Important read. You can just feel the emotions permeating through the pages."

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mlhawkins shared a tip "Oldie but goodie!"

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auntcle shared a tip "In this list because the Holocaust was scary and horrifying"

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brooke_bertram shared a tip "It is an incredible story!"

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alexis_howard_2922 shared a tip "Do it probably one of my top 5 books!!"

cindy_e shared a tip "I just love the entire book"

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ayriical shared a tip "Most likely Hello (from here) a romance novel!"

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heather_s._6251 shared a tip "You’re welcome"

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joan_chenette shared a tip "A really great book"

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cassandra_corliss shared a tip "I have worn out several copies!"

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posey_simmons shared a tip "It's been a long time since I read it so I cant really remember certain parts of the book. I would like to re-read it though."

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missy_rathwell shared a tip "100% worth it"

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presley_lollis shared a tip "some of my favorites are “this is where it ends” and “between shades of gray”."

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emily_dingler shared a tip "I’m such a history nerd and this is one of my favorites!"

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bea__3584 shared a tip "yes"

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sabrina_hewitt shared a tip "The Diary of Anne Frank is such a good book. I think it’s definitely worth reading!"

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kayley_lynch shared a tip "Oved it"

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ava_mallar shared a tip "Yes!"

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isabella_deangelo shared a tip "No wonder it’s the second most read book in the world!"

leah_porter_2554 shared a tip "Hope you like it!"

kimberly_mayisela shared a tip "I am yet to read Jon Ronson - Psychopath Test. Looks like a solid read as well"

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talin_lopez shared a tip "Yes!"

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kiran_birdee shared a tip "I recently read American Gods! I recommend it!"

joanne_smart shared a tip "Yes!"

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r._quander shared a tip "Everyone should read this."

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karina_kryukov shared a tip "It's very tragic story 😔"

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emily_bell_1477 shared a tip "No problem 👍😊"

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steffy_1164 shared a tip "Definetly Circe and a thousand ships #greekmythology. What about you?"

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alcqueline_dixon-be shared a tip "I read this in book middle school. It is an amazing and sad story."

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maureen_mcneil_6255 shared a tip "Honestly I read it so many years ago I couldn't say"

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dominic_i shared a tip "Very sad and disturbing, but a must-read."

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nadine_pavan shared a tip "Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel"

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michael_emanuel shared a tip "No I dont think there will be."

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emily_marthaler shared a tip "Absolutely! Definitely a book everyone should read at least once in their lifetime."

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jacqualine_davidson shared a tip "Yes! Very good book!"

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mackenzie_marriott shared a tip "Recently I've been reading Hidden Figures and have been enjoying that"

zach_snyder_784 shared a tip "I’m currently reading “the water dancer” by Tanahesi Coates"

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aubrie_holmes shared a tip "Probably Lord of the Flies"

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merry_antillon shared a tip "I actually haven't read it but I like similar books. Right now I'm reading a fiction novel, The Hidden Flame"

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callie_fuse shared a tip "How do I read the book on this app"

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anna_mclemore shared a tip "oh, this is a must!!!"

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natalia_casper shared a tip "I am reading Leave Me My Spirit by Lawrence Lunt. Great book."

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aissatou_sall_1044 shared a tip "I like it all"

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elizabeth_tinsley_4465 shared a tip "I do not but there are book genre I do prefer more than others. I am glad you liked the book though."

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emily_baldwin_7754 shared a tip "right now i’m reading “how beautiful we were” by imbolo mbue. really enjoying it so far!"

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alwxyz shared a tip "Yes!"

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vashine_kamesan shared a tip "It made me realize whether it is the 1940s or 2020s, as humans our need for acceptance and belonging are the same."

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