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Enter the world of Homer's ancient Greece with the enhanced e-book edition of The Song of Achilles. This edition lets you further engage with this compelling story through video interviews with Madeline Miller and Gregory Maguire, bestselling author of the Wicked series, clips from the audio book at

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Author Madeline Miller

Pages 416

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2012-03-06

ISBN 0062201891 9780062201898


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kaitlin_buckham shared a tip "I love Greek mythology Re rights and the story was just golden."

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gabby_gonzalez_6832 shared a tip "Beautifully written, and broke my heart. Fell in love with Patroclus and the other characters"

lauren_welch_3430 shared a tip "It’s was poetic and consuming in the best possible way."

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megan_kehrman shared a tip "love ancient greek myths"

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anna_howe shared a tip "Broken. Left my heart shattered. Such a beautifully written book."

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sleepymp3 shared a tip "love love love"

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rainy_bi_sky shared a tip "ITS SO GOOD"

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iris_goode shared a tip "Literally amazing. Screaming, crying, throwing up."

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haley_keen_7094 shared a tip "I loved this book so much!!! It was a painful read and I cried so much but it's 100% worth it!!"

kt_2282 shared a tip "First read: Summer 2019"

shelby_2771 shared a tip "Absolutely beautiful. The words flow like poetry. Truly moving. I was enthralled."

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emily_collins_9333 shared a tip "Very!! Such a good read!"

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zoe_ash shared a tip "Honestly not really. Every part was just as beautifully written."

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pixeldreamss shared a tip "One of my first LGBT+ books ive read!! literally an emotional rollercoaster"

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shiri_dirisina shared a tip "SO BEAUTIFUL!! it was my first LGBTQ+ book and I absolutely loved it!!!"

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kai_clark_4471 shared a tip "I love this author, this book was beautifully written and it is truly good"


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bailey_wilberger shared a tip "the writing omg, also gay ppl😍😍 this book make me sob tho"

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beth_p_6027 shared a tip "This book will leave you wrecked in all the right ways"

siriaadi shared a tip "Probably when Patroclus was at the war camp and helped out the women there, I thought that part was really sweet."

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itzzmegigi shared a tip "ate"

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moonearth_7 shared a tip "Great book, had me in tears multiple times"

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stephanie_lopez_6592 shared a tip "beautiful love story & beautifully written"

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