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Shadow is a man with a past. But now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with his wife and stay out of trouble. Until he learns that she's been killed in a terrible accident.Flying home for the funeral, as a violent storm rocks the plane, a strange man in the seat next to him introduces

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Author Neil Gaiman

Pages 624

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2002-04-30

ISBN 0380789035 9780380789030


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godzilla_fan shared a tip "Its amazing"

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TireGoblin shared a tip "For sure!"

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eric_gwinn shared a tip "Neil Gaiman is truly a master story teller, everything he has written is worth reading."

katherine_atkins_4941 shared a tip "Right now i am working my way through the Discworld book by Terry Pratchett"

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debi_pettry shared a tip "Currently reading a Dean Koontz novel called The Other Emily but so far am not in love. What about you?"

betty_l shared a tip "One of my absolute faves"

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katelyn_tuttle shared a tip "I haven't read it yet, but it is on my list right after Norse Mythology. What was your favorite part? I canwait to read it!"

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sarrah_anderson shared a tip "Do not read this if you need to go to bed on time! As with many of his books, I could not put this down."

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tim_rhodes shared a tip "So I’ve been wanting to read this for quite a while now. The series is on Starz and it’s so good."

gail_k_3109 shared a tip "It's SO good!!!"

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alexandra_de_la_tor shared a tip "Ahead of its time. Overall great read."

amy_huntsman shared a tip "The audiobook has the actors in the series reading those parts."

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k_the_grey shared a tip "Shocking and engaging"

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lauren_palese shared a tip "I really love getting into a good series. Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey is one of my favorites"

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jeannie_babcock shared a tip "Stunning"

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bet_mcilreath shared a tip "American Gods is my favorite book, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is a close second."

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parker_butler_8342 shared a tip "I own it, but have yet to read it. My to be read list is soooo long."

deirdre_king shared a tip "My favorites change all the time! My recent favorite is The Nix. How about you?"

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julia_bordeaux shared a tip "Great book!"

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kunta_emory shared a tip "This book is a masterpiece of surrealism and magical realism."

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sacha_clow shared a tip "The Graveyard Book is so good! I definitely recommend that one."

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sacha_clow shared a tip "Yeah! It stays pretty true to the book as wel"

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luis_ledezma shared a tip "To me it started off slow but picked up to the point where I couldn’t put it down"

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w_ruggles shared a tip "Watch the book. Then the movie. Then the world."

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alainamnt23 shared a tip "From Mr. Phethean (4th favorite book)"

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robin_george shared a tip "Neil Gaiman is a master storyteller. Enough said."

joanna_1876 shared a tip "Do it! Loved it."

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angelina_hobbs_1271 shared a tip "Loving Night Shift by Kiare Ladner and I just read The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner- LOVED THAT!"

kristine_3583 shared a tip "I love it to!"

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courtney_hagen_6367 shared a tip "Oh it's fantastic! ❤️🤯"

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danielle_knutilla shared a tip "The house on the rock for the completely biased reason of being from Wisconsin but there are a lot of great parts"

bri_gasquet shared a tip "This is the book they got me into fantasy!"

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deborah_armstrong shared a tip "Wouldn't recommend, also in series of let downs"

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rachael_brown_1717 shared a tip "Neverwhere or The Graveyard Book are probably my favourites, but everything this man writes is gold."

claire_winters_1002 shared a tip "it was good, but sometimes the writing got more Pretty Vague than Nice Imagery."

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corinne_engle shared a tip "I've been on a Gregg Olsen kick"

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keena_graves shared a tip "I didn’t get to finish it sadly but I enjoyed the tv show adaptation."

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adrian_roybal shared a tip "I have seen the show. I do really like it. Casting is great in my opinion."

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ashton_koch shared a tip "Keep an open mind when reading this book and you’ll enjoy it much more"

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alexandria_doty shared a tip "Yes! Neil Gaiman has written tons of amazing novels."

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ed_crowder shared a tip "Magician Apprentice by Raymond Feist. I read the series every few years when I don't have anything new to read."

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NGenGal shared a tip "It's a fun read. I recommend it to those who like slightly more gritty fantasy novels."

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NGenGal shared a tip "I tend to really enjoy Neul Gaiman novels. I think that its worth it."

Lil-Farrah 's profile image

lil-farrah shared a tip "8/10"

erin_900 shared a tip "Such a great read"

rick_payn shared a tip "Intriguing look at old gods and the new."

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john_archuleta shared a tip "I luv Stephen King, Ann Rice, George Martin"

ammar_alammery shared a tip "Hello"

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nicole_gallagher shared a tip "Yes."

austin_4543 shared a tip "Kept me interested. Love mythology."

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isa_vril shared a tip "Yes he's great"

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lindsi_holmstead shared a tip "This book grabbed me from page 1 and I couldn't put it down for almost 100 pages. Love when that happens!"

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alyssa_sturm shared a tip "So fantastic I couldn't put it down"

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jason_williams_2560 shared a tip "I love this book. One of my favorites."

dsmyers shared a tip "Me, too. I actually listened to it. It was performed by several actors and it was wonderful!"

dsmyers shared a tip "Me, too! I actually listen to the audio book which was performed by several different actors. It was wonderful!"

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shannon_wheeler_7902 shared a tip "Yes very good and once you’ve read the book watch the show on Hulu! It’s so good!!"

ashley_bradley_2747 shared a tip "Creative, captivating, this was my introduction to Gaiman. He has yet to disappoint."

jessica_beatty_2624 shared a tip "Started off a little slow but SO worth the while read!"

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melissa_steele_1620 shared a tip "I really enjoyed it. Dark thrilling, and lots of twists and turns."

Larkin McBath's profile image

larkin_mcbath shared a tip "Totally worth it. Think old gods meet modern day and a fight to control the realm."

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sam_kenney_5467 shared a tip "The two that come to mind are Lost Gods by Brom and The Stolen Child by Donohue. Do you have any I should check out?"

jackill shared a tip "What I can suggest if you haven't read it try THE GRAVEYARD BOOK by the same author. And then try american Gods"

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kat_belman shared a tip "Yes! I think this book was great. It's interesting and definitely kept me captivated."

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rachel_armes shared a tip "I think it is, especially if you enjoy Neil Gaiman books."

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KaylaRA shared a tip "Yes, it's much better than the show."

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gibson_8536 shared a tip "Just the overall concept that the gods powers come from the worship/strength of belief how about you?"

Hailee Toohey's profile image

hailee_toohey shared a tip "100%!! I have never been disappointed with a Neil Gaiman book!"

T. B. Shaw's profile image

t._b._shaw shared a tip "mine too! pretty much anything Neil Gaiman writes, in my opinion, is gold 😁"

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orchiddragon shared a tip "Maybe I felt it was a little drawn out in the middle. I watched the show first so maybe I just got impatient."

Jeffrey Gordon's profile image

jeffrey_gordon_1677 shared a tip "Absolutely and the 10th anniversary audio book is great too."

rachelle_dillon shared a tip "Yes, it is a little odd but really interesting"

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danielle_grand shared a tip "Finally reading the first Last King of Osten Are book!"

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lilliahna_m shared a tip "I have a favorite book by each Author I love !"

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gemma_meadows shared a tip "That depends on what your looking for, I'm always reading many different types of books."

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aisha_rena shared a tip "I’ve read this 3 times. I really long it😊"

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judas_syal shared a tip "Very worth it. I couldn't barely stand to put it down"

tejo shared a tip "You’re welcome!"

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luna_tree shared a tip "I'm only half way through so far. No spoilers🤫😁"

Dove Teson's profile image

dove_teson shared a tip "It was good and kept me engaged."

tammy_6322 shared a tip "Anything this man writes - from comic books to children’s stories, all worth the read."

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mary_jo_eyler shared a tip "I’ve read this at least 3 times. Such an interesting concept."

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kayla_bowley shared a tip "I like it. It's kinda snarky and funny"

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armir_saraci shared a tip "I'm rereading The Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear. Any recommendations for books like American God's?"

Richard Blankenship's profile image

richard_blankenship shared a tip "First half+ is quick and steady, but slows to a slog towards the last 3 or so chapters."

January Muhlbeier's profile image

january_muhlbeier shared a tip "Honestly, all of the different Jesus' made me giggle the most"

Cynthia Sosa's profile image

cynthia_sosa shared a tip "I do! Goodnight Mr. Wodehouse by Faith Sullivan."

christen_blackerby shared a tip "It would probably be the scene where Shadow goes to the underworld, very trippy"

Kristi Ratz's profile image

kristi_ratz shared a tip "Absolutely! Whether you are a fan after watching the series, or just picking a book at random, this is a good read."

alexandria_jackson_6678 shared a tip "Mine too!"

Osmar Arredondo's profile image

osmar_arredondo shared a tip "Good book"

rey_guillen_9732 shared a tip "I’m reading the alchemist for the 5th time but I’m looking for a new book"

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