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From bestselling author Scarlett St. Clair comes a dark and enthralling reimagining of the Hades and Persephone Greek myth. Persephone is the Goddess of Spring in title only. Since she was a little girl, flowers have only shrivelled at her touch. After moving to New Athens, she hoped to lead an unas

Author Scarlett St. Clair

Pages 400

Publisher Sourcebooks, Incorporated

Published Date 2020-04-23

ISBN 0991132394 9780991132393

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megan_green_9650 shared a tip "Such an intoxicating read! 😅❤️"

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mac.xo716 shared a tip "Its a no for me."

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tina_skeen shared a tip "Really good modern re-telling of the story of persephone and hades.Great chemistry between the two characters. 4/5"

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emersun shared a tip "I really liked this! Its not a complex read, but it is definitely a light hearted read."

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gaby_baeza shared a tip "Swoon 😍"

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diandra_repato shared a tip "Love this retelling of Hades & Persephone"

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raiosdemel shared a tip "It’s the chemistry for me 😙"

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maricruz_romo shared a tip "It was beautifully written with such want and yearn for the characters. I highly recommend it!"

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morgan_cook_616 shared a tip "Obsessed"

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jessica_bull_2907 shared a tip "Most definitely!"

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marta_malugu shared a tip "Love it! The series so far is great."

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soft shared a tip "AMAZINGGGG READ IT"

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soarinsora shared a tip "Hades and Persepgine retelling, weak on plot strong on spice 18+"

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brooklyn_sumrall shared a tip "This one was a really good read 🥰"

raihannah_shuaib shared a tip "Only for the retelling but it is a slow burn. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being spicy but would you really call it spicy) it’s a 1."

josie_valerius shared a tip "Read it in less then 24 hours, SO super good, you absolutely can NOT put it down"

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angelbb shared a tip "******* amazing and I’m in love w hades"

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stephanie_mason_8186 shared a tip "I would let the god of the underworld play cards with me any day! #touchofdarkness #hades #persephone"

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jackeline_rousseau shared a tip "So beautiful and addictive! 🖤🖤🖤 love it so much! A must read! @authorscarlettstclair"

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natalie_mott shared a tip "Super spicy but oh, so good!"

ashleigh_wall shared a tip "Obsessed with this rendition of the story. #greekgods"

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samantha_foster_1858 shared a tip "Read the whole book in 3 and a half hours. Absolutely delicious!"

myranda_lawrence shared a tip "Absolutely loved it!! Got super hooked! Currently on the 3rd book!"

bessem_ayuk-enow shared a tip "a spicy romance book that has the right amount of darkness. #darkfantasy #darkromance"

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makayla_boyer shared a tip "Finished this in 6 hours! I just couldn’t put it down! One of my favorite books!"

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sehej_anand shared a tip "absolutely loved it. this series is just >>>%"

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sadie_byerly shared a tip "the ****<3"

gracelyn_brown shared a tip "Lovedddd. Modern twist on ancient Greek gods. Forbidden romance is always the best kind"

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megan_steinberg shared a tip "These books are so good. I honestly binged each book a day a piece. Highly recommend reading this series"

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brooke_dragone shared a tip "spicy"

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olivia_naugle shared a tip "I love the modern Greek POV and the gradual realization of their love and hate through the book."

alexandra_earnest_1387 shared a tip "This book was HOT (5/5 on the spice meter) and held my attention so well. I’m in love with this!"

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heather_galvez shared a tip "Absolutely! I loved it!!"

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alexialove8 shared a tip "This book is amazing. Unmatched"

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sarah_rose217 shared a tip "i read this boom in one day! some parts took my beathe away! great read"

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taylor_snider shared a tip "10/10 did not want it to end."

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sara_kc shared a tip "I loved it 😍"

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kathia-henry_fulgen shared a tip "Quick read. Fun take on Greek Mythology"

☾ 𝔍𝔢𝔱𝔱 ☾'s profile image

jett_cool shared a tip "SO GOOD PLS READ"

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daylin_a shared a tip "Greek Mythology"

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zoie_glenn shared a tip "Best book! Couldn’t put it down! Love the modern take on Greek mythological history!"

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ashmoon shared a tip "This was such a lovely story. If you love Greek mythology please read"

kimberly_hartley shared a tip "I loved this whole series!!"

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ria_brianne shared a tip "A truly addictive story!!"

lostsouls shared a tip "Favorite series"

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alexandra_blanco_857 shared a tip "Little spicy here but another great take on Greek gods"

alex_1342 shared a tip "A game of fate is better"

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wendy_darling shared a tip "So beautifully written I love it so much"

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megan_gruendler shared a tip "An addicting read. Loved how this story based on Greek mythology takes place in modern day. So unique and spicy!"

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april_gatlin_1200 shared a tip "Book 1"

allison_5292 shared a tip "This book had me HOOOOKED OMG!!! 🌶🌶🌶"

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soupysammy shared a tip "I loved this book!! Omg can’t wait to continue reading the story with Hades POV next!"

kalina_hozeski shared a tip "It just sucks you in!!"

gabrielle_bishop_1389 shared a tip "different than my normal reads but I loved it."

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lily_dyas shared a tip "This book had me teeming with excitement!"

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Siasweetheart shared a tip "Hades. 🤌🏽"

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brooklyn_wullaert_2566 shared a tip "I’m a huge Scarlett St. Clair lover! Her books, especially A Touch Of Darkness, Is pure perfect! I recommend this very much!"

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alainna_3006 shared a tip "Great book if you love Greek mythology! Very nice romance series!"

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bella6672 shared a tip "One of my favorite reads it's so intoxicating and makes you never want to put it down 10-10 reccomend"

sophia_gillam shared a tip "One of my favorite books. Read it in one sitting."

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saige_brey shared a tip "steamy and had a good plot. greeks"

ava_8007 shared a tip "It is very spicy🔥"

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rouxsbookishpassport shared a tip "Spicy Retelling!"

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cori_ball shared a tip "It was a really good quick romance read!"

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julia_putnam shared a tip "Great #enemiestolovers book 🤩 can’t wait for the third! In the meantime I’ll be reading Hades’s perspective!"

miranda_gallagher_274 shared a tip "Quick read but if you like Greek mythology you’ll love this book!"

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emmaa0_0 shared a tip "LOVE IT!!!!! Couldn’t get enough!! Greek gods, sexual attraction that’s just 🔥 How this author writes is amazing"

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tiffany_turcotte shared a tip "Loved this fresh take on Greek mythology ❤️🌹"

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emely_eguino shared a tip "Absolutely amazing!!! So spicy, I love the retelling of hades and Persephone 🖤"

Celeste Bermejo's profile image

celeste_bermejo shared a tip "Modern Greek mythology that tells the love story of Hades and Persephone"

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heather_petty shared a tip "Having to do audio books. So hooked on this read ❤️❤️❤️"

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raeanne_hudson shared a tip "ugh it’s soooooo good"

Emma Trenchard's profile image

emma_trenchard shared a tip "Very well written and engaging, finished in 2 days. Definitely a little spicier than expected!"

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samantha_wall_2984 shared a tip "I loved this book. Its a fast read and it pulls on all the right strings. 18+"

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elizabeth_thibaudeau shared a tip "Its a quick read. A bit like spicy fanfiction, but still good 👍"

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samantha_brady_6282 shared a tip "So great! I couldn’t put it down. I’m a huge fan of Greek mythology and this retelling was fantastic."

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bella_7139 shared a tip "Fell back in love with romance and omg the tension in this book, impossible to put down"

hailey_paine shared a tip "I love a good Hades and Persephone retelling"

katelyn_2646 shared a tip "Oh so good. Sugar, spice, and everything in between!"

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mangoh2o_j shared a tip "Story line"

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marellariel shared a tip "#1"

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catherine_funes shared a tip "I am currently reading the last book in the Caraval series. Sooooo good"

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nicole_sur shared a tip "#urbanfantasy"

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nicole_sur shared a tip "#indie"

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ARO_15 shared a tip "I absolutely loved this book! :)"

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madisonnicole. shared a tip "Just finished it and it brought me out of my reading slump. Oh my god I could not put it down ❤️"

jessica_millien shared a tip "This was a great escape!"

abigail_lopez_8702 shared a tip "This was a beautiful retelling that I have read so far. It was very vivid and an easy read!"

madisyn_cruz shared a tip "🌶"

marrah_mitchell shared a tip "I couldn’t put this down! I love a good retelling of story we all know. Added bonus, Greek Gods"

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kelsey_674 shared a tip "Hades/Persephone modern love story while still sticking true to mythology concepts"

Brinley Mathern's profile image

brinley_mathern shared a tip "Great retelling and had me binge reading for 2 days"

none_none_8006 shared a tip "Omggggg sooooo good!!! Brittsbookyjoint on Instagram for my full review!"

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jasmine_mcclure shared a tip "I read this in 2 days! So good!"

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callie_lindsey shared a tip "I read this in one day and it’s spicy but also has plot :)"

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tammy_bergeron shared a tip "I loved the characters"

Leangelie Negron's profile image

leangelie_negron shared a tip "An amazing read, I devoured the book in a day!"

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christy_jessup_5857 shared a tip "Good read, finished it in a day!"

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anna_bourque shared a tip "I enjoyed this first book but honestly it just didn’t need to be a series."

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tiffany_lowery shared a tip "Loved it"

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