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An Instant New York Times Bestseller!If I Stay meets Your Name in Dustin Thao's You've Reached Sam, a heartfelt novel about love and loss and what it means to say goodbye.Seventeen-year-old Julie Clarke has her future all planned out—move out of her small town with her boyfriend Sam, attend college

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Author Dustin Thao

Pages 304

Publisher St. Martin's Publishing Group

Published Date 2021-11-09

ISBN 1250762049 9781250762047


Google 3.5


Skye Edelson-Bennett's profile image

skye_edelson-bennett shared a tip "This was a quick book but pretty sad. I enjoyed it."

Lexi💜 's profile image

lexi_taylor_9247 shared a tip "Very Sad , But very good read will definitely bring you tears"

Melissa Delva's profile image

melissafinally.reads shared a tip "I did not infact cry. Like I wanted too"

Emily .'s profile image

emyonina shared a tip "i love it so much but wish it mentioned tristan in the end :("

Bailee Allen 's profile image

bailee_allen shared a tip "Is this book good? Also does it have spice? I like fluff but I don’t like reading about spice"

Please Stop's profile image

please_stop_1788 shared a tip "It was kinda slow in my opinion but the end absolutely crushed my heart"

jiya_vakharia shared a tip "This book is so saddd"

Kaitlyn Fresh's profile image

kaitlyn_fresh shared a tip "Made me bawl my eyes out"

Mary 's profile image

mary_austinn shared a tip "I cried lmao 😭"

Kris 's profile image

apolluna shared a tip "dnf 18%. i think i just went into it thinking it'd be something different, more "process of grieving" sorts :("

Vivienne Bond's profile image

vivienne_bond shared a tip "Devastating ending, truly loved it."

riziki_venansia_5747 shared a tip "misss peregrines home for peculiar children is the book I am going to be reading next"

Violet Chase's profile image

violet_chase_3649 shared a tip "I really enjoyed just the story of how they talk about grief and loss."

Emma Jackson's profile image

emma_jackson_8981 shared a tip "This is a book that could be read in one sitting and will make you cry"

April Brown's profile image

april_brown_247 shared a tip "I wish I could get a second chance to say good bye. Sam just made the list fictional character boyfriend list but he die 😔"

Hannah Linder's profile image

hannah_linder_1515 shared a tip "This book is way too sad for me it hurts my heart!"

Sam Younkin's profile image

sam_younkin shared a tip "Sorry I just finished reading it just ends with us"

awesome_user_900107 shared a tip "It was an amazing book a lot of romantic stuff 😆"

Maybelle Arseneault's profile image

maybelle_arseneault shared a tip "The best book ever 🎧☁️"

Rebecca Breault's profile image

rebecca_breault shared a tip "So sad but I loved how she healed into the end"

Jenna Poworoznyk's profile image

jenna_poworoznyk shared a tip "Just a weird set up"

nikita_passmore shared a tip "This book was written beautifully"

Megan Switter's profile image

Fruity.Pineapple shared a tip "This is an absolutely incredible read. The emotions are so strong and will definitely make you tear up, it’s beyond worth it."

Megan Switter's profile image

Fruity.Pineapple shared a tip "#sadbook #youvereachedsam #booktok"

aly lou's profile image

aly_lou shared a tip "AMAZING"

Tea tae's profile image

tea_tae shared a tip "i liked the ending even though it was sad, but not my favorite read"

Kahla Morgan's profile image

kahla_morgan shared a tip "Ur welcome"

sophia4 ramirez4's profile image

sophia4_ramirez4 shared a tip "I do it's paper palace"

Aiselgi Jervoso's profile image

aiselgi_jervoso shared a tip "This book is the best thing I ever read it my life!"

elle adano's profile image

elle_adano shared a tip "I am going to read this after i’m finished a book i’m currently reading."

ericka_craig shared a tip "I loved this book but it was also very sad!"

Espy Diaz's profile image

espy_diaz shared a tip "This is an amazing story! It's definitely a tearjerker"

laurianne_laflamme shared a tip "I think my favorite book is "It ends with us" but I really liked this one :)"

Fariba Kazi's profile image

fariba_kazi shared a tip "November 9 and The Spanish Love Deception (atm^^)"

Ximena Ramos Bustamante's profile image

ximena_ramos_bustam shared a tip "Yes, my favourite book for now is The Unhoneymooners. Wbu?"

Angela Gaitan's profile image

angela_gaitan shared a tip "The ending is what mostly hit me. I sobbed and sobbed"

Laney 's profile image

lanee. shared a tip "Do you guys know how to read the book on here or you have to buy it online?"

Santarra Raposo's profile image

santarra_raposo shared a tip "I’m currently reading Safe Haven"

Erin Tipton's profile image

erin_tipton shared a tip "@chelseawrightreads right now I’m reading the Touch of Darkness series. Absolutely love it."

Alexx Montelongo's profile image

alexx_montelongo shared a tip "It was very emotional but very interesting to read, but over all I really loved the book"

ava_abbott_7960 shared a tip "oh i loved the whole thing. my favorite part might've been when sam lead her out to the field of wheat"

Maggie Hokanson's profile image

maggieslibraryyx shared a tip "This book was a 5/5 ⭐️ •emotional •raw"

ani_yeghikyan shared a tip "I read this book and it made me feel many emotions I recommend."

Layla🍦 's profile image

SKRUNKLE shared a tip "LIKED this book first time around but definitely not a book that qualifies for a re-read🤷‍♀️"

Jenely Martinez ferreras's profile image

jenely_martinez_fer shared a tip "Yea it made me cry 🥲"

nicole_cheek_9314 shared a tip "A tear jerker. But so good! Be ready to ugly cry."

vannariii shared a tip "Just finished this reading in one day. The ending left me in tears. Amazing story."

eduarda_ferraz_mart shared a tip "I have read this book it is very good but also truly sad"

Franchelis Alberto's profile image

franchelis_alberto shared a tip "i did but i’m not sure if i say it it will spoil let me know if you still wanna know?"

Dammy Omisore's profile image

dammy_omisore shared a tip "No prob"

tnan_seng shared a tip "I cried SOO many times reading this!! I totally recommend."

Katie💗 's profile image

awesamkt shared a tip "Oh my god. Left me crying right away… :( but still an amazing book."

Rachel 's profile image

itzrachella shared a tip "It’s been a hot minute since i’ve ugly cried to a book and this one was well deserving. Beautifully written"

andrea_ramirez_3991 shared a tip "AMAZINGG😫❤️‍🔥"

flore_3067 shared a tip "IT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER!I love it and it is very sad"

Andrea Gines Lagunes's profile image

andrea_gines_lagunes shared a tip "it was sad and i couldn’t stop crying while reading the last chapter"

Alexandra Kennedy's profile image

alexandra_kennedy_7726 shared a tip "A real tear-jerker! Cried all the way through for all the right reasons!"

Kk 's profile image

kk_9515 shared a tip "pulls at your heart strings. it made me cry at least 4 or 5 times. ❤"

V G's profile image

v_g_1956 shared a tip "Do you know any like it?"

muskaan_kat_7025 shared a tip "All This Time"

brielle_rae_everson shared a tip "I’ve never cried over a book so many times! It was amazing! A beautiful story a must read"

Lila Herman's profile image

lila_herman shared a tip "******* destroyed me"

Destiny 's profile image

destiny_4576 shared a tip "Its such a good book but i cried so much like holy ****- it hurt. I do recommend it though if you wanna cry-"

gillian_burden shared a tip "Oh my god this book if you need a hood cry please please please read this so amazing"

Abigail Dawson's profile image

abigail_dawson shared a tip "This book was so good! Glad I was able to start the year off with it"

kc_navarro shared a tip "It was a tearjerker and easy to read"

Breanna August's profile image

breanna_august shared a tip "This book absolutely wrecked me! I couldn't put it down and finished it in one day. Grab your tissues; you're going to need them!"

iliana_1409 shared a tip "Emotional and very well written one of my top 5 for sure"

Alyssa Pere's profile image

alyssa_pere shared a tip "How do you read this book I am new to this app can someone tell me plss"

Emma Thirsten's profile image

emma_thirsten shared a tip "This is such a awesome book!!! But soo sad!!! I wanted them to be together. But I do love the ending. 🥰🥰"

Emily Easler's profile image

emily_easler shared a tip "I thought it dealt with grief in a different way that I was not use to seeing. Made me care about the main character a lot."

Molly McLaughlin's profile image

molly_mclaughlin_1612 shared a tip "This book destroyed me. I was crying the entire time 😭"

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