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From the New York Times bestselling author of Rules of Civility and the forthcoming novel The Lincoln Highway, a story about a man who is ordered to spend the rest of his life inside a luxury hotel—a beautifully transporting novel. The mega-bestseller with more than 2 million readers, soon to be a m

Author Amor Towles

Pages 496

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2016-09-06

ISBN 0399564047 9780399564048

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Lindsay pedersen's profile image

Lindsay.pedersen shared a tip "The most rewarding fiction I’ve read in years. I’m envious of anyone who has yet to read it for the first time."

sasha fridlyand's profile image

sasha_fridlyand shared a tip "Beautiful language, and beautifully portrayed history of my people."

Ricky A's profile image

ricky_a shared a tip "Witty and humorous portrayal of a gentleman exiled in a Moscow hotel for years."

Anne Weiler's profile image

anne_weiler shared a tip "Modern history contained in the walls of an iconic Moscow hotel"

Michael Zumwalt's profile image

michael_zumwalt shared a tip "One of my lifetime favorite books about what it means to be a man with class."

Heather Woodyard's profile image

heather_woodyard shared a tip "It's a beautiful novel."

Krista Pappas's profile image

pappas shared a tip "Clever and wise an education in Russian history told through the eyes of one man - a gentleman. I loved it!"

Sunshine Mulligan's profile image

sunshine_mulligan shared a tip "My favorite book of 2020"

margaret_chaneles shared a tip "Amazing audible"

Mandy 's profile image

sober_mandy shared a tip "Amazing book! Wonderfully written, I was sad when the book ended"

Lucius Myer's profile image

lucius_myer shared a tip "It's a awesome story about a man sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life ."

Lucius Myer's profile image

lucius_myer shared a tip "Check out this website crimsoncodex.com"

julie kerr's profile image

julie_kerr_908 shared a tip "Loved"

kate_9483 shared a tip "I loved the characters! Looking forward to the miniseries with Kenneth Branagh."

Alex Popa's profile image

lexiipopa shared a tip "Soooo good!"

julia_carter shared a tip "Love!"

kelly_moyer shared a tip "Beautifully and intricately written!"

Elizabeth Aiken's profile image

elizabeth_aiken shared a tip "Also loved The Time In Between by Maria Duenas. Am currently reading Mexican Gothic."

catherine_appelbaum shared a tip "Honestly, loved the whole thing! Though I do love their meal conversations and the spying 😉"

Shirley Hoskin's profile image

shirley_hoskin shared a tip "Reading Kate Quinn’s “The Rose Code” ... what are you reading?!"

c._g._7370 shared a tip "Absolutely breathtaking."

Ally Brenneise's profile image

ally_brenneise shared a tip "That a man like this exists even in someone's mind gives me hope"

ameliaexlibris shared a tip "Delightful. Plot keeps you captivated"

Shirley Schwartz's profile image

shirley_schwartz shared a tip "Great historical fiction about the Russian Revolution"

k_burns shared a tip "Loved, loved, loved this book!"

Susan Akula's profile image

susan_akula shared a tip "I loved the book. The writing, the characters, the plotline, all were perfect."

Jordan Lang's profile image

jordan_lang shared a tip "So beautifully written! Loved this book."

mb_6499 shared a tip "This is one of my favs from last year. Definitely worth it!"

bill_updegraff shared a tip "The count is such a great character; I wish I could have stayed with him much longer than this book allows."

Sara Chang's profile image

sara_chang_9549 shared a tip "Yes! A terrific read!"

barbara_campbell_3403 shared a tip "Fascinating story of one former Person's life during the revolution."

Elise Martin's profile image

elise_martin_5681 shared a tip "This book was both tragic and delightful at the same time. My book club and I loved it."

Kaitlin Nolan's profile image

kaitlin_nolan shared a tip "Beautifully written. Captivating story and characters, kept me guessing."

dawn_mcgoey shared a tip "A beautifully written book and a most interesting main character."

Thomas Blok's profile image

thomas_blok shared a tip "Beautifully written story of courage and love."

Jacquelyn Davies's profile image

jacquelyn_davies shared a tip "A gentle and delightful book!"

Chance Lowe's profile image

chance_lowe shared a tip "Audio version is amazing!"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1603177509068 shared a tip "Extraordinary fella. This cat knows how to write a novel!!"

Nicole Wheeler's profile image

nicole_wheeler_3515 shared a tip "Soothing balm for the soul read"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1604524449471 shared a tip "Absolutely fantastic. Could be a top ten favorite easily"

i_h shared a tip "Truly perfect for quarantine!"

harry_kitter shared a tip "Great for quarantine."

cathryn_karmondy shared a tip "Characters were delightful, setting was so interesting."

Lunden Scheller's profile image

lunden_scheller shared a tip "Excellent book. I thoroughly enjoyed Towles literary style, historical accuracy, and language."

nat ladean's profile image

welcometo80stvbaby shared a tip "A little slow at the start. Than it becomes interesting as the book dives into "the gentlemans" hotel stay."

kay_nazarchyk shared a tip "I loved the character development in this book."

Jane Fritz's profile image

jane_fritz shared a tip "Outstanding. The best book I’ve read in years."

Clara Peck's profile image

clara_peck shared a tip "Great book, some funny moments that are just so pure!"

Lindsey Stevens's profile image

lindsey_stevens shared a tip "The authors writing envelops you from the first page. One of my favorite books now."

Kira noneyabiz's profile image

kira_noneyabiz shared a tip "My favorite book. Such a lovely read."

Mike Shields's profile image

mike_shields_4972 shared a tip "Beautifully written. Extensive characterization. A book for the ages."

laurel_voigt shared a tip "Wise, witty and thought provoking-must be on any list of my favorite books ever."

lizbeth_rowe shared a tip "My all time favorite book❤️"

christopher_whalen shared a tip "My favourite book of all time!"

Cathy DeGoey's profile image

cathy_degoey shared a tip "An interesting and pleasant read!"

Joy Warner's profile image

joy_warner shared a tip "Excellent writing, interesting story."

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linda_george_3869 shared a tip "Such a great book, well written, a joy to read."

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