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For fans of Love, Simon and I Wish You All the Best, a funny, honest, messy, completely relatable story of a girl who realizes that love can be found in many ways that don't involve sex or romance.From the marvelous author of Heartstopper comes an exceptional YA novel about discovering that it's oka

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Pages 432

Publisher Scholastic, Incorporated

Published Date 2023-01-03

ISBN 1338751948 9781338751949


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Dylan Thomas 's profile image

dylan_thomas_7132 shared a tip "A great book for people looking for more Asexual representation because we all now the world is rather lacking in that category"

Claudia Larsen's profile image

claudia_larsen shared a tip "I never really cry when reading books and I cried twice while reading this. I have never felt more seen and understood."

heather_runner shared a tip "I liked it for the most part, just got bored after awhile."

Victorisshook4 's profile image

victorisshook4 shared a tip "SO SO SO GOOD"

Vixen 's profile image

lightvixxen shared a tip "It was an alright read, nothing all that special. It can get boring at times but its nice when you have nothing else to do."

Ashe Silver's profile image

ashe_silver shared a tip "GAY GAY GAY"

FloatInSpace 's profile image

booklvr0 shared a tip "I recently read loveless and previously heart stopper. I was wondering if anyone else has read and loved these books :)"

Emily E.'s profile image

emily_e._7854 shared a tip "crazy good! I laughed a lot and nearly cried, connected a ton with the main character. it is just absolutely amazing!"

Khai 's profile image

The_Lazy_Khai shared a tip "Great Asexual representation with a side of angst, side ships, and acceptance"

Bethany Anderson 's profile image

bethany_anderson_2210 shared a tip "The book was extremely charector driven and growing with the charector has always been a favorite of mine"

Molly 's profile image

nina_zenik_545 shared a tip "So good, no words can describe how much I love this"

james_9811 shared a tip "Absolute banger"

zoe_reicher shared a tip "Just finished this and it is SO GOOD. Read it."

❤Anime❤ 's profile image

anime24_7 shared a tip "I just read the sample loving it already"

JAZ-A- RAZ's profile image

jaz-a-_raz shared a tip "This book was really great I really enjoyed the emphasis on friendship."

v Blair's profile image

dapperenby13 shared a tip "I will always be a Percy Jackson person, by fave is battle of the labyrinth"

Catherine Pellerin's profile image

catherine_pellerin shared a tip "So repetitive."

_shae_ shared a tip "Such good lgbtq+ representation, great for theater lovers as well"

Audgie 's profile image

audrey_montgomery_5877 shared a tip "Truly relatable for the LGBT+ community!! Especially for Asexuals and Aromantics :)"

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