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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER A Good Morning America, FabFitFun, and Marie Claire Book Club Pick “In Five Years is as clever as it is moving, the rare read-in-one-sitting novel you won’t forget.” —Chloe Benjamin, New York Times bestselling author of The Immortalists ​Perfect for fans of Me Before You

Author Rebecca Serle

Pages 272

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Published Date 2020-03-10

ISBN 1982137460 9781982137465

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Riahnna Whitley's profile image

riahnna_whitley shared a tip "Such a quick and easy read, and the ending will definitely surprise you"

Nalini Ramgobind's profile image

nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "This book certainly wasn't what I thought it was going to be: or how it would end."

daniela_urbano shared a tip "Romance"

Alyssa Praga's profile image

alyssa_praga shared a tip "3.5/5"

jolene_beaudoin shared a tip "Fell in love with this story.. you never know what life will bring you"

Madi Norris's profile image

madi_norris shared a tip "Best for when you feel stuck in life"

Rachael Grace's profile image

rachael_grace shared a tip "At the moment I’m stuck on A Good Girls Guide to Murder. It’s a pretty easy read!"

Antara 's profile image

antara_2051 shared a tip "I just finished It Ends With Us in a day!! Wasn’t able to put it down. What about you? I’m a sucker for a good romance."

Rachel Pederson's profile image

rachelpederson shared a tip "Story was interesting, but led up to a rather “meh” ending."

marcie_suter shared a tip "Good book, quick read and a twist at the end. This book has it all, growing up, falling in love, and falling apart."

Jacqueline Andrade's profile image

jacqueline_andrade_4468 shared a tip "Great story!!"

lisa_gulbin shared a tip "Easy read, well written. The author kept me engaged and connected throughout."

Kaitlyn High's profile image

kaitlyn_high shared a tip "Quick and easy read , the whole time I never expected that ending . Amazing !"

maya_b_7497 shared a tip "quick read, an amazing take on what true love really means"

Leigh Langton's profile image

leigh_langton shared a tip "Interesting take on traditional story telling and love."

Ashley Deichmueller's profile image

ashley_deichmueller shared a tip "Had a twist you don’t expect, still a great book"

Megan Finegan's profile image

megan_finegan shared a tip "Made me cry in the best way"

taressa_lacey shared a tip "I’m reading the Sanatorium right now. If you like thrillers, I highly recommend."

Taylor Walker's profile image

taylorwalker shared a tip "Such a good read that leaves you wanting more, the plot twists and turns slowly and then all at once. An intriguing, easy read."

lauren_bee9 shared a tip "9/10 absolutely beautiful. Turned out so different then I was expecting but in the best was. The best kind of love story."

Caroline Furman's profile image

caroline_furman shared a tip "Such an easy, quick read. Never boring."

Mandy Oriold's profile image

mandy_oriold shared a tip "Creative writing and a tear jerker."

Lauren Pellegrino's profile image

lauren_pellegrino shared a tip "It was cute, without being totally vapid. It wasn’t a page turner, but I enjoyed it."

amanda_hoyt shared a tip "Loved that the focus was on deep friendship."

Asher 's profile image

gayash777 shared a tip "It's an easy read, so if you're in a reading slump(like I was), I suggest picking this book up and giving it a go!"

Kelly Wullner's profile image

kelly_wullner shared a tip "One of the best love stories I've read. ❤"

Emily Martin's profile image

emily_martin_3767 shared a tip "Probably my top book!! Cried my eyes out and absolutely didn't want it to end."

Tori Smith's profile image

tori_smith_39 shared a tip "Very surprised by the ending. I was full of anxiety at the beginning. Glad it ended differently than it was set up to end."

Jennifer Cole's profile image

jennifer_cole_704 shared a tip "I really liked this one!"

miriah shared a tip "quick read, did not think it was going in that direction good book overall."

brooke 's profile image

brooklyn2949 shared a tip "so many twists and turns. it makes you mad and it makes you cry. but I love this book sm!!!"

Shima Escobar's profile image

shima_escobar shared a tip "Loved it!"

Valerie 's profile image

valerie_0928 shared a tip "This book was an amazing read I couldn’t put it down it is definitely a tear jerker and I give it a 10/10!!!"

Sarah Alexander's profile image

salexa shared a tip "Really great characters, amazing suspense and heart breaking storyline."

Taryn Reiter's profile image

taryn_reiter shared a tip "Loved it! It drew me in instantly, and the plot twist at the end, BRILLIANT!"

sarah_spence_9122 shared a tip "Very quick read. Didn’t end how I expected and left me wanting more!"

marlei_soderquist shared a tip "A tremendous book. Love, friendship, loss, forgiveness, but also mystery and sadness. Definitely a page turner."

Jaedyn T's profile image

jaedyn_t shared a tip "such a cute, heartfelt book. shows platonic love wonderfully. i always recommend this romance book"

claire_7576 shared a tip "Fabulous story of love and friendship"

Dayna Powell's profile image

dayna_powell shared a tip "This had me in tears at the end. SUCH a good book. Quick read as well."

Taylor Paget's profile image

taylor_paget shared a tip "The end has me feeling so many different emotions. I am speechless."

Amy Bélisle's profile image

amy_blisle shared a tip "Beautiful story, you might cry at the end.❤"

Sara Pretty Weasel's profile image

sara_pretty_weasel shared a tip "Enjoyed this book, didn't expect the ending. 3.5 out of 5 stars"

Michelle Low's profile image

michelle_low shared a tip "Amazing book. Read in one sitting"

Samantha Borgstede's profile image

samantha_borgstede shared a tip "10/10 great book!! I wasn’t expecting it to be this good and by the end i was crying so hard!"

Bruce Kuennen's profile image

bruce_kuennen shared a tip "Friendship between 2 very different women"

Lunden Scheller's profile image

lunden_scheller shared a tip "Nice, lighthearted book. Great summer read."

Missy Feldman's profile image

missy_feldman shared a tip "What a great book!"

Linda George's profile image

linda_george_3869 shared a tip "Beautiful story of friendship, heartbreaking twist at the end. Not what you expect, but definitely worth the read."

jennifer_hahn shared a tip "Yes I also read the dinner list by her and really enjoyed it!"

Kadence Stevens's profile image

kadence_stevens_8279 shared a tip "it was such a quick, but amazing book. it felt a tad rushed at some points but overall it was amazing and sad"

corina null's profile image

corina.crb shared a tip "It was so good. Like truly amazing."

Kyra D'Ignazio's profile image

kyra_dignazio shared a tip "SO SAD BUT SO GOOD"

kelalah_armstrong_8661 shared a tip "This book was exciting, sad, and ambitious. It couldn’t put in down!"

Cassandra C.'s profile image

cassce shared a tip "Have you read, Midnight Library, by Matt Haig?"

Victoria Pattemore's profile image

victoria_pattemore shared a tip "I finished this book in one day - was unexpected, left me in tears and I finished it thoroughly satisfied with the ending."

Kerry Hill's profile image

kerry_hill_6826 shared a tip "If you liked Me Before You by JoJo Moyes you will love this book! Such a good story."

valerie_harold shared a tip "Dislike is too harsh, perhaps it should be... thought it would be different"

that_david shared a tip "It's a good, quick read."

Eliana Palmer's profile image

eliana_palmer shared a tip "couldn’t put this book down. I’m obsessed with this author and her amazing story telling. one of my favorite books by far."

Jessica Weaver's profile image

jessica_weaver_5807 shared a tip "Wonderful, quick read! Recommend for women in their 20s and 30s who are wondering about life."

Hannah-Rose Margavio's profile image

hannah-rose_margavio shared a tip "My heart is just all over the floor"

Lindsay Martin's profile image

lindsay_martin_6240 shared a tip "Great book and didn’t expect it to end the way it did."

Sarah Beausoleil's profile image

sarah_beausoleil shared a tip "I liked it. A short read, but interesting and I really came to care for the main character. Emotional."

allie 's profile image

allie_g36 shared a tip "Overrated."

Meredith Rivera's profile image

meredith_rivera shared a tip "6/10"

hilary_wilson shared a tip "A quick read. Nothing too notable. 6/10"

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