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Anna had everything figured out – she was about to start senior year with her best friend, she had a great weekend job and her huge work crush looked as if it might finally be going somewhere... Until her dad decides to send her 4383 miles away to Paris. On her own. But despite not speaking a word

Author Stephanie Perkins

Pages 416

Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd

Published Date 2013-12-16

ISBN 1409579956 9781409579953


Google 4.0


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eloshik shared a tip "So underrated!! It sets the scene of France crazy well and has unique characters that feel real. <3"

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bella_huggins shared a tip "6/10"

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zoe_coble shared a tip "I accidentally read the other two before this one💀"

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angelina_byrd shared a tip "It was okay just nothing to write home too"

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claire_gaumond_stud shared a tip "Hello beautiful humans! Have not read this yet, but was told that it was appropriate for my age. What are your thoughts?"

victoria_torres_1433 shared a tip "Loved how personable the characters were. But was v predicable"

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the_kellyanna shared a tip "Really fun and good romance read but didn’t really like the cheating trope ⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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Romance_Obsessed shared a tip "This is the first book in this series and it’s amazing! All I have to say."

olivia_6982 shared a tip "Loved this book. The title makes it sound cheesier than it is!"

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rainyrainalouise shared a tip "This is the best bookj for a teen romance I HIGHLY rec. this was probably my favorite book!"

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mary_kate_759 shared a tip "Spanish love deception!"

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ryzelphillips shared a tip "I loved it because it gave us a taste of romance beyond destinational boundaries"

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holly_schwinn shared a tip "one of my favorites of all time"

Jamelle Apriliakova Mariano's profile image

ellemajx shared a tip "This book was great! It really made me feel like the protagonist ♡ Now I really want to go to Paris!!!"

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readingpaigelol shared a tip "cute romance , makes me want to move to france"

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isabelle_banu shared a tip "I just finished love hypothesis"

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melany_prez shared a tip "It’s not just about a sweet romance but the author tries to show you Paris, I have learn words and places, even history"

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ashley_becker_6227 shared a tip "I always change my mind when I find something new I really like but I think the ACOTAR series are probably my favorite books."

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leticiaherlen shared a tip "i absolutely loved this book so much. i felt like i was there with the characters. wanderlust!!!"

mayj shared a tip "This book is pure bliss!"

olivia_alberts shared a tip "Pls read this, I’ll pay you too! You feel like ur in the story and it’s the cutest little romance ever. #annaandthefrenchkiss"

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m_r_4662 shared a tip "Is the rest of the series worth reading?"

ashwaq_hersi shared a tip "YOU DEF SHOULD!"

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mollyme shared a tip "There are 2 other books in the series"

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ana_shamsi shared a tip "My favourite author is Brandon Sanderson, although Sarah J Maas comes close with the Throne of Glass series!"

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emilie_heller shared a tip "It's a very good book, I actually finished it in 2 days!"

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rachel_lily shared a tip "Love love love"

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lola_oconnor shared a tip "One of my all time favorites! Such a cute storyline and the characters were great!"

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rhyanna_johnson shared a tip "so good i couldn’t put down, i now want to go to a boarding school in france and get a french bf"

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katrina_camacho shared a tip "Amazing!!! loved it but now I want to go to Paris🥺"

marina_a shared a tip "Amazing book.Easy to read.100 % recommended."

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nicole_arnold_254 shared a tip "I love LOVE the book “Meant to Be”."

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sarah_liz123 shared a tip "Such a cute book!!! I loved the slow burn romance between St. Clair and Anna!"

kate_pittman shared a tip "Overdrive and paper"

kathleen_6703 shared a tip "It was a good read, but I've only read this book by her so I don't have a real grasp on her writing."

victoria_ruggiero shared a tip "really cute story line, i love the relationship between the main character and the love interest, it’s an easy read too"

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angela_colegio shared a tip "It was everything a romance novel could have. I absolutely loved it!!"

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violettclaire shared a tip "This book was fantastic! It totally captured romance and left you wanting more. I definitely recommend reading it!"

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lavender_paris shared a tip "It was a good book about this girl who has to go boarding school in Paris"

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angela_rux shared a tip "This was a sweet book & accurately described what it’s like to fall in love"

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blonde_29 shared a tip "Omg I have no idea but my friends say it’s the best"

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faith_jones_9533 shared a tip "Of course"

Faith Jones's profile image

faith_jones_9533 shared a tip "Of course"

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shayna_obando shared a tip "So good. It was the first book I've read in like...3 years?? And I finished it in 2 days"

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incognito_mode shared a tip "This is my kind of romance. I immediately fell in love with all the characters."

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greta_skeens shared a tip "Well I mostly read fantasy so I'm read a court of mist and fury it's the second book in the ACOTAR series"

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rajvi_devani shared a tip "I love the cute romance"

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lucia_sanchez_5305 shared a tip "one of my all time favorite books! so well written!!"

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kaitlingratia shared a tip "I read this book years ago and I still think about it. Such a great book about young love."

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sophia_o_9200 shared a tip "So sweet with lovable characters! Definitely will be a comfort read!"

ve-marie_822 shared a tip "I’m reading the series Caraval rn! It’s sooo good"

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cattayw shared a tip "My favorite book is currently “Four Days of You and Me”."

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anna_armstrong120 shared a tip "I love this book so much! The romance is perfection!"

vera_azuz shared a tip "4/5"

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madelyn_wilson_2681 shared a tip "I actually haven’t read it yet, sorry!! I have it just haven’t gotten to start it"

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julieta_garcia_8509 shared a tip "I loved this book so much, french romance is what anyone could ask for!! The best ending as well!!#annaandthefrenchkiss"

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emmy_s_8506 shared a tip "this is literally my fav book"

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