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THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   “Looking for a suspense novel that will keep you up until way past midnight? Look no further than Lock Every Door, by Riley Sager.”—Stephen King    No visitors. No nights spent elsewhere. No disturbing the rich and famous residents. These are the rules for Jul

Author Riley Sager

Pages 384

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2019-07-02

ISBN 1524745154 9781524745158

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Libby Staebell's profile image

libby_staebell shared a tip "This one was so boring until it had about 30% left. I was a bit disappointed for my first Riley Sager book."

Hailey 's profile image

mamegoma_theseal shared a tip "4 ⭐"

Kaylie Knox 's profile image

kaylie_knox shared a tip "This book is not what I expected it to be. in a good way,, lol, but it was really good."

LeeLoo Dallas's profile image

leeloo_dallas shared a tip "So far (45% in) good, fast read...mistery...should be scary...didn't get there yet..."

Samantha Ur's profile image

samantha_ur shared a tip "4.5/5 ⭐️"

Jhennifer Tavares's profile image

jhennifer_tavares shared a tip "Amazing, plot twists after plot twists"

megan 's profile image

megsalad shared a tip "8.5/10"

Jennifer Miller's profile image

jennifer_miller_7442 shared a tip "I read this book so fast! Great page turner thriller- nice twist! Definitely want to read more of Riley Sager."

chase_9439 shared a tip "Fast read was really good."

Jessica  Davey's profile image

jessica_davey_8097 shared a tip "It is not what you think, finished the book in a weekend"

Sarah Christine's profile image

sarah_christine_5028 shared a tip "Wasn’t my favorite, seemed like it dragged on without much action"

Sarah Duncan's profile image

sarah_duncan4 shared a tip "This author never fails to shock me! Each book is amazing and I never see the end coming."

Kelly McCone's profile image

kelly_mccone shared a tip "Great read. The setting is so unique and so is the plot line for me! Really grabs you and keeps you reading."

Rachel Shaffer's profile image

rachel_shaffer_4555 shared a tip "thrilling and enjoyable, and yet an easy ready. 4/5 stars."

Monica Puente's profile image

monica_puente shared a tip "I’m really liking this author, #rileysager"

Meg Hambey's profile image

MegHamz shared a tip "Awesome twists!"

jill_nolan28 shared a tip "Loved this book!! Did not expect the ending!"

Fdgh g r's profile image

jjghjjvv shared a tip "⭐⭐⭐⭐"

Jacqueline Ponce's profile image

jacqueline_ponce shared a tip "Great thriller!"

Hannah Rush's profile image

hannah_rush_5531 shared a tip "Probably my favorite from Riley Sager."

Sona G's profile image

sona_g shared a tip "I loved the ending"

Olivia Vose's profile image

olivia_vose shared a tip "CANNOT WAIT TO READ HIS NEW NOVEL! Just need to get through my August tbr. 10/10 an unbelievable read!"

Andrea Rasnick's profile image

andrea_rasnick shared a tip "This is the only one I have read so far."

Carmen Victoria's profile image

carmen_victoria shared a tip "I thought I had it figured out... ha!"

Elise Durand's profile image

elise_durand shared a tip "Riley Sager is definitely one of my newest favourite authors!"

Kahlan Lukacs's profile image

kahlan_lukacs shared a tip "#twists #turns #thriller #wild"

bonnie_davis_4017 shared a tip "Suspenseful"

Karlee Horton's profile image

karlee_horton shared a tip "This is a good fall/winter book to cozy up with! Mind blowing and thrilling!"

Brenna Roach's profile image

brenna_roach shared a tip "This one had me in my toes!"

Abbi Rockett's profile image

abbi_rockett shared a tip "This book made me feel so claustrophobic and I couldn't put it down!"

Amanda Boushy's profile image

amanda_boushy shared a tip "Decent book. Fast read and entertaining. Creepy but not scary with an unexpected ending. I would give it a 7/10."

Colleen Marie's profile image

colleen_marie_2843 shared a tip "Moved fast and so many twists and turns."

Lexi Jones's profile image

lexi_jones_1883 shared a tip "The twist in the story!"

Katie German's profile image

katie_german shared a tip "Pulls you into the mystery of the building and the twists are mind boggling"

Erin Edwards's profile image

erin_edwards_602 shared a tip "Good mystery and page turner."

Rose Butt's profile image

rose_butt shared a tip "A true page turner!"

Alex Pellikaan's profile image

alex_pellikaan_8694 shared a tip "This book got me out of a reading slump."

Liz Rhodes's profile image

liz_rhodes_3038 shared a tip "Love everything from this author!"

Jennifer Jones's profile image

jennifer_jones_9649 shared a tip "Yes. Highly recommend"

rebekah_2355 shared a tip "3.5/5. Very predictable from the very beginning, but still a fun read!"

Trinh Nguyen's profile image

pickledjalapenos shared a tip "I'm reading woman in the window right now!"

Danielle Tyson's profile image

danielle_tyson shared a tip "Pretty captivating, a little underwhelming in the end."

Julia Koster's profile image

julia_koster shared a tip "It was a fun weekend read!"

Sabrina Weber's profile image

sabrina_weber_4407 shared a tip "I hope you enjoy!"

zofia_trujillo shared a tip "So many! I love anything by Alma Katsu and Ruth Ware, although All the Light we Cannot See was awesome."

Jordyn Mara's profile image

jordyn_mara shared a tip "Read this in one sitting. SO. GOOD. And not at all what I expected! Such a good book - highly highly recommend"

Kassie Gee's profile image

chvmpgn.virgo shared a tip "My favorite books is: Final Girls by Riley Sager."

macy_mcdonald_5807 shared a tip "Too many plot twists to count!"

Danielle Hickinbotham's profile image

danielle_hickinboth shared a tip "Could not put it down! I needed to know what happened next."

nicole_riester shared a tip "Kept me engaged till the end!"

Haley Hill's profile image

hhau5 shared a tip "Audiobook was fun!"

SharonxMichelle 's profile image

sharonxmichelle shared a tip "This was on my list for a while but HOLY MOLY it was so good!!"

Holly Brooksher's profile image

holly_brooksher shared a tip "Loved this one, never saw the twist coming!"

Leah Elizabeth's profile image

leah_elizabeth_8723 shared a tip "great ending!!! This would make an amazing movie tbh"

aislinn_mcconnell shared a tip "Definitely worth it. I’ve loved every Riley Sager book I’ve read so far."

Lauren Robinson's profile image

lauren_robinson_9661 shared a tip "Favorite Riley Sager book! The twists were awesome !"


brittney_ewing shared a tip "https://www.mybotm.com/lokxg0w6s6h"

alex_prime shared a tip "4/5"

char_1655 shared a tip "Very quick and interesting read. Good mystery and satisfying end. 4/5!"

McCall Robinson's profile image

mccall_robinson shared a tip "It was slow to start but by the end I couldn’t put it down!"

maygan shared a tip "8/10"

Hannah Titus's profile image

hannah_titus shared a tip "So good! Kept me guessing the whole time!"

angela_mckirahan shared a tip "Pretty good suspense and plot"

angela_mckirahan shared a tip "I thought this was fairly decent. I would equate it to a ok lifetime movie so nothing earth shattering."

Kristin Wick's profile image

kristin_wick shared a tip "Am ending that I did not expect! A real page turner."

Julie Blair's profile image

julie_blair shared a tip "This book was amazing! I was shocked by the ending… if you’re considering reading this book, DO IT!"

Diana Hughes's profile image

diana_hughes_6388 shared a tip "I really liked this one. Somewhat disappointed towards the end but I couldn't put it down otherwise."

allyson_connary shared a tip "The storytelling was great and the cliff hangers thrilling."

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