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Mila Gray
A young woman fighting to protect her family from their violent father finds safety, and passion, with an ex-Marine in an “intense” and “unflinching” novel (Kirkus Reviews).Ever since Zoey was a kid she’s been caring for her mom and her little sister, defending them from her violent father. She’s been the strong one, the responsible one, as she sacrificed her wants and dreams to keep her family together.Now the new life they’ve built for themselves is about to be upended. Her father, just released from prison, has discovered where they’re hiding and come looking for them.Enter Tristan. A former Marine now serving with the Coast Guard, Tristian promises Zoey’s Marine brother that he’ll take care of them. Protect them, watch over them, and be the rock they need in their lives.And as Tristan accompanies them from Las Vegas to California—and helps Zoey deal with the emotional fallout of her childhood—their relationship turns from protector and protected to something more. The two grow closer as a romance blooms into a heart-pounding and powerful relationship that Zoey hopes will be strong enough to fight off the damage her father has done.But not everyone can be kept safe forever, and when Zoey’s father does show up, a confrontation ensues that will change Zoey’s world forever . . . “Steamy . . . Doesn’t let up.” —Booklist
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Mila Gray
Simon and Schuster
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1534442839 9781534442832
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