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THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER**THE BOOK THAT STARTED IT ALL, NOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES** “Eerie, beautiful, and devastating.” —Chicago Tribune “A stealthy hit with staying power. . . . thriller-like pacing.” —The New York Times “Thirteen Reasons Why will leave you with chill

Author Jay Asher

Pages 336

Publisher Penguin

Published Date 2011-06-14

ISBN 1101539925 9781101539927

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Google 3.5


Yonathan Asefaw's profile image

yonathan_asefaw shared a tip "Really intense and personal!"

Addie Anderson's profile image

addie_anderson_6277 shared a tip "4/5 way better than the TV series, in fact I couldn't finish the TV series"

annabel 's profile image

unofficiallyannabel shared a tip "i’m really into the After series. i’m rereading it right now! 💞"

Zhay Bryant's profile image

zhay_bryant shared a tip "Very sad this was an eye opener"

Deja E's profile image

deja_e shared a tip "It made my feelings seem valid while i was experiencing depression as a teen"

hailey_johnson_9885 shared a tip "yeah it was sooo good"

Hayley Holt's profile image

hayley_holt shared a tip "Most definitely! I have read it three times now. Just be aware it is NOT a feel good book."

keyana_perez shared a tip "I loved it! It’s so much better than the show and I loved the writing style"

Cynthia Marie's profile image

cynthia_marie_4050 shared a tip "The show is good, too."

Sully Eckeard's profile image

sully_eckeard shared a tip "'Not her Daughter' was a great read 👍"

Adrien Marly's profile image

adrien_marly shared a tip "My favorite book that I read recently was suicide notes by micheal Thomas Ford but my all time favorite is Harry Potter"

jacee_michaud_8798 shared a tip "Omg loveeeee it"

Kendall Powers's profile image

kendall_powers shared a tip "For the more mature teens."

Tatum Rain's profile image

tatum_rain shared a tip "This book is great but the show sucks, I give the book a solid 8-9/10 but the show is a solid 1"

Diane Thomason Bosse's profile image

diane_thomason_bosse shared a tip "Unfortunately it does not have a good ending 😕"

bella.danielle04 's profile image

bella.danielle04 shared a tip "I have yet to read more of the author’s books so unfortunately I can’t say I do."

chels. shared a tip "I love this book... so different for its time, but so relevant."

jenna_nimer shared a tip "YES I love it so much"

Grace Austin's profile image

grace_austin_6767 shared a tip "Stunning story, hits righy at home, between the way the two main characters see/saw the world."

Erika Arellano's profile image

erika_arellano shared a tip "Good question I'd probably have to say Hannah because I related to her so much"

sahithya varanasi's profile image

sahithya_varanasi shared a tip "Yeah, you should check it out. There's even a series on this in Netflix. :)"

alayna_mcelroy shared a tip "if you haven’t watched the show, read this first and then watch it."

kayla gardner's profile image

kayla_gardner_7257 shared a tip "I really sheds a light on bullying and the aftermath of suicide."

Samantha Nelson's profile image

samantha_nelson_3273 shared a tip "Much better than the show."

joyce_8750 shared a tip "Not for the faint of heart but it makes for an eye opener for parents."

Katie Fox's profile image

katie_fox_3546 shared a tip "Love love love the book... HATE the show not even comparable"

kalli_thomley shared a tip "Has to be dear nobody. It’s just so raw in what it has to tell! Or maybe even the book “after”."

Piper Lancey's profile image

jovonna shared a tip "Great book!"

Jade Weeks's profile image

jade_weeks shared a tip "The book is so so amazing. I will never ever endorse the show but this book is 100% worth the read"

Kaydee Hemsley's profile image

ka100118 shared a tip "Was good."

Shelice Murillo's profile image

syd_murillo shared a tip "It been awhile since I've read this book, can't recall anything particular that jumps out."

an awkward magical being 's profile image

an_awkward_magical_ shared a tip "it's different to see what can cause to a suicide and what happens after."

an awkward magical being 's profile image

an_awkward_magical_ shared a tip "@sarahlong21 the lunar chronicles and the goldfinch are pretty great"

Katherine 's profile image

katherineg shared a tip "I think I read this in like 2 hours. I could not put it down, I loved it."

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