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The captivating third book in Kiera Cass’s #1 New York Times bestselling Selection seriesAmerica Singer searches for her happily ever after in this swoon-worthy YA dystopian romance, perfect for readers who loved Veronica Roth’s Divergent, Lauren Oliver’s Delirium, or Renée Ahdieh’s The Wrath & the

Author Kiera Cass

Pages 368

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2014-05-06

ISBN 0062060015 9780062060013

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Google 3.5


Kendall Warwick's profile image

kendall_warwick shared a tip "5/5 ⭐️"

Haley Nash-Thompson's profile image

haleynt shared a tip "wow just wow. such a moving and amazingly written book"

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kayla_webb_8099 shared a tip "enjoyed the romance and the plot twists within the book"

Riley 's profile image

riley_8227 shared a tip "Definitely the best in the series."

elle mckinley strange's profile image

elle_mckinley_stran shared a tip "most likely towards the end of the book where America gets caught with aspen or when it’s the day Maxon is picking his wife"

Kate 's profile image

DancingDino shared a tip "I loved it all but probably when they FINALLY get married."

ashlee_christie shared a tip "Part of my favorite book series"

Allysa Lewis's profile image

allysa_lewis shared a tip "The ending was perfect! If i’m completely honest I shedded a few tears!!"

maleah lyons's profile image

maleah_lyons shared a tip "it felt like a lot of information was shoved into the end of the book.. kind of rushed.. still love it!"

Music of the Soul's profile image

musicofthesoul shared a tip "It’s like if you took the hunger games but made it the bachelor 🤯"

kayla_deblois shared a tip "One of my favourite books"

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jt_horlander shared a tip "5/5"

JT Horlander's profile image

jt_horlander shared a tip "5/5"

Kylee Metz's profile image

kylee_metz shared a tip "AMAZING"

Jenna Blake's profile image

jenna_blake_9916 shared a tip "The end made me so sad and happy st the same time. I love it!"

Diandra Repato's profile image

diandra_repato shared a tip "I did enjoy this book out of America's story. Curious to read The Heir"

Isabel Mendes da Silva's profile image

isabel_mendes_da_si shared a tip "Best book the trilogy has! I love it!!! It's so good 😍❤"

Jenna Lee's profile image

jenna_lee_3847 shared a tip "there was a quote in it that made my heart melttt"

sophia_lopes shared a tip "I am reading the grisha series!! The first book os called shadow and bone if you want to read it"

Caylee Culwell's profile image

caylee_culwell shared a tip "I loved this book"

Jordan Clark's profile image

jordan_clark_8282 shared a tip "Elite*"

marta 🌼's profile image

martusiazak shared a tip "@serenabaker an amazing read! i think i reread it like 3 times."

paige 's profile image

readingpaigelol shared a tip "great ending to the series, best book!!"

Kseniia Topchii's profile image

kseniia_topchii shared a tip "Loves this book and the whole series ❤️"

Nisha Kro's profile image

nisha_kro shared a tip "Definetely the part where Max says “break my heart, break it a thousand times, it was only ever yours to break anyway”!"

Gabriella 's profile image

gabriella_1470 shared a tip "Wasn’t as good as the first 3 books but still Amazing. Highly recommend"

ruby 's profile image

rubyjang shared a tip "I LOVED THE SELECTION SERIES. READ IT NOW!!!!"

brienne_schulz shared a tip "I really like "Daughter of the Pirate King" so far!"

Ava Hoger's profile image

ava_hoger shared a tip "Third book do the selection seeies"

Addison Donathan's profile image

addison_donathan shared a tip "In the series the one is my favorite but over all it’s between the divergent series and the selection"

lily_larson_3599 shared a tip "Romance"

kaycee_f shared a tip "So far my favorite book in the series! #bachelor#selection#romance #royalty"

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gabriela_ramirez_5221 shared a tip "AHHHHHHHH AMAZINGGGG"

nomi rey's profile image

jollyrancher.reads shared a tip "I FREAKING LOVE THIS SERIE AO CUTEE"

Mihreya Franco's profile image

mihreyaf shared a tip "Yess! There is a two book series called Grace and Fury which is I think a little darker but really amazing!"

Rosie Paulino's profile image

rosie_paulino shared a tip "Its a great book to read on a rainy day in a bunch of blankets"

Abbie Brooks's profile image

abbie_brooks_202 shared a tip "Read it! Just do it"

Corinne Hector's profile image

corinne_hector shared a tip "so much happened in this book! So far, this has been my favorite book of the series."

hanbah shared a tip "I absolutely love this book if your looking for a great romance!!"

April 's profile image

April1 shared a tip "Reading"

ruby_powell shared a tip "“ Look at me, America. Break my heart. Break it a thousand times of you like. It will only ever be yours to break anyways”"

Shannon McLeod's profile image

shannon_mcleod_2370 shared a tip "Favorite series!"

Hannah Ownby's profile image

hannah_ownby_9754 shared a tip "The best of the series!"

Imani Lee's profile image

imani_lee shared a tip "It was beautiful if anyone has any other books like this can you please let me know 🥺🥺"

Chloe 's profile image

chloe_5150 shared a tip "This was an amazing book that brought me both tears and laughter!"

Aveen Esma's profile image

aveen_esma shared a tip "But i like the part that they kiss in the rain too hope i didn't spoil anything 🥴🤭🤭"

Aveen Esma's profile image

aveen_esma shared a tip "Yes my favorite part is when maxon proposes to her and when they get married"

kate_kurz shared a tip "Best writing EVER! Probably one of my favorite reads!! I read it all in a day I just couldn’t put it down!"

Eden Martin 's profile image

eden_martin shared a tip "bmhbmhattiyliwoeytba….. if u know u know"

Alexis Stark's profile image

alexis_stark shared a tip "SO GOOD 10/10 THIS SERIES IS THE BOMB"

reece_dodson shared a tip "The favorite series in the entire world!! Recommend to everyone :))"

Julianna Nuzzo's profile image

julianna_nuzzo shared a tip "This was a great book. Possibly my favorite in the series. I wish Maxon was a real person because LORD."

Annika Halvorson's profile image

annika_halvorson_244 shared a tip "I read it in one day! SOOO GOOD!"

kara sansing's profile image

kara_sansing shared a tip "i LOVED it!!!! my favorite out of the series so far. first 5 star read i’ve read in a while! read it rn!!!!"

Mackenzie Sandor's profile image

mackenzie_sandor shared a tip "Everything about it. The love story, the royalty, the bachelor vibe"

Estrella L's profile image

estrella_L shared a tip "What was you favorite part"

jasmine_1116 shared a tip "The last few chapters though :("

Stacy 's profile image

stacy_5316 shared a tip "Best book series"

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