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Ok, this one is better than the last, although I predicted everything that was going to happen before it did (the major storyline parts). It just all seemed so obvious to me. Was the author trying to do that intentionally or is it just me being really perceptive? I prefer not being able to guess what’s gonna happen. Yet, I keep reading because I want to know if it actually happens as I predict. The story has gotten a bit more intriguing so I rate it a 3.5.

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Trigger warning for rape and sexual abuse. The story has a lot of foreshadowing to the point that you read and go, ok, so in 5 pages that’s what’s going to happen - the worst case scenario. Not enough, I didn’t see that coming to keep me on the edge of my seat, but still a decent read. Was hoping for a page turner. Still entertaining though. Hoping the next books in the series get better.

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I didn’t want to continue the series after learning this book wasn’t about Aren and Lara, but I’m sure glad I did! How is Keris and Zarrah’s story even more entertaining? When is book 4 coming? I need to know what happens next. I’ve now jumped into this world head over feet and will not be able to come up for air until I know. I like that Keris is clever and has good one liners. I like that their relationship is spicier. I enjoyed knowing the parallel story that was taking place before, during and after Aren and Lara’s. The world is so large and vivid now. More please!

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The Inadequate Heir

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