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A rare recording featuring Tolkien himself reading exciting selections and singing enchanting songs from the awesome trilogy of books whose literary light will never fade away.

Author J. R. R. Tolkien

Pages 544

Publisher Ballantine Books

Published Date 1955

ISBN 0345339738 9780345339737


Google 4.5


Sarah Brousseau's profile image

sarah_brousseau shared a tip "I tend to gravitate to Stephen King and Ray Bradbury quite often"

erin_8941 shared a tip "A book called "Kingdom of the Wicked" by Kerri Maniscalco. I just picked it up from the library"

isaac_rodriguez_3502 shared a tip "The illustrated man by ray Bradbury"

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jacqueline_kastil shared a tip "Of course! Who doesn't love Tolkien?!"

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supernatural_slythe shared a tip "That my dear is a very difficult question lol"

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sid_737 shared a tip "Currently reading a dark romance by H.D Carlton"

kait_durga shared a tip "Yes! My favorite book of all time is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. How about about you?"

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melanie_clark_5215 shared a tip "My favorite part is when Aragorn becomes King."

KyeLee Chapple Stubbs's profile image

kyelee_chapple_stubbs shared a tip "Best fantasy"

katy_8775 shared a tip "You won’t be disappointed by this epic tale. Definitely in my favorite top five for series."

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cassandra_brown_2560 shared a tip "Definitely, but its the last of the trilogy!"

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sierra_toole shared a tip "*Two Towers"

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chloe_kelley_4012 shared a tip "I absolutely LOVE the author. I very much admire J.R.R. Tolkien and all of works - especially The Hobbit."

robert_r_robinson shared a tip "Actually no favorite, really. Really prefer films now. Most text reading is non fiction now."

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nancy_2271 shared a tip "Book. I love the movie, but the book was always my favorite of the trilogy."

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hannahisreadingsomething shared a tip "5/5"

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taylor_macpherson shared a tip "Absolutely. Start with the first book though!"

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elle_maro shared a tip "Absolutely, but you'll have to read the first 2 books in the trilogy first. 😉"

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enjy_w shared a tip "Not sure"

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ellie_roots shared a tip "Fab"

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zoe_przybylowicz shared a tip "Him himself"

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zoe_przybylowicz shared a tip "Bilbo"

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erin_uli shared a tip "The entire Lord of the Rings trilogy is a timesless classic and a must-read for anyone that enjoys fantasy epics."

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imistyish shared a tip "Every part cannot reccomend enough"

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emily_barlow_8678 shared a tip "Yes I do.. he is a bit over detailing and it is a bit of a slow burning type but yes I've enjoyed this author"

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minka_liano shared a tip "Yes, great book. I love Jodi Picoult. She’s an author that I’ve loved everything I’ve read of hers so far."

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sel_fowler shared a tip "Yes, he writes several classic"

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sarah_smith_9864 shared a tip "The Loyalty and bravery of Sam"

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wendy_mabrey shared a tip "It’s not Tolkien but I’m currently loving the lunar chronicle series as well as the Thief’s apprentice trilogy"

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trey_morgan shared a tip "Currently I reading The Annals of a Nameless Dwarf"

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jonathan_west shared a tip "Malice is good by John Gwynne, opening is a little slow but it's worth it imo"

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geeker shared a tip "Its a tie between aragon and gimli."

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maria_iglesias shared a tip "Midnight Sun"

heather_francis shared a tip "Absolutely!!"

theamyrlin shared a tip "Absolutely! My favorite book of Tolkien’s is The Hobbit, but the LOTR trilogy is an amazing fantasy journey!"

kheny9_g shared a tip "Shadow of what was lost is up there!"

Holly Maharaj-Van Eerd's profile image

holly_maharaj-van_e shared a tip "Dragons of Autumn Twilight is my all time favorite novel"

sarah_dunagan shared a tip "It was my favorite in the series!"

mario_macarthur shared a tip "I also read the Children of Hurin by Tolkien as well, it was pretty good"

jeff_armstrong_8886 shared a tip "Yes, when Eowyn and Merry kill the Chief of the Nazgul! Yours?"

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jessi_gepson shared a tip "Absolutely! I will always recommend Lord of the Rings! If you do read, start with "The Fellowship of the Ring" or "The Hobbit""

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jeremy_d_2762 shared a tip "What's your favourite part?"

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william_howard_1046 shared a tip "Who me? College textbooks. 😂"

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nathanael_burks shared a tip "Gimli became one of my favorites, and I loved the slowly changing interactions between him and Legolas."

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courtney_sanchez_2587 shared a tip "Depends on the genre… overall I’d probably say East of Eden by John Steinbeck"

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samuel_wadsworth shared a tip "Such a great ending for an amazing classic adventure!!"

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lisa_vandiver shared a tip "The entire series is the BEST fantasy story ever told. No other author to date can match this master storyteller."

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hunter_franklin shared a tip "The scourge of the shire I wish we could get a stand alone movie just on that."

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jennifer_noel_9291 shared a tip "If you like the hobbit and lord of the rings yes must read"

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dakota_hammond shared a tip "Absolutely, this is just so beautifully written and well worth your time."

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golddustylady shared a tip "My tastes are eclectic. I’m currently reading The Book of Hope: A Survival Guide for Trying Times Jane Goodall."

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sarah_parker_850 shared a tip "It’s a great one!"

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