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The stunning Hunger Games trilogy is complete! The extraordinary, ground breaking New York Times bestsellers The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, along with the third book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay, are available for the first time ever in e-book. Stunning, gripping,

Author Suzanne Collins

Pages 1187

Publisher Scholastic Inc.

Published Date 2011-05-01

ISBN 0545387205 9780545387200

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Serena 's profile image

serena_4586 shared a tip "Woah this book was incredible! Plot twists and everything. The romance was really sweet. I SHIP PEETA AND KATNISS 100%"

Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "Sequel is the best"

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taylor_forster shared a tip "one of my favorite reads from middle school, the love triangle is great but i despise gale with everything in me"

elizabeth_redding shared a tip "the twilight series!"

Jamie Huguez's profile image

jamie_huguez shared a tip "I do. I thought they did a good job with them."

Melissa Kirkbride's profile image

melissa_kirkbride shared a tip "I love these books! And the movies are pretty accurate! So much fun to watch a book come to life!"

Hope Jayne's profile image

hope_jayne shared a tip "Read this trilogy three times through, need I say more??? 😂"

sue_2399 shared a tip "The Red Queen and the following books are so good! I'd highly recommend them"

Lydia 's profile image

lydia_6882 shared a tip "You might like the maze runner if your really enjoying the hunger games."

Jaynina Deku's profile image

jaynina_deku shared a tip "Books"

Test Anything's profile image

test_anything shared a tip "Pretty good"

Marcia Moulton's profile image

beautycountermarcia shared a tip "I have watched the first movie. Eventually I will watch the others! 🙂"

Elizabeth 's profile image

elizabeth_5779 shared a tip "The last one was a bit hard to get into, but it was really good once I did."

Shawntelle Minear 's profile image

shawntelle shared a tip "Such a good story!"

ma_purdy shared a tip "It’s been a while, but probably 1."

Evelyn Schlacht's profile image

evelyn_schlacht shared a tip "Been awhile since I read them but I’d probably say the second one."

Katie Kirk's profile image

katie_kirk_4948 shared a tip "String female lead"

Maggie Coonfare's profile image

maggie_coonfare shared a tip "Cult classic that potentially loses interest towards the end, but has a wonderful plot and amazing syntax."

Rebekah Oakes's profile image

rebekah_oakes shared a tip "Love, love, LOVE this series!"

Cassidy C.'s profile image

cassidy_c. shared a tip "My favorite may be the first - or the third. Both are great but the second one is great too"

Sarah Campbell's profile image

sarah_campbell_8940 shared a tip "Wonderful series"

Nicole Stock's profile image

nicole_stock shared a tip "The inherentance series and the songs of chaos are great 👍"

Lizbeth Garcia-Martinez's profile image

lizbeth_garcia-mart shared a tip "Its good id you like a mix of violence and love!"

Bailey Rogers's profile image

bailey_rogers_3104 shared a tip "MY FAV BOOK PEETA 4 LIFE"

💮Jules💮 's profile image

julie_lewis_2596 shared a tip "Ngl got a little bored during the 3rd book"

Paul Auger's profile image

paul_auger shared a tip "I saw the movies first then read the books. The prequel book is coming out in like 6 weeks"

Joanne Huizinga's profile image

joanne_huizinga shared a tip "The first one! I read it in 24 hours. Could not put it down."

ella_6563 shared a tip "These books tell an amazing and twisted story of a possible outcome in our future"

Patricia Boulianne's profile image

patricia_boulianne shared a tip "The books are nothing to compare to the movies! I liked the movies but i adored the books."

Jennifer M's profile image

genivar shared a tip "Easy read, interesting."

Carly Madeline's profile image

carly_madeline shared a tip "Probably Catching Fire! @taylor_osterbind"

Delaynie 's profile image

delaynie shared a tip "Already read it. Amazing book. Thank you for the recommendation!!"

Kari Zumbro's profile image

kari_zumbro shared a tip "I do as well I got the hard copy just so I have it."

Madilyn Elaine's profile image

madilyn_elaine shared a tip "It's a good romance and adventure but it's a little to slow going for my taste but still good."

Pineapples 192's profile image

pineapples_192 shared a tip "I loved the part when Katniss and Peeta are riding on the chariots"

Theresa Ann Laham's profile image

theresa_ann_laham shared a tip "All three had me on the edge of my seat!!!"

John Orr's profile image

john_orr_4531 shared a tip "Each book is a good weekend read."

lily_helen_palmer shared a tip "It’s a must read!"

Ashley Littlefield's profile image

ashley_littlefield_108 shared a tip "It had the perfect mix of dystopian, adventure, and romance!"

Jean Marie Grumbles's profile image

jean_marie_grumbles shared a tip "Love story embedded in the thriller of the games was great."

Sabine Kahurangi's profile image

sabine_kahurangi shared a tip "Yessss it's my favorite and if you don't want to read the books you can just watch the movies on netflix👌"

Shauna Eitel's profile image

shauna_eitel shared a tip "I'm not sure what I expected but the 1st 2 books had me glued! I couldn't put it down!"

Susan Papadopoulos's profile image

susan_papadopoulos shared a tip "I think so. I enjoyed the books"

tiffany_1019 shared a tip "Currently reading book series A court of thorns and roses."

Sandee Prouty-Cole's profile image

sandee_prouty-cole shared a tip "Lately, it has been a lot of non-fiction."

Riley Lindhardt's profile image

riley_lindhardt shared a tip "Classics. If you haven’t read these it’s time to pick them up."

dawn_4580 shared a tip "Interesting story.."

Nathalie Belfort's profile image

nathalie_belfort shared a tip "These books has everything one could need... drama, romance, action & a sprinkle of mystery"

Lily Samuel's profile image

lily_samuel shared a tip "Yeah same I reread this book over 10 times"

Bri Moore's profile image

bri_moore shared a tip "Great for a mature, fairly experienced reader 10+! I feel in love with this series!"

Landri Pick's profile image

landri_pick shared a tip "has to be the first"

Sarah Garrison's profile image

sarah_garrison_2839 shared a tip "Reread after reading the new Snow book. Still love them."

Mandy Crider's profile image

mandy_crider shared a tip "Loved this trilogy! Read them in one month and then watched the movies. Katniss is legit my spirit animal!"

Molly Dietrich's profile image

molly_dietrich shared a tip "Because the movie and book is amazing"

Alyssa Marie's profile image

alyssa_marie_7156 shared a tip "I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH, this series is amazing"

Danielle 's profile image

danielle_7425 shared a tip "I have read this before, one of my favourite book series"

Jess Sharp's profile image

jess_sharp_1116 shared a tip "I ate them up. Was a great trilogy! Enjoy!"

Elyse H.'s profile image

elyse_h. shared a tip "INTJ woman heroine what more can I say?" 's profile image shared a tip "One of my all time favs! ❤️"

<3 's profile image shared a tip "My favorite book in the series!!"

kara_elizabeth_ shared a tip "Really good book to read while laying about."

Amelia Brown's profile image

arose shared a tip "Read all three books in 13 days."

kate_riddell shared a tip "One of my all time favorite series!"

Tajia Marie's profile image

tajia_marie shared a tip "An amazing book series about what it takes to create a revolution, and an amazing tool to teaching kids about revolutions, too."

Alexandra O's profile image

alexandra_o shared a tip "For shure!"

may_peters shared a tip "#young_adult_fiction #dystopian"

Kyla Imrie's profile image

kyla_imrie shared a tip "Sorry for the essay 😆"

Karrilynn Piatt's profile image

karrilynn_piatt shared a tip "It was a amazing book"

Madison Lantz's profile image

madison_lantz shared a tip "Its just such an amazing book. I love all the action and the romance and the little lessons it teaches you"

Allison Cajina's profile image

allison_cajina shared a tip "This story is riveting! Warning: You will cry! Katniss’s loyalty to her identity and family is so admirable!"

Vanessa Chavez's profile image

vanessa_chavez_5742 shared a tip "I like thrilling competition stories with a bit of sifi and rebellion"

Lindsey Clark's profile image

lindsey_clark_1078 shared a tip "10/10 amazing! Prefer the books over the movie, but great to sit down and finish in one weekend"

Katelyn Nels Class of 2021's profile image

katelyn_nels_class_ shared a tip "So good!"

Pierce Gaming's profile image

pierce_gaming shared a tip "I would recommend to anyone the romance and the drama kept me on my toes"

abigail_young_6169 shared a tip "Words, structure, and plot twists"

zoe_vais shared a tip "I rarely zoom through books, but I read all three in a month! Interesting, exciting, scary, and inspiring."

A Giagios's profile image

a_giagios shared a tip "What a great book! I absolutely love this book and I was sad when it all ended!"

Betsy Morken's profile image

betsy_morken shared a tip "Storyline"

Ryan Ward's profile image

ryan_ward_653 shared a tip "So good!!! Even the movies are good!!!!"

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