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The stunning Hunger Games trilogy is complete! The extraordinary, ground breaking New York Times bestsellers The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, along with the third book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay, are available for the first time ever in e-book. Stunning, gripping,

Author Suzanne Collins

Pages 1187

Publisher Scholastic Inc.

Published Date 2011-05-01

ISBN 0545387205 9780545387200

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Marcia Moulton's profile image

beautycountermarcia shared a tip "I have watched the first movie. Eventually I will watch the others! 🙂"

Jamie Huguez's profile image

jamie_huguez shared a tip "I do. I thought they did a good job with them."

Melissa Kirkbride's profile image

melissa_kirkbride shared a tip "I love these books! And the movies are pretty accurate! So much fun to watch a book come to life!"

Test Anything's profile image

test_anything shared a tip "Pretty good"

Evelyn Schlacht's profile image

evelyn_schlacht shared a tip "Been awhile since I read them but I’d probably say the second one."

Jennifer M's profile image

genivar shared a tip "Easy read, interesting."

Shawntelle Minear 's profile image

shawntelle shared a tip "Such a good story!"

ma_purdy shared a tip "It’s been a while, but probably 1."

Jaynina Deku's profile image

jaynina_deku shared a tip "Books"

Paul Auger's profile image

paul_auger shared a tip "I saw the movies first then read the books. The prequel book is coming out in like 6 weeks"

Joanne Huizinga's profile image

joanne_huizinga shared a tip "The first one! I read it in 24 hours. Could not put it down."

Alexandra O's profile image

alexandra_o shared a tip "For shure!"

Kyla Imrie's profile image

kyla_imrie shared a tip "Sorry for the essay 😆"

Carly Madeline's profile image

carly_madeline shared a tip "Probably Catching Fire! @taylor_osterbind"

Madison Lantz's profile image

madison_lantz shared a tip "Its just such an amazing book. I love all the action and the romance and the little lessons it teaches you"

Landri Pick's profile image

landri_pick shared a tip "has to be the first"

Patricia Boulianne's profile image

patricia_boulianne shared a tip "The books are nothing to compare to the movies! I liked the movies but i adored the books."

ella_6563 shared a tip "These books tell an amazing and twisted story of a possible outcome in our future"

Bri Moore's profile image

bri_moore shared a tip "Great for a mature, fairly experienced reader 10+! I feel in love with this series!"

Mandy Crider's profile image

mandy_crider shared a tip "Loved this trilogy! Read them in one month and then watched the movies. Katniss is legit my spirit animal!"

kara_elizabeth_ shared a tip "Really good book to read while laying about."

Amelia Brown's profile image

arose shared a tip "Read all three books in 13 days."

kate_riddell shared a tip "One of my all time favorite series!"

Tajia Marie's profile image

tajia_marie shared a tip "An amazing book series about what it takes to create a revolution, and an amazing tool to teaching kids about revolutions, too."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1600962847210 shared a tip "I’m in love with Katnip"

may_peters shared a tip "#young_adult_fiction #dystopian"

Karrilynn Piatt's profile image

karrilynn_piatt shared a tip "It was a amazing book"

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