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NK fascinates me. I am so intrigued. Stories of NK defectors are very emotion provoking. I also recommend "Nothing to Envy" as it is also a great book about lives in NK.

Escape from Camp 14 imageEscape from Camp 14 image

Escape from Camp 14

Books | Blaine Harden

SPOIL ALERT! I so want this book to have a happy ending. This is the saddest book I have ever read. I feel like crying. I feel for the baby, Gabriel, the most. It's just like what jonas said about Gabriel, there hadn't really been a choice for him, and that made me so sad. What a great book. Though I will probably never read it again, it's on my top books.

The Giver imageThe Giver image

The Giver

Books | Editorial Editorial Pacific

The author was born too early. Or perhaps he was born at exactly he should have, for he did the work he did. He laid the foundation. This book is truly a work of art! I will definitely read it again in the future.

The Nun imageThe Nun image

The Nun

Books | Denis Diderot

Ahhh. I appreciate all harry potter movies/books so much more after reading this book. I love how down to earth this book feels too. Forever a potter fan.

Beyond the Wand imageBeyond the Wand image

Beyond the Wand

Books | Tom Felton

This is a really great book. He really tells you a kind of person he is. Through his own words, not mainstream media. It isnt whinning. It's his truth.

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Books | Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Oh my. I keep having to take little short breaks from reading this one. This is beyond disturbing. I feel sick reading it. It's almost giving me a panic attack. I want to finish this book because I think it's important that we learn things like this happens more than we would like to admit. I will finish reading it. Just need to take lots of deep breaths.

If You Tell imageIf You Tell image

If You Tell

Books | Gregg Olsen

I am not sure whether I enjoyed this book or not.

Gone Girl: A Novel imageGone Girl: A Novel image

Gone Girl: A Novel

Books | Gillian Flynn

Fu*k. I need to go see a therapist.

The Silent Patient imageThe Silent Patient image

The Silent Patient

Books | Alex Michaelides

Brilliantly written. The scariest horror book I've ever read. Scared me shitless.

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Hell House

Books | Richard Matheson

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