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ONE OF TIME MAGAZINE’S 100 BEST YA BOOKS OF ALL TIME  •  NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERA modern-day classic from Newbery Medalist Jerry Spinelli, this beloved celebration of individuality  is now an original movie on Disney+!And don't miss the author's highly anticipated new novel, Dead Wednesday! Stargi

Author Jerry Spinelli

Pages 312

Publisher Random House Children's Books

Published Date 2001-11-13

ISBN 0375890025 9780375890024

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Chezzy 's profile image

chezzy_8748 shared a tip "This book hit different, I can't explain it, I just have this unknown connection with the character Stargirl"

Harmony T's profile image

harmony_t shared a tip "One of my all time favourite books!"

Rochelle Harris's profile image

littlelady shared a tip "One of my favorite books from the past. I was excited to give it to my daughter."

adrieanna_schembri shared a tip "I just finished nightingale and it was AMAZING!"

Artcriscuit _20's profile image

artcriscuit__20 shared a tip "Yes I found it to be worth the read! I even read the second book! (Which i did think was better) :)"

Raegyn Perry's profile image

raegyn_perry shared a tip "That's a good question! I don't know if I'd think to put in that company but could be a classic some day nonetheless."

Joey 's profile image

joey_3408 shared a tip "I read this book in middle school. Along with a book called rules about an autistic boy told from his sister's point of view."

valeria 's profile image

v4l shared a tip "Had a great impact on me to be myself unapologetically. Truly appreciate reading this book!"

Legacy 's profile image

marlie. shared a tip "Hope you enjoy it!"

Allison Colwell's profile image

allison_colwell shared a tip "Fiction, but I do dabble in non-fiction occasionally!"

sophie ;)'s profile image

sophie28 shared a tip "Loved the movie !! My mom and I watched it when it first came out and it was amazing."

Marta 's profile image

Bored_all_day shared a tip "SO GOOD"

melody_9803 shared a tip "Received as a gift from my 6th grade homeroom teacher many years ago. Loved it as a child!"

Allison K's profile image

allison_k_187 shared a tip "One of the best coming of age books that I have had the pleasure of reading. This really help change my perspective when I was 12"

emily_4873 shared a tip "Definitely this one."

Tara Franco's profile image

tara_franco shared a tip "Yes! It was okay. Books are always better."

Bina Newman's profile image

bina_newman shared a tip "I've been reading a lot of John Green lately! Hbu?"

Autumn Snell's profile image

autumn_snell shared a tip "Very real characters. Heartwarming book."

4gir 's profile image

4gir shared a tip "Just keep in mind there is a second book 😊"

terrieP shared a tip "Idk if I can pick one favorite but the Harry Potter series is what got me to enjoy reading and I'd read those over again"

dalai_corona_camacho shared a tip "Yes it is! My favorite part is when they start hanging out, what about you?"

Reanne 's profile image

rearain shared a tip "I read this book when I was in 5th grade, my friends and I stayed after class just to read it! 9/10 would recommend."

Jaidyn Hibbert's profile image

jaidyn_hibbert shared a tip "coffee table maybe"

Angel Stroop's profile image

angel_stroop shared a tip "A very sweet story"

Kaelee 's profile image

k.rush28 shared a tip "I loved the book but the movie wasn’t great."

Alyssa Marie's profile image

alyssa_marie_7156 shared a tip "Not sure how the movie is, but the book was amazing. I 100% recommend"

Olivie 's profile image

olivia_lo shared a tip "mmm i have a lot more to go!"

Lilly Martinez's profile image

lilly994 shared a tip "Cute and refreshingly different."

Zoë S's profile image

hi_bestie shared a tip "Loved the book and the movie"

grace_schwoch shared a tip "this book was very boring didn’t enjoy it"

journee_louise_glenn shared a tip "Be open minded going in and you’ll love it! 👌🏻💚 #stargirl"

miranda_8466 shared a tip "I do not know many"

Ashley Oxenreider's profile image

ashley_oxenreider shared a tip "@jayde_5691 its been years but one thing I definitely remember is the Hot seat for for some reason. Plus her happy marbles"

Laney Burke's profile image

laney_burke shared a tip "I’ve never read one of his books."

Laney Burke's profile image

laney_burke shared a tip "@megan_stone I’ve never read one of his books."

Alaina Biondo's profile image

alaina_biondo shared a tip "I didn’t read the book but the movie was so fun and I really liked it 🤍"

Chelsea Contradiction's profile image

chelsea_contradicti shared a tip "Basically anything by Sarah dessen, Jodi pocult, Carrie daries is kind of similar to this one it's by Candace Bushnell 🖤"

Tom and Vicki Kershaw's profile image

tom_and_vicki_kersh shared a tip "Very inspiring read, I adore the main character stargirl. She is awesome. #be yourself"

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ZUFO shared a tip "good!"

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