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Rochelle Harris



Neutral, but intriguing. I’d probably recommend it to a friend.

What Moves the Dead imageWhat Moves the Dead image

What Moves the Dead

Books | T. Kingfisher

The ending was something I did not predict. I have been in a book slump and this really had my attention. Great read. Def recommend.

Dark and Shallow Lies imageDark and Shallow Lies image

Dark and Shallow Lies

Books | Ginny Myers Sain

Took a chance out of my preferred genre and it did NOT disappoint. It was graphic and gruesome with a twist near the end. Definitely recommend if you're into gore.

Brother imageBrother image


Books | Ania Ahlborn

This ended up as a did not finish for me. I wanted so badly to like it. :(

House of Hollow imageHouse of Hollow image

House of Hollow

Books | Krystal Sutherland

This was a quick read. I found it very light compared to the many other Colleen Hoover books I have read. It was a decent read though.

Without Merit imageWithout Merit image

Without Merit

Books | Colleen Hoover

This book was phenomenal. I actually shed tears. I had an all nighter just trying to finish the book. (Trigger warning for graphic descriptions of a car accident)

Reminders of Him imageReminders of Him image

Reminders of Him

Books | Colleen Hoover

Very sex positive. While the story line was great, I felt some parts were juvenile but I found this in they young adult section. It was a good, quick read.

Fresh imageFresh image


Books | Margot Wood

This was a quick read. It kept me engaged and overall, totally felt connection with the book.

The Girl He Used to Know imageThe Girl He Used to Know image

The Girl He Used to Know

Books | Tracey Garvis Graves

This book was powerful in a a very subtle way. I was rooting for Amanda the entire time.

If I Was Your Girl imageIf I Was Your Girl image

If I Was Your Girl

Books | Meredith Russo

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