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Passionate, violent, sexy and daring ... A true page-turner - USA TODAY on A Court of Thorns and RosesFeyre is a huntress. The skin of a wolf would bring enough gold to feed her sisters for a month. But the life of a magical creature comes at a steep price, and Feyre has just killed the wrong wolf .

Author Sarah J. Maas

Pages 1504

Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

Published Date 2020-10-15

ISBN 1526635208 9781526635204


michelle_bandigan shared a tip "Favorite series of all time!"

anette_rodriguez_8266 shared a tip "Im still in the process of finishing the series😫"

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payton_leigh shared a tip "Thank you! It was a nice transition into fantasy!"

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KAZ2Y5 shared a tip "Loved this series so much!!"

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marlene_nagy shared a tip "Loving this series. I'm only on book three, but Holy. So good. I can not get enough. 🥴🥰"

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meranda_watson shared a tip "zodiac academy"

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andrea_swagler shared a tip "You definitely should!!"

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kiera_harsh shared a tip "Welcome! it is an amazing series!"

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nataleegrover shared a tip "one of my absolute favorites. such a good and well paced story!!"

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christine_cauchon shared a tip "I really like it! The second one was the best so far (I’m like 3/4 of the way through the third)"

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kristine_tweed shared a tip "My favorite series"

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missy_hatfield shared a tip "I haven’t gotten far… life got in the way lol… but so far it’s really good"

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ddianaruizz shared a tip "Each book had something that I LOVED but for sure the best part was the character development that Nesta went through in ACOSF"

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ddianaruizz shared a tip "Too many good parts to for sure choose a favorite! I can probably narrow down a few parts per book!"

katherine_grisaffi shared a tip "It is soooo good. I highly recommend"

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klo_money shared a tip "Omg yes do it"

torrie_kinley shared a tip "I have no idea, I’m really trying to find a good monster/creature book."

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athena_3111 shared a tip "You should it is an amazing series!"

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salth2omermaid shared a tip "Such a fantastic series!"

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chloephegley shared a tip "It’s a really good series, ah I loved it so much. There is so much action, it never got boring"

alma_9020 shared a tip "Very! If you like fantasy romance."

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cecilia_marie shared a tip "So so so life changing"

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alexa_dossantos shared a tip "Obsessed with this book series. One of the best story lines I’ve read in a while."

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vicky_stuto shared a tip "Truly unbelievable! I couldn’t be more sad that I’m done. I’m going to reread!"

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jennifer_michelle_7330 shared a tip "This book got me into reading! Now I’m just chasing that high again 🥹"

sara_9978 shared a tip "FANTASTIC SERIES"

melissa_serna_6350 shared a tip "Amazing!!!"

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mia_mcmahon shared a tip "SOOOOO GOOD"

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joslin_hartge shared a tip "Wonderful series, the plot is a amazing but be aware there is quite a bit of **** in the series, tread carefully lol"

katie_wester shared a tip "Best series I’ve ever read. Hands down. Amazing! Read it 3 times now."

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candis_arsenault shared a tip "I need more of Rhys in my life. I’m so upset to not be able to exist in this reality anymore 😫. Please, just 5 more minutes!"

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jess_gerner shared a tip "This series is incredible. What a story!"

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catherine_vincent shared a tip "Addictive!"

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brittany_bullock shared a tip "It's a must read!"

britney_tebedo_7076 shared a tip "The plot, character development and stream are engaging always leaving you wanting more"

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lisa_sabino shared a tip "Great high fantasy escapism."

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me__ shared a tip "An amazing read! Full of fantasy, romance, plot twists, and action. 10/10!!!"

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daniela_johnson_9803 shared a tip "Yes!!!!"

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daniela_johnson_9803 shared a tip "Yes! Absolutely"

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amanda_dean_9360 shared a tip "Really good series! Loved the adventure and characters!!"

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dana_snowden shared a tip "#sarahjmaas freaking loved this series!!!"

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angelika_kerepesi shared a tip "I love this series"

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catherine_perez_8545 shared a tip "Loved the whole series"

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kamaria_3836 shared a tip "Love it!"

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lora_whitledge shared a tip "Recently picked up a book called Odin's Child. It's interesting, not totally sure where it's going but so far so good"

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emily_firsich shared a tip "Really loved these books. Fantastic read. I'd recommend to a lot of people."

chrystal_kincaid shared a tip "The character development and world building was phenomenal."

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amber_sanchez_5310 shared a tip "I loved this entire series! Totally recommend it. 💜💜💜"

gabrielle_bishop_1389 shared a tip "You fall in love with the characters. How they grow and develope. The story line really is amazing"

caitlyn_omalley shared a tip "the plot is just so good 🥵🥵"

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dacie_campora shared a tip "Amazing series"

oluwafunmi_fasola shared a tip "Omg I loved this book. It took me out of a reading slump"

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annabel_wood shared a tip "I adored all of these books they were so good I read all of them in like a week"

lauren_rinehart shared a tip "10/10."

madeline_1576 shared a tip "I just have one thing to say, Rhysand"

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heidi_marie_5564 shared a tip "I couldn't put it down! Immediately grabbed my attention. I blew through the first 4 and am currently on the 5th!!"

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avery_jefferson_ shared a tip "BEAUTIFUL,, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!"

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taylor_clifford shared a tip "My favorite series to date. Can’t wait to read more from Maas!"

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becca_ferrell shared a tip "If you like fantasy/romance, YES!!!!!"

melissa_calhoun shared a tip "I liked these 4 better than the 5th book. Easy reading. Entertaining. I couldn’t put them down!"

emily_giles_725 shared a tip "Just the best ☺️"

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alexiaisalvarez shared a tip "Like Harry Potter but a love story- SO. FREAKING. GOOD ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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kamber_rankin shared a tip "This is a great series I loved getting into! Not one book made me lose interest as I usually do with long series"

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yashira_caballero shared a tip "Amazing!!! World building is immaculate, the characters memorable. A perfect series to get lost into."

rashida_scott shared a tip "Very excited to start this one #crescentcity #houseofskyandbreath"

christina_oberle shared a tip "I wasn't a big fan of COTR, I almost didn't go to the next book, but I'm so glad I did."

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