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The animals of Manor Farm have revolted and taken over. Upon the death of Old Major, pigs Snowball and Napoleon lead a revolt against Mr. Jones, driving him from the farm. The animals embrace the Seven Commandments of Animalism and life carries on, but they learn that a farm ruled by animals looks m

Author George Orwell

Pages 110

Publisher Harper Collins

Published Date 2011-10-11

ISBN 1443411078 9781443411073


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Roslyn Hendriks's profile image

roslyn_hendriks shared a tip "Critical message for all in this classic"

Zach Gallegos's profile image

zach_gallegos shared a tip "Book with a themes of government and the animal behavior of humans"

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brian_skeens shared a tip "To be read for the simple grace and deceptive power of its language as well as allegorical significance—"

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mixar_lopez shared a tip "Classic ."

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john_witkowski shared a tip "Absolutely. Please let me know what you think."

mildred_casto shared a tip "Love this book"

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hope_jayne shared a tip "So powerful, really sits with you even after you read it."

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rachel_neill shared a tip "Hard to pick just one, but lately I've been reading a lot of Fredrik Backman"

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tyler_bowler shared a tip "1984"

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andromeda shared a tip "Should be required reading!"

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heavenly_hunt shared a tip "It's a light but enjoyable read"

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heavenly_hunt shared a tip "I read it a long time ago but I remember loving it"

Charles-Etienne Pilotte Coiteux's profile image

charles-etienne_pilotte_coiteux shared a tip "A great and interesting representation of the capitalist society?"

Sarrah Anderson's profile image

sarrah_anderson shared a tip "It was an odd book but I rather enjoyed it"

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the_boopleton shared a tip "Read this for school, thought it was good."

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kayla_stewart_2252 shared a tip "It is a good book, read it several times. Great way to puts a great perspective on Russia under communism."

KANWAR INDER SINGH's profile image

kanwar_inder_singh shared a tip "Thanks Matt! 1984 by George Orwell is my favourite book. And yours?"

KANWAR INDER SINGH's profile image

kanwar_inder_singh shared a tip "1984 by George Orwell"

KANWAR INDER SINGH's profile image

kanwar_inder_singh shared a tip "And yours?"

Emma Cunningham's profile image

emma_cunningham_3294 shared a tip "not really! but i enjoy the symbolism and the references to the time period it was written in!"

Marsha Hale's profile image

marsha_hale shared a tip "Stranger in a strange land by Heinlein"

Annah Eberhardt's profile image

annah_eberhardt shared a tip "Project hail Mary!! I love it"

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willow_schaefer shared a tip "A very useful book for teaching the idea of dystopian literature"

Kenny Mitchell's profile image

kenny_mitchell_5740 shared a tip "I just finished Hank Green’s “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing,” and it’s fantastic!"

Alan-Michael White's profile image

alan-michael_white shared a tip "I haven't read it in 17 years so I cant say"

ali_ungethum shared a tip "If you know about the Russian revolution it is quite spot on."

Dylan Tillman's profile image

dylan_tillman shared a tip "The road to serfdom by Hayek"

Akiera Hawk's profile image

akiera_hawk shared a tip "A bit dark but very interesting."

Chelsie Nichnadowicz's profile image

chelsie_nichnadowicz shared a tip "Yes I read it in one shot!"

Cameron Rouse's profile image

cameron_rouse shared a tip "simply, this book is deeply beautiful and thought provoking"

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tina_atwood shared a tip "Meh"

Rachel Adams's profile image

rachel_the_redhead shared a tip "Definitely one of my favorite books!"

Laura Lynn's profile image

laura_lynn_9467 shared a tip "Weird and awesome"

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miserys_return shared a tip "Strangely dark allegory about communist animals! It's great!"

aleena_p shared a tip "This book was so much more than expected. I loved it"

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sqishyfishy shared a tip "Iconic book from everyone’s favourite democratic socialist."

Vernie Stewardson's profile image

vernie_stewardson shared a tip "1984 And yours?"

Sierra Cheyenne's profile image

sierra_cheyenne_3208 shared a tip "Great symmetry for how we should follow (or not) leaders."

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burnis_brummitt shared a tip "Socialism commentary on a fictional setting, animals in this one are a better symbolism for society"

leo_r shared a tip "super good"

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garrett_richter shared a tip "One hundred percent worth it"

av3l1na 's profile image

av3l1na shared a tip "yess one of my favs!!"

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