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I guess I got my answer 'cause my original question was gonna be how many people have actually read the book so they know that Eli is a disguise. Almost everyone saw this as a straight ship in the comments and on other websites. I know that Eli is basically trans, or just really feminine. In the books they're a bit confusing saying she uses the look to get food but it's hard to know if she wants to be a girl or it's merely for survival (plus if she's trans it would be othering). Oskar being gay would likely have gotten this movie banned so I can see why it's not addressed. It's not a scary movie so much as a slow burn, but definitely not a romance either.

Let the Right One In imageLet the Right One In image

Let the Right One In

Movies | Horror

I find this trilogy to be a lot of you think it can't get any worse and then it does, there was so much parallel to real life, such as when they're talking about the body's buried under the house that's obviously a John Wayne Gacy, but then you have the moments where Baby is getting a shorter sentence than all the rest because she's not only attractive but a woman, and her treatment while she's in prison is very much like Ted Bundy and how the prison system treats actual "attractive woman" they arrest. There are so many parallels to actual killers that I got a little concerned with where Rob Zombie was taking it. I feel like this movie is a wind down from the rest, and by the end I really didn't expect any of them to live. It felt like it was going towards a grand conclusion where they all die.

3 from Hell image3 from Hell image

3 from Hell

Movies | Horror

Hits hard and never slows down. A real mess in a fun road trip kind of way. Dead Meat and Kill Count will be kept busy analyzing all of it for years. Man this is depraved and by the end the cop was on par with them in savagery.

The Devil's Rejects imageThe Devil's Rejects image

The Devil's Rejects

Movies | Drama

The first four minutes are great, but the rest is pretty boring and drawn out. It would be interesting if the succubus was focused on more and built up better. As is, it's very much a succubus movie mixed with safe sex message. Get it? An STD follows you for the rest of your life.

It Follows imageIt Follows image

It Follows

Movies | Horror

Definitely not much of a horror movie, but the cordyceps being involved was rad. A fairly obvious ending but the different take on zombies made it fun and worthwhile.

Cargo imageCargo image


Movies | Drama

Low budget but pretty neat. I like what they did with so very little.

Choose or Die imageChoose or Die image

Choose or Die

Movies | Horror

I don't think I need to tell you what this movie is about, but I definitely need to tell you to watch this movie at least once. It's got the shock of a lifetime.

Misery imageMisery image


Movies | Drama

I can't even sum this show up without saying watch it. I don't usually do short reviews but seriously watch this show.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt imageUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt image

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Shows | Comedy

An amazing recreation of a classic. It captures exactly the same energy, the same mood, but brings in better made robots. I quite enjoy the newer version compared to the old one even if the movies they watch are utter snore fests without their commentary. I don't even know where they find these movies. I've never heard of most of them, and I guess as a film buff who loves to watch movies I should know these but they just don't exist on my radar.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 imageMystery Science Theater 3000 image

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Shows | Comedy

I absolutely adore the idea of this becoming a big LGBT series. I don't believe it actually will take off and become the next LGBT series, but I can hope. The inspiration this has had on my fellow LGBT friends has been really nice. There's a lot of negative comments here and there that don't really apply to the show. But I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a boy love anime.

SK8 the Infinity imageSK8 the Infinity image

SK8 the Infinity

Shows | Animation

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