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A young boy and a girl with a magic crystal must race against pirates and foreign agents in a search for a legendary floating castle.

MPAA Rating PG

Status Released

Release Date 1986-08-02

Runtime 125 minutes

Revenue $5.2m


TMDB 7.973


pily shared a tip "not my cup of tea"

Lex 's profile image

lex_4282 shared a tip "So underrated!! Definitely in my top 3 Ghibli films!!!"

Joshua Chit Tun's profile image

joshua_chit_tun shared a tip ""Highly Recommend""

Elisabeth Drain's profile image

elisabeth_drain shared a tip "One of the first anime movies I watched that got me hooked on anime! I really like the Studio Ghibli productions!"

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8bitpit shared a tip "A great feel good movie to watch on a car ride"

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clowdywings shared a tip "one of the first anime movies I've seen. it's a bit scary for a kid (5-7yo) to watch but it's honestly beautiful"

Kaylyn Peterson's profile image

kaylyn_peterson shared a tip "This is the first Miyazaki films I ever saw! Orphans, pirates, a glowing crystal and a floating castle!! So fun!"

Brady G's profile image

brady_g shared a tip "Conform movie, beautiful animation"

Sam Turner's profile image

sam_turner_6710 shared a tip "One of my absolute faves!!"

Lita Loeppke's profile image

lita_loeppke shared a tip "This is one of my favorite films Miyazaki made! I hope you enjoy it."

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sean_somers shared a tip "When Laputa blows up and all the rocks are falling and you can see a little muska in the background falling"

Isabella Enriquez's profile image

isabella_enriquez shared a tip "mostly any studio ghibli films if you haven’t see some like princess mononoke or the wind rises"

Elyse Mcateer's profile image

elyse_mcateer shared a tip "Awesome voice actors!"

Drea McLaughlin's profile image

drea_mclaughlin shared a tip "Beautiful film. Great one to start someone into the Anime world."

Megan Dye's profile image

megan_dye_8466 shared a tip "A beautiful movie"

alison_mazoff shared a tip "It was the perfect surprise."

EvilBun JunkMail's profile image

evilbun_junkmail shared a tip "When they found the floating city. I love the way the plants are drawn."

julianna_montoya shared a tip "One of my favorite Ghibli films!!"

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jenny_earp shared a tip "This movie was my intro to Anime. Loved it"

Bekah Atkins's profile image

bekah_atkins shared a tip "I prefer animation I think. It’s comforting"

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lunarxstellar shared a tip "i watched this one a date with a guy, and it became a movie i enjoyed. planning to cosplay from it eventually!"

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BlackCherri shared a tip "It was a pretty good movie. I didn’t expect the ending though."

G 's profile image

g_2679 shared a tip "This is a very interesting movie, the animation alone is what pushes it beyond other animations."

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ethan_doesshit shared a tip "How there's always life behond what we see its a beautiful fantasy movie that brings me to tears"

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didi_mell shared a tip "A classic, of course! What else can you say about a Ghibli film?"

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